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Creating a YouTube Channel for Your Business? Here’s What You Should Do First

With the current level of competition, entrepreneurs are constantly looking for new ways to promote their business and emphasize their uniqueness. Since video content has been rapidly gaining momentum, it is time to start thinking about your own YouTube channel. Below, you will learn about creating a channel and its benefits, find out why you need a YouTube thumbnail maker, and get a couple of helpful tricks.

What Will It Give You?

One of YouTube’s biggest benefits for business is the opportunity to build a consistent audience of subscribers interested in learning about your new products. This means that each new video can attract a new client to the company.

YouTube offers favorable conditions for communicating with customers through the interactivity of its content. A few well-shot videos are enough to attract the audience’s attention and generate at least minimal trust on their part. For a start, even a two-minute video can make a good impression of your business without bothering potential clients with an excess of detail. Post a conversation with founders or key people in the company, reveal your office or production workflow, showcase your product, or share what challenges you face and how you overcome them. And be sure to respond to comments, thereby showing interest in your audience.

Of course, you can use photos to show your product, but they can fail to fully demonstrate its features. Alternatively, a video would deliver the speed, dynamics, and the entire process of your product functioning, from the beginning to the result. This is an easy way to promote new offers and check possible reactions to a new product, for example, by posting a short teaser.

Channel Creation

The process itself will take you no more than ten minutes. All you need to do is open the YouTube site, log in using your personal data, go to the list of all channels managed in your account, click the Create Channel button, and follow further instructions.

The most important step for a successful YouTuber is defining the content. You need to decide:

  • what you are going to talk about and what to show;
  • who will work on camera;
  • in what format you will present your show;
  • how you are planning to compete with similar projects on the market;
  • how often videos will be released;
  • what budget you are willing to spend on the production of each episode.

Answers to these questions should shape your channel concept.

Design Elements Customization

The next no less important step is the design of your channel. Its development should be taken quite seriously because the final product will be perceived as your visual identity.

  • A thumbnail is the first thing a user sees when they find your video. If you do not have a catchy design, unfortunately, you can forget about views. The classic option is to keep all your covers in the same style, only adding new video frames. Large text on a thumbnail will immediately make it clear to the viewer what will be discussed in the video. If you want to attract maximum attention, opt for bright covers and large prints. They look striking and fresh, but it is worth considering whether this style fits into the company concept. In case you do not want to bother with thumbnails before each release, create one template and place it across all videos, but remember to change titles.
  • When choosing an avatar, you should proceed from the type of your channel. The owner’s photo works fine for a personal brand. If you run the channel yourself, then use it — people will immediately memorize you as a specialist. A company logo will be perfect for a business channel and will emphasize the corporate identity. It will also make it easier for the subscriber to remember your brand.
  • A channel banner grabs a lot of attention. Think carefully about how you want to fill this space to attract as many people as possible. You can design a banner in the same style with an avatar and place your company’s contact information there. Make this space useful, and include your services, address, and opening hours. The next option is to focus on what your company and, therefore, your YouTube channel offers and how it might be beneficial for your viewers. It is also a great place to advertise a special product, service, or offer that distinguishes you from the competition. Showcase your experience, achievements, and awards through a banner. This immediately disposes people to watch your video, as they understand that they will be dealing with a professional.

As you already know, content must be of high quality. Therefore, most likely, you will need the help of specialists (a screenwriter, operator, editor) to produce a video. If you are lucky, you will find one person who combines these skills.

Final Word

Once your video is published, it is very important to send links to it across a wide audience (regular customers, friends, employees). After all, the more likes, views, and comments it collects, the higher its chances of getting to the top of YouTube. Use your mailing list and a cover letter to provide additional motivation to visit your channel.

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