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Benjamin Maisani and His Marriage With Anderson Cooper

Who is Benjamin Maisani?

Born on January 27, 1973, Benjamin Maisani is an ex-partner of Anderson Cooper, a TV honcho. It needs a lot of courage to declare oneself as gay. Thus, Benjamin Maisani had it in him. He had the fearless attitude of admitting that he is gay. Not only did he accept it, but he came back stronger. Therefore, today, Benjamin is a highly successful man. And every bit of his hard work has come through means of hard work. Benjamin strongly agrees anything is achievable by working hard. Today, his success clearly shows the hard work he has put in to become this person.

Benjamin Maisani Bio

Benjamin Maisani grew up in Corsica, France. He is of white ethnicity. Apart from that, his height is 5ft 6in (168cm), and his weight is 116lbs (53kgs). Benjamin enjoys fitness and working out. He does it, so he has a healthy, muscular body. He was from Hunter College and passed out of that college with an Arts degree. Benjamin used to serve at a bar after that. But, later, he thought of opening his bar, and he did. He gave the name of the bar “Eastern Bloc.” Hence, it was here that Maisani first met with Andy Cohen, who was both rich and famous. Then Andy started to visit the bar quite frequently after his and Benjamin Maisani’s meeting. At some time, he even used to visit the bar regularly. Thus, it was here in this bar where Benjamin Maisani and Andy Cohen established their relationship.

Later, people slowly started spotting Benjamin Maisani with Anderson Cooper. Cooper was a famous American journalist and primary anchor of the CNN news show in 2009. People spotted them many a time together. But Benjamin and Anderson did hardly ever admit their relationship publicly. Therefore, people barely knew their ties as they kept a low profile. But, this was all until 2012. It was difficult for people to find out because they both are equally very private by nature. Currently, Benjamin has a vast number of properties and nightclubs in his name.


Benjamin bought a tremendous and costly house worth $8 million in Connecticut during his successful growing days. Therefore, he only saw himself to be achieving an incredible feat one day. For someone like Maisani, purchasing such a costly house at his age deserved a lot more than just praise. Benjamin’s reputation preceded him. Maisani and Anderson, his ex-partner, did purchase many properties inside the territory and outside. Their parts included a tropical resident in Brazil, which was known back then as Casa Anderson. In March 2017, Maisani explained that working in the bar helped him regrow his lost redeemable self-esteem.

Benjamin Maisani

It takes a tremendous amount of spirit to declare oneself gay in public. People judge, but this did not affect Benjamin Maisani. He never took advantage of his gay ex-partner Anderson Cooper’s good name and reputation for increasing his fame and popularity. Thus, whatever he has achieved is clearly through his hard work. Benjamin has this talent of hard work and dedication, which is far beyond denial.

Maisani shifted to New York to study filmmaking. He took admission to Hunter College with an outstanding 4 GPA. However, his route to success began after he got the job at a bar in Barracuda in Chelsea. Therefore, currently, Benjamin Maisani is the proud owner of three gay bars. They are Eastern bloc, Bedlam Bar and Lounge, and Atlas Social Club. These gay bars have now become the center of attraction of the city’s gay community.

Net Worth

Benjamin Maisani earns not only through the business of his bar but also through property dealing kinds of stuff. Therefore, combining all his earnings, Maisani’s net worth stands firm at $4 million. Hence, he is that young entrepreneur co-ownership at his bar profits him a lot. On the contrary, Anderson Cooper, apart from being an anchor, is also an author to various to his credit. He currently holds a net worth of $100 million.

Facts about Anderson Cooper

Born on June 3, 1967, Anderson Cooper is an American broadcast journalist and political commentator. He is the chief anchor of the CNN news broadcast show Anderson Cooper 360°. Apart from his duties at CNN, Anderson is a correspondent for 60 Minutes on CBS News. In 2001, Cooper joined CNN. There he had his show, Anderson Cooper 360°, in 2003. Hence, since then, Cooper has been the show’s host. He did develop a reputation for his on-the-ground reporting of breaking news events. Therefore, his coverage of Hurricane Katrina caused his popularity to rise sharply.

Anderson Cooper

Cooper obtained a National Order of Honour and Merit on his coverage of the 2010 Haiti earthquake. It is the highest honor that the Haitian government granted. Moreover, from 2011 to 2013, he also served as the host of his syndicated daytime talk show, Anderson Live. Cooper has won 18 Emmy Awards. There are two Peabody Awards and an Edward Murrow Award from the Overseas Press Club in 2011.

Born in a wealthy family in Manhattan, Cooper graduated from Yale University. He had a Bachelor of Arts. When he was a young journalist, he traveled the world. Therefore, shooting footage of war-torn regions for Channel One News. Later, ABC News hired him as a correspondent in 1995, and he soon took more jobs throughout the network.

He worked for a bit of time as a co-anchor, reality game show host, and fill-in talk show host. Cooper came out as gay in 2012 and was called “the most prominent openly gay journalist on American television.” This was according to the time, according to The New York Times. In 2016, Cooper became the first openly LGBT person to moderate a presidential debate. Therefore, he has received several awards from the LGBT rights organization GLAAD.

Personal Lifestyle of Benjamin Maisani

Benjamin Maisani and His Ex-Partner Anderson Cooper

Benjamin Maisani and Anderson Cooper were in a gay relationship since 2009. They lived in a beautiful house in Manhattan. However, according to various reports of various channels, the gay couple got married. The occasion took place before Labor day in 2012. But, they never spoke about this in public. Hence, people became more suspicious. However, in the year 2016, in October, reports started flowing around that few spotted Anderson Cooper’s mother. Her name is Vanderbilt, and few people saw the 92-year-old lady walking down the aisle with her beloved son, Anderson.

In the year 2012, people saw in a picture that Benjamin was kissing a man. The incident became viral. Later, when people asked Maisani whether he broke up with Anderson, he denied it. This was before Maisani was going on a vacation with Cooper to Croatia. However, Maisani was highly interested in having a baby with his ex-partner Cooper. Therefore, Benjamin wanted to add one more member to their family.

More about Benjamin Maisani and Anderson Cooper

The couple always were secretive about their relationship. But people saw them yachting together with friends Kelly Ripa and her husband. In 2017, His ex-partner was in the news 2017 when Anderson wanted to bring Andy Cohen to co-host with him. This was after a reported bust-up with presenter Kathy Griffin. The couple was traveling to Venice on May 28, 2017, where they were off to the museum. But in the year 2018, the couple who led nine years of relationship together confirmed their split.

According to, his longtime boyfriend Anderson Cooper said that they have split. But instead, Cooper remained as a friend and also told that they stay to continue their lives together. But he did not reveal the reasons behind their separation and had kept their information low-key. Some reports suggest that Benjamin was angry as Anderson travels much time focusing on their career. It seems like Anderson’s workaholic nature was the reason behind their separation. However, later people found out that Cooper had taken at least five trips to Dallas. There he had been spending time with doctor Victor Lopez.

Whether Benjamin Maisani and Anderson Cooper will raise their baby together

According to Cooper, the pair will be raising baby Wyatt together. He mentioned that Benjamin Maisani would not seize to be the co-parent to Wyatt. He spoke it even though they were not together anymore. Cooper said that since Benjamin is a family to him, he wants Maisani to be Wyatt’s family. Benjamin has been entirely private about the birth of their child.

But, now Benjamin confirmed that he was in the delivery room when the surrogate gave birth to Wyatt. Cooper chose the name of the child. He even revealed on Instagram that he had named their child Wyatt after his father. Cooper said to have called his baby in that name because his father died when Anderson was ten. Therefore, Cooper hoped he could be as good a dad as his dad. Cooper recently posted adorable photos of his young son. He also revealed that how his life has changed due to fatherhood.

Benjamin Maisani and Anderson Cooper Second Child

The CNN anchor Anderson Cooper and his parenting partner, Benjamin Maisani, have welcomed a son named Sebastian Luke.

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