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Cod Park Bunker Code (A Warzone Guide of 2022)

In Warzone, there is a hidden area called Bunker Near the Park. Players will learn how to unlock the secrets of the Bunker through this guide.

Players can collect loot hidden in the Hidden Area Bunker near the Park in Warzone. Players can find and open it with this guide. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War was released before this Bunker was added to the game cod park bunker code The teaser was intended to get people excited for the upcoming Call of Duty title. Both Black Ops Cold War and Warzone are so closely connected when it comes to progression and weapons. A player can unlock items in one mode and use them in another. In the same vein, players can gain additional XP bonuses and weapons through the battle pass. Here is how you can reach the Hidden Area Bunker near the Park, despite the location being a relic, and the magic has worn off since the release of the full game.

Black Ops Cold War just started season 2 and continues to provide a healthy amount of content with these updates. This is one of the most cohesive Calls of Duty titles to date due to the addition of new maps, zombie locations, and Warzone content. In order to reach this easter egg location, players need to dive directly to it at the beginning of the map. If you wait any longer, the storm might stop you from reaching this location. Here is how players can find and open the Bunker near the Park. Below is a guide to finding and opening the Bunker near the Park.

How to unlock the hidden area bunker near the Park in Warzone

This is the location at the start of the map that players should head to. It is located near the ocean at F8. If you are searching for the Bunker, make sure not to go too far because it is located on the hillside. It is located near the Styor Spomenik Memorial. There is a bunker on the hillside between the memorial and the sea. Players must enter the keypad number 60274513 to gain entry.

Players will be able to access loot and references to Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War when the door opens. Though the game is out, it’s still neat to be able to visit this place. Provides players with a better understanding of what the developers had in mind when creating the game. One of the best Call of Duty titles in years was Black Ops Cold War.

Park Bunker Code of Warzone – To Open Call Of Duty

The best loot is rewarded with the most victories in Call of Duty: Warzone. When you’re just starting out, you’re only interested in what you find on the map. Players’ loadouts are filled with their favorite weapons and perks. When it comes to ground loot, this can be beneficial. If, however, you want high loot at the start of a match, you should check out bunkers.

There are bunkers all around Verdansk. It is possible to gain access to a lot of loot by entering the codes. Gun battles can be won more easily with this loot, especially if you arrive quickly.

Verdansk has a bunker near the park point of interest at the southernmost point of the map. You’ll find some sweet loot once you’ve entered the proper code. You will receive the code to openthe Park bunker in Warzone.

Park Bunker Code – Warzone

The Bunker is located south of the park matter of interest at the map’s southern end. There are large rocks near the road that runs along the southern part of Verdansk that mark the entrance.

In Verdansk Park, below the monument/tower, lies a bunker that houses a nuclear warhead. Those looking for a Warzone win can take advantage of the loot inside the Bunker (vault) by entering the park bunker code 60274513 to open its door.

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