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Come Prepared For Any Job Interview


The Covid 19 pandemic has driven the Singapore economy into new lows in terms of many businesses closing down and many jobs being lost.

Job Interview

If you have been one of the many Singaporeans who have been jobless because of the virus through no fault of your own, you might still be tracking your way into employment and finding yourself mostly at home and not knowing when you will be employed again.

As the Singapore economy steps back up and reopens, various companies might be answering your job inquiries again and giving you hope in being fully employed again.

Have you ever thought of preparing yourself for every walk in interview in Singapore that you find yourself in? Have you ever had a lost opportunity drowned due to the fact that you didn’t prepare yourself fully for an interview?

These initial interviews are perfect chances for you to make an excellent impression towards your potential employers. Your preparation showcases who you are as an individual and as a reliable employee who can contribute well to the company. The interviewer will also determine if you, your skills and your work experience will be a perfect fit for the organization. The company will also assess if you can work in a team and be guided by the company values.

So as not to be at a loss for words during the job interview, think of possible questions that will be asked during its duration. In this way, you will always be prepared for these scenarios, whether they are your first or your seventh interview.

Do you know that drafted answers can make a huge difference in whether you will be accepted or not? Do appropriate research and also be informed that not every answer is a one size fits all. Be flexible in any situation when those questions come around.

Job Interview

In no time at all, pandemic would be a bitter thing of the past and you are now happily employed in your new job.

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