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Kid Cudi: Bio, Wiki, Real Name, Age, Height, Movies, Albums, Merch, Entergalactic, Net Worth, Girlfriend, FAQs & More

So, there is hardly anyone who has not heard the name Kid Cudi. He has emerged to be one of the most popular rappers in current times. However, he is not just a rapper, singer, and songwriter. Along with that, he also produces records and is a fashion designer and an actor. So, he took birth in Cleveland, Ohio. However, he moved to New York City for his rapping career. We all know how New York is the hubbub of most arts in the US, which of course includes rapping. Therefore, it was through his debut single “Day n Nite” that the world came to know about the existence of this gem. However, the most interesting part is that he simply published the song by himself on his MySpace page. This song was everything that Kid Cudi needed to spark off his career.

Kid Cudi

Therefore, it was a huge hit. Moreover, it allowed him to partner with Plain Pat and Emile Haynie, the American record producers. It was through this collaboration that he first published his full-length project. So, this was a mixtape that he called “A Kid named Cudi” back in 2008. This gave him a lot of prominence. Soon, he had a huge fan base. However, the greatest benefit that Kid Cudi received out of this was to be under the notice of Kanye West, one of the strongest pillars of rap music in current times. So, he signed Cudi by the end of 2008 to his label imprint- GOOD Music. Therefore, now, let us get into the personal and professional life of Kid Cudi a little more.


So, before we get into the details, let us quickly take a look at the details of his personal life.

Kid Cudi

Known Name Kid Cudi
Real name Scott Ramon Seguro Mescudi
Nickname Cudder, Mr. Solo Dolo, The Lonely Stoner, Juan Pablo, Super Duper Cudi
Date of Birth 30th January, 1984
Age 38 years (As of January 2023)
Home Town Cleveland, Ohio, United States of America
Current Residence New York City, New York, United States of America
Profession Rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, actor, fashion designer, model, director, filmmaker
Girlfriend/ Affairs Currently Single. However, he has previously dated Raquel Deraine and Jamie Berrata who is an entertainment attorney.
Nationality American
Religion & Ethnicity  African-American
Zodiac sign Aquarius

So now, let us get into the life of Kid Cudi in detail and check out his career details as well.

Kid Cudi’s Real Name

So, it is common knowledge that rappers take up a completely new identity as they grow in their rapping careers. Therefore, the person you today know very famously as Kid Cudi had a totally different name than the official one. So, his birth name was Scott Ramon Seguro Mescudi. Later on, around 2003, he would take up the stage name with which we all know him today.


So, Kid Cudi took birth on 30th January 1984 in Cleveland, Ohio. Therefore, as of January 2023, he is 38 years old.

Kid Cudi Net Worth

It is nothing unknown that rappers and hip-hop artists make a lot of money, way more than conventional singers of the same stature. This is because of various reasons. It is a kind of music that has a huge fan base and its style and content bring people close to the ground. Other than that, it’s pretty much the same thing- recording, sales, tours, and their own merchandise. However, they often have a lot of investments too which significantly enrich their net worth.

Therefore, Kid Cudi is no exception. As per various reports, currently, he has an annual income of 2 million US dollars. This comes from various enterprises. We have already seen how multi-talented he is, from being a rapper to a fashion designer. Moreover, there are various partnerships and endorsements. As of January 2023, as per various reports, he has a net worth of anything between 16 and 18 million US dollars.

So now, let us get into the physical details of Kid Cudi a little.

Kid Cudi Height and Other Features

So, Kid Cudi is not really very tall as per Caucasian or Black standards. Therefore, he has a height of 5 feet 9 inches or 1.74m. That is good height but in a country like the USA, he would still probably be a short king. However, what good does height do when you have such towering fame? Anyway, let us take a quick glance at the rest of his physical details.

Hair Color So, since Kid Cudi is black, her hair is naturally black. However, Cudi’s hair is often the source of news. The rapper loves to dye it in various vibrant colors. Moreover, he does that quite often along with new styles. Sometimes, it has got to do with the project that he is working on, and sometimes just because he wants to and loves doing it.
Eye Color Brown
Height Feet – 5 feet 9 inches

Meters – 1.74 m

Centimeters – 174 cm

Weight In Kilograms – 74 Kg

In Pounds– 163 lbs

Therefore, now we have checked the personal and physical details of Kid Cudi in detail. So, let us now move on to his professional life that we already have a fair idea of.

Kid Cudi Albums

So, we know that Kid Cudi has made different ventures. However, he is still primarily a rapper. Therefore, let us check out his musical career before we get into something else. Over the years, he has recorded and published several albums. Moreover, he has made many memorable partnerships that have gathered a lot of views and love from his fans. Hence, let us look through some of them now. He also has several labels for his name. Therefore, these include Wicked Awesome, Republic, Dream On, GOOD, Fool’s Gold, and Universal Motown.

Therefore, we already know about his first mixtape in 2008- A kid named Cudi. After that, he released 8 studio albums. So, these include:

  • Man on the Moon: The End of Day released in 2009
  • Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager released in 2010
  • Indicud released in 2013
  • Satellite Flight: The journey to mother moon released in 2014
  • Speedin’ Bullet 2 Heaven released in 2015
  • Passion, Pain and Demon Slayin’ released in 2016
  • Man on the Moon III: Chosen released in 2020
  • Entergalactic released in 2022

Kid Cudi

Moreover, Kid Cudi has been a part of 2 collaborative albums. These are WZRD with Dot da Genius in 2012 and Kids See Ghosts with Kanye West in 2018. There is also a compilation album called The Boy Who Flew To the Moon, Vol. 1 that he released in 2022. So, he also has a box set that was released also in 2022. This he called the Man on the Moon Trilogy. Along with these, he has to name several EPs as well. So, these include Day n Nite with Crookers released in 2008, Pursuit of Happiness released in 2010, and Prime Day Show x Kid Cudi released in 2021.

Kid Cudi Movies

So, over the years, Kid Cudi has been a part of many movies and TV shows. In some, he has appeared as himself and in others as a character. Let us take a quick look at them.

Therefore, he began his career in movies in 2010 with the journey of Mr. Rager where he played himself. After that, in 2011, he appeared in the short film Manic as the Twisted Killer. In the following year, he again appeared as Rafi in another short film, Cruel Summer. However, the next few years were extremely productive for him. He got involved in a number of projects.

So, in 2013 he appeared as Lev Berkowitz in GoodBye World and as Yanni in Tacoma. Moreover, he had three projects in 2014. Hence, these were Sergeant Benny “Maverick” Jackson in Need for Speed which was also his debut in feature films, Scott in The Ever After, and Cedric in Two Night Stand. Moreover, in 2015 again, he was a part of three projects. So, he appeared as Allen in Entourage, Jason in Meadowland, and as Nick in James White. Then, Kid Cudi took a year break from movies and returned in 2017 with 2 projects. So, he played the role of Suga in Vincent and Roxxy and himself in Killing Hasselhoff. He appeared as Scottie the Driver in Drunk Parents and as himself in Jexi. In 2020 again, he appeared as himself in Bill & Ted Face the Music.

In 2021, he was the executive producer of Malcolm & Marie which was a huge hit. After that, he appeared as Ben Walker in Crisis, as himself in A Man Named Scott, and as DJ Chello in Don’t Look Up.

Recent Projects

Therefore, in 2022, Kid Cudi was again the executive producer of Pearl and X where he also appeared as Jackson Hole. In 2023, he appeared as himself in the House Party. However, he has several projects lined up for the year. So, he is going to appear as Mr. O’Connel in Crater which is in the domain of post-production right now. He will also play the role of Dennis Vassel in Silent Night which is currently in production. Moreover, he is also playing Teddy in Teddy which is also in production right now. He is also the writer, director, and executive producer of this movie. There is also 17th September that is in production. Finally, he is playing Wallace in the movie Real Life which is still in the stage of pre-production.

Kid Cudi Merch

So, if you are a big Kid Cudi fan, you can buy both music and merch from the official Kid Cudi store. This is one of his many enterprises!

Brooklyn 99

If you are both a Kid Cudi and Brooklyn 99 fan, you have definitely not missed it! So, he appeared in 2013, in the episode 48 Hours of the show as Dustin Whitman. Therefore, Dustin was a recently released convict, a jewelry thief. Jake Peralta, the detective, has suspected he had committed another crime. So, he had arrested him but there was not enough evidence. This made the detectives work over the weekend in a deadlock of 48 hours to prove he was guilty.


So, Kid Cudi has had a number of contracts with Netflix. To begin with, he was the executive producer of Malcolm & Marie which was a huge Netflix hit. Moreover, he created Entergalactic with Kenya Barris which is also available on Netflix.


So, Entergalactic is an album that Kid Cudi released in 2022. However, it is also the name of an adult animated musical television special that he created along with Kenya Barris. If you are interested, you can watch it on Netflix.


What is special about Kid Cudi?

So, he approaches rap music in a revolutionary way that has made him the center of attraction to not just the collegiate youth but also several senior artists like Kanye West.

How did Kid Cudi become famous?

It all started when he published his single Day n Nite on his MySpace. So, it was an instant hit that would create the base for his fans and rising popularity.

Why is Kid Cudi an inspiration?

Kid Cudi’s approach to his music is extremely humane. He built his image on his own anxiety. He did not hide it. That in itself is a huge inspiration and support to not just young rappers today but also the youth at large. Moreover, his journey with self-love and the associated struggles have opened new dimensions in rap music.

How did Kid Cudi help people?

Cudi has told how music has helped him through his psychological turmoil. Moreover, he has also invested himself in creating a dialogue on mental health and therapy through his rap which is groundbreaking.

What song is Kid Cudi most known for?

So, the song that makes Kid Cudi who he is, is definitely Man on the Moon by A kid named Cudi. It is, unofficially, the anthem of his fans and the song that showed the journey that he is going to embark on. This defines his career. Therefore, he has an entire trilogy which is titled Man on the Moon.

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