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Lara Coppola: All About Nayib Estefan’s Wife

Lara Coppola stands out as a Venezuelan-American fashion mogul. Vintage fashion enthusiasts highly regard her. Her unique vintage collections often reflect her mother-in-law’s influence. Moreover, she boasts pieces from her mother and aunt. These Italian travelers collected iconic pieces from Versace and Moschino in the 90s.

Besides her fashion achievements, many know Lara as Nayib Estefan’s wife. Nayib, a talented filmmaker and entrepreneur, is the son of the legendary Gloria Estefan and Emilio Estefan.

While stepping into Lara’s shoes may seem appealing, it’s challenging. She balances her roles as a stylist, mother, and celebrity wife. Let’s delve in to see how she manages it all.

Lara Coppola Biography/Wiki

Lara Coppola

Name Lara Coppola
Age 41 years old
Date of Birth October 12, 1981
Nationality Venezuela, U.S.A
Husband Nayib Estefan
Son Sasha Estefan
Occupation Stylist

Birth & Early Life

Born as Lara Diamante Coppola on October 12, 1981, in Caracas, Venezuela, Lara later relocated to Los Angeles to chase her dreams in the world of fashion and styling. After her union with Nayib Estefan, she embraced ‘Estefan’ as part of her identity.

While Lara’s family prefers to maintain a discreet presence, steering clear of media attention, Lara chose a different path. Her decision to be with Nayib placed her in the limelight. As we gather more insights about her family, we’ll ensure this content remains updated.

Lara Coppola Career & Professional Life

Before delving into the world of styling, Lara Coppola began her career in Miami’s vibrant scene as a club promoter. Her innate passion for fashion soon took center stage, leading her to transition into styling full-time.

Lara’s transformative touch in the entertainment sector is evident through her iconic styling for diverse projects and renowned brands. Her stepmother, Gloria Estefan, played a pivotal role in nurturing Lara’s fashion sensibilities. A peek into Lara’s wardrobe reveals exquisite pieces, handpicked by her mother and aunt during the 1990s. These women, as described by Coveteur, were true fashion connoisseurs, journeying globally to curate only the crème de la crème.

“Ropa Vieja,” Lara’s vintage collection sale in Wynwood, Florida, Miami, showcases her impeccable taste, complemented by her monthly curated additions.

Lara’s flair and innovation have made her a sought-after name among film producers and fashion elites. She showcased her prowess as the costume designer for the 2017 film, “A Change of Heart.” Furthermore, her vintage designs graced the runway during the Versace Fall-Winter 2023 Fashion Show.

Lara Coppola Husband

Lara Coppola

Born on September 2, 1980, in Miami, Florida, Nayib Estefan is not just Lara’s beloved husband but also a notable figure in the entertainment industry. With just a year’s age difference, the couple shares a harmonious life, nurturing their child together.

Nayib’s IMDb credentials highlight his roles in films such as “Punks” (2000), “Yearbook” (2014), and “The Sun Like a Big Dark Animal” (2015). His inclination towards the arts is hardly surprising, given his lineage.

He is the proud son of Emilio Estefan Jr., a multifaceted talent known for his work as a director, music composer, and producer. Emilio’s musical genius is evident in the iconic soundtrack of the 1998 blockbuster, “The Mask of Zorro.”

On the other hand, Nayib’s mother, a significant influence on Lara’s fashion choices, is celebrated for her vocal prowess, especially in the 1999 film, “Music of Hearts.”

Personal Life & Children

Lara and Nayib’s romance blossomed over shared moments, often frequenting Miami’s culinary gems like Bombay Durbar in Coconut Grove. They also cherished memories at Larios on the Beach, once owned by Lara’s in-laws, Gloria and Estefan, though it has since shuttered its doors.

The duo exchanged vows on June 5, 2010, in an intimate setting at the Estefan family dock, with the celebrations continuing in their backyard. For this special day, Lara chose an elegant gown from Oscar de la Renta’s 2009 collection, crafted in New York. The guest list boasted notable names, including Nick D’Annunzio, Danny Santiago—who showcased his styling finesse in “Sex and The City 2″—and Mario Vergel.

Their love story saw a new chapter on June 12, 2012, with the arrival of their son, Sasha Argento Estefan Coppola. Sasha, the apple of their eyes and the couple’s only child, is a passionate admirer of the band KISS.

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