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The best kids shoes for active boys

When we speak about energetic kids, the shoes have to be durable and cozy. You want your child to feel comfortable when playing sports, dancing or doing any other activity that implies much foot movement. Shoes with poor design and solid interior can increase the risk of injury and impede the kids from performing at their best on the sportsfield or playground. Here is a list of shoes for active boys that are worth giving a try.

1. Preschool UA Surge 2 Running Shoes  

This pair of sporty footwear is a great choice for boys engaged in daily running activities. The shoes have a special design that provides safety and comfort to the feet during movement. They come with a solution to the increased pressure on the feet, being equipped with an ultra soft sockliner and enhanced cushioning around the ankle and front part of the shoe. The ventilation perforations allow for free air circulation, reducing the feet sweating.

The outsole is made of top-quality rubber to increase traction and minimise slipping. In this way, you can rest assured that your child is kept safe from sprains and other injuries. These shoes are great not only for running kids. They are compatible with any sport, being durable, flexible and injury-protective. In addition, they have a stylish design that provides the wearer with character and determination. They can be easily combined with a variety of sporty outfits, so don’t hesitate to place an order for these trendy shoes.

2. Grade school UA Lockdown Basketball Shoes

These kids shoes for active boys provide a perfect balance of comfort and durability. They are generously cushioned from inside to offer a painless landing while playing basketball and other strenuous sports. The synthetic overlays deliver increased durability and prevent premature wear and tear. The tiny ventilation holes keep excessive sweating at bay, reducing the risk of accidents.

The outsole is made of sturdy rubber that allows for better maneuverability and agility, helping your boy learn mind-blowing basketball skills. The rubber also improves the traction, meaning the child will run faster and jump higher. Moreover, the shoes are equipped with smart odor-neutralising sock liners that prevent unpleasant odors and growth of bacteria. So if your boy is hyperactive, you don’t have to machine-wash anymore the shoes after each training.

3. Grade School UA Embiid One Basketball Shoes

These shoes are perfect for boys who dream of a professional sports career. The tear-resistant textile makes them extremely lightweight and easy to handle. The hole-bombardated upper provides maximum breathability and denies sweating even after hours of playing. The midsole is made of Micro G foam that allows for cushioned landings and rocket takeoffs. Its increased elasticity adds to the jump’s height, making even a short player perform like a professional.

best kids shoes for active boys

As for sockerlines, they are made with comfort and protection in mind, being richly cushioned to enable painless maneuvers and added ankle support. The soft shoes interior reduces skin friction which is to blame for blisters and skin irritations. With these issues left in the past, your child will run hours in a row without feeling any discomfort.

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