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Best Birth Control Alternatives You Can Find In 2023

Hormonal birth control is not a choice for all. They might simply not want to deal with the side effects of hormones, have health issues, or be breastfeeding. So, there are birth control alternatives. Birth control is a method or item used to avoid getting babies.

We also refer to it as contraception, anticonception, and fertility control. Although we have used birth control for a long time, modern times saw the development of better birth control options. Family planning includes making birth control options at hand and using them. People stop or tell not to use birth control pills in some religions because they view it as not moral, not religious, or simply bad. The word “birth control” is a little false because it sometimes doesn’t mean an abortion.

Birth Control Alternatives to the Pill


The silicone diaphragm is a tiny, elastic cup. We put the thing into the vagina to cover the cervix. Before placing the thing, you must apply the spermicide to it and around its borders.

The product is 94% true if used correctly every time, according to Planned Parenthood. It is an organisation that is special in sexual health care in the United States.

Cervical cap

The cervical cap is a tiny rubbery cup that we place over the cervix and put into the vagina. Though smaller, it is similar to the previous product. The only cervical cap that people offer in the United States is FemCap which is there in three sizes.

The failure rate for the FemCap, according to Planned Parenthood, is 14% in women who have never given birth and 29% in women who have given birth vaginally.

Condoms for both sexes

The best act against STDs is a male latex condom.

By preventing semen from going into the vagina, it is also good for stopping having babies.

Planned Parenthood says that condoms work 98% of the time preventing babies when used correctly.

The female condom is non-hormonal, easily got without an order, and nicely priced. The female condom is ideal for use with lubricants, those people can use who are allergic to latex, and you can insert it up to 6 hours before intercourse.


Before the sexual task, you inject this into the vagina to stop sperm from reaching the uterus. They come in forms like gels, and creams.

The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that 21% of this fails when used as it should (CDC). However, when mixed with additional methods like the diaphragm or cervical cap, trueness rises.

Birth Control Alternatives for PCOS

PCOS is a hormonal state that acts on persons who have a vagina and are in their giving birth years (often ages 15 to 44). In short, it means that the ovaries, which contain eggs, get cysts (partially developed follicles).

Birth Control Alternatives

Skin patch

The birth control patch, which contains both oestrogen and progestin, is a good and effective way to reduce PCOS symptoms.

This long-acting changeable thing is a tiny plastic patch that pierces the skin to provide around 35 mcg of oestrogen and 150 mcg of progestin.

So, you can use the patch on the thighs, upper body, and stomach.

Vaginal ring

You put the vaginal ring, which people make soft, flexible, colourless plastic, into your vagina. Another long-acting changeable approach that reduces PCOS symptoms is this one.

Similar to the patch, you can wear it for three weeks, take it out for a week to help with menstrual flow, and then put it back in. It also has oestrogen and progestin.

The vaginal ring also shares the positive and negative effects of the skin patch. Through the vagina, the ring gives 15 mcg of oestrogen and 120 mcg of progestin into the bloodstream.

Intrauterine device that contains progesterone (IUD)

Up to 14% of people with ovaries use this.

These devices (IUDs) used by Trusted Source may have progesterone or nonhormonal copper.

These hormone-containing IUDs are a very good method of birth control that, like mixed or progestin-only pills, can ease the signs of PCOS.

IUDs are tiny, T-shaped plastic things that always pump progesterone into the body. According to the CDC, you put this device into the uterus and it may stay there for 3 to 6 years.

Birth Control Alternatives for Periods

Birth Control Alternatives


Lybrel was the first “no period” medicine that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) allowed. It was at hand as a pack of daily active pills.

Since there are no placebos or breaks for withdrawal bleeding, you would never get your period.


By giving people the option to use constant birth control, Seasonale acts the same as Amethyst.

However, it has a 12-week active pill scheme. Then, by a 7-day inactive pill scheme, you will get 4 periods every year while taking it.


Similar to Seasonale, Seasonique limits your yearly removal of bleeding to only four times.

You will take Seasonique for 12 weeks in the form of active pills that have oestrogen and progestin. After that, you will take low-dose oestrogen pills for a week. You will take this in place of placebos.


The first long-use birth control medicine with a lot of oestrogen dose to get FDA approval was Quartette.

You will thus take active pills for a period of 12 weeks. Then, you change 20 micrograms of oestrogen to 30 micrograms.


We think it is to treat acne and premenstrual dysphoric disorder, in addition, to stopping getting babies (PMDD).

28 pills total—24 active and 4 inactive—come in the pack.

You will get monthly removal bleeding if you take it on a “regular” basis. However, because it’s a mixed pill, you can continue taking the active things while not taking the not active ones.

Birth Control Alternatives for Acne

Mild Cleaning

Wash your face nicely twice a day with a mild face wash to keep the pores free of makeup, excess oil, and dirt. Like the Caliderma Pumice Cleanser, you can get very good face washes.

Topical acne treatments

They are always there at shops, skin doctor’s offices, and online. Prescription topicals are also there for more difficult cases of acne.

Peeling agents

Chemical peels using some types of medicinal acids like AHA can help fix dead skin cells that sometimes fill pores and cause acne.

Healthy Diet

A good diet rich in skin-helping vitamins and plenty of water (try to drink at least ten 8-ounce glasses each day) will greatly take down acne. Also, try to stop eating foods with high carbs, such as white bread and spaghetti, as these might cause irregular swings in the body that can cause a lot of changes in hormone levels.

Sun protection

To reduce the colour changes brought on by older acne, wear a good sunscreen. Niacinamide, a B3 vitamin that can help in the treatment of acne, colour, and redness, is a part of EltaMD UV Clear that makes it greatly effective.


Regular exercise helps the body’s blood to travel more nicely, which reduces skin swelling.

Lessen your tension

You can directly decrease acne by taking down your daily stress. Try using relaxation actions to deal with stress, such as yoga, massage, or physical activity.

Birth Control Alternatives for Endometriosis

There are few good cures for endometriosis, a chronic swelling illness that affects up to one in ten women. It can be managed but not cured of its physical effects. Symptoms of it often last until menopause.


No steroid or no swelling drugs, or NSAIDs, are a class of drugs used to cure pain, lower fever, and lessen swelling. Aspirin and ibuprofen are only two examples of the many names, doses, and formulas that are used to talk about these drugs. NSAIDs are also found over-the-counter and can take down pain, mainly in those who have mild to average painful periods and pelvic pain signs.

Surgical Procedures

Surgery to remove tissue that looks like a womb is an option when drugs cannot help in curing signs. Specific surgery is sometimes carried out these days. So, this surgery is a small thing carried out through very small incisions in the pelvis or abdomen.

Different lifestyle

There aren’t many similar or different cures for painful periods. But, some proof says that acupuncture can reduce this pain. So, more research is needed before any clear things can be said. Although many diseases seem to be caused by diet and dietary changes, painful periods and diet have got very little study to date. According to one study, compared to those who ate more animal food, those who ate more fresh fruit and vegetables had a lower risk of getting this.

Birth Control Alternatives to IUD

The sponge

The sponge has spermicide and is made up of plastic foam. It has a nylon loop for simple removal after a sexual task, and a person puts it into their vagina before working with it. It is sold without an order at most of the drug stores.

The sponge stops sperm from entering the body by covering it, preventing having babies. Also, spermicide is released to disable sperm.

The birth control sponge is the least working, according to Planned Parenthood, among women who have already given birth.


An ordered vaginal gel sold under the trade name Phexxi is a more recent non-hormonal birth control cure.

Phexxi is used using a prefilled applicator into the vagina up to an hour before having sex, according to Planned Parenthood. It gets to work right away and lasts for up to an hour. If someone uses it after having sex, it loses its effectiveness.

Phexxi stops conception by reducing the pH of the vagina. Sperm find it harder to migrate as a result, which reduces the likelihood that they will encounter an egg.


It may need surgery that is tough to undo for people who want a permanent birth control method. But, it does not offer STD safety. Tubal ligation is the process or method used for females, whereas the vasectomy process is used for males to get lasting childlessness.

These methods are very good at stopping having babies when used properly.

Family planning naturally

Some people might choose to see fertile methods or natural family planning works. In order to decide when a person is making eggs, making a chart of the period cycle is a must. If a person wants to steer clear from having babies while ovulating they should adopt other methods.

Healthy Birth Control Alternatives

Calendar-rhythmic approach

The calendar reading method of not having kids count on fixing a woman’s fertile window of time. A woman calculates her earliest and last fertile days by taking 8 days from her shortest and 11 days from her longest menstrual cycles out. It is based on her past 12 period cycles.

Using your basal body temperature

Also called BBT, this process is built on the study that a woman’s body heat falls 12 to 24 hours before the release of an egg from her ovary and then rises again after the egg is out.

Inspection of mucus

The mucus check process is based on if a certain cervical mucus made by a woman in response to oestrogen is present or not. Just before an egg is out from an ovary, a woman will make more mucus than usual, which is more fluid and the same as a raw egg white.

Thermal approach

This process has things like the mucus check-up, basal body heat, and calendar method. All of these things are taken into account, as well as other symptoms like mild cramps and sore breasts.

Withdrawal procedure

In order to stop the sperm that is out of his penis from going into the woman’s body, a guy uses the pull-out method to remove his penis from her vagina before he comes. Another name for this is coitus interruptus.

Natural Birth Control Alternatives

Breastfeeding infertility

The study behind baby feeding infertility says that a woman cannot have kids while still feeding her baby. It is true that a woman might not make eggs as quickly as she would if she wasn’t feeding after giving a child. After giving birth, women who have milk typically begin making eggs again 10 to 12 weeks later.

Urination and douching

So, this is the process of washing mucus and other body waste from a woman’s private part using a liquid mix. Many women decide to have regular washing in their week to keep their private parts clean.


Stopping from a sexual task means really stopping all sexual contact. So, there is no chance for a man’s sperm to go into a woman’s egg if there is no sexual activity with someone of the opposite sex.

Tests for ovulation indicators

When a woman is most likely to make eggs, she can use an ovulation guess kit to find out. The amount of luteinizing hormone (LH) in the urine is found out using this unique kit. So, the level of this hormone typically rises 20 to 48 hours before ovulation.

Birth Control FAQs

Is there a natural method of birth control?

Natural birth control, also known as fertile grasp, does not use pills or hormone therapy to end a baby. To guess egg making, people now look at things like a period cycle, vaginal mucus, and basal heat. The ovary shoots out an egg during the fine process of ovulation.

What method of birth control is the healthiest?

Abstinence. The best method of birth control and STD prevention is abstinence, which is the only method that is 100% successful.

How well does pulling out work?

Four women will get babies for every 100 people who use the pull-out method nicely. But, it can be tough to pull out correctly. So, in reality, around 22 out of every 100 users of withdrawal become pregnant each year, or 1 in 5.

How unpleasant is an IUD?

With the fitting of an IUD, some issues are typical and seen. According to reports, 70% of people who have never given birth said that the fitting process caused them some mild pain. 77% of people in a different study of people who have not given birth said they had average to a lot of pain at fitting.

Is going without birth control healthier?

Birth control pills don’t usually increase your risk of cancer. It is according to most studies. According to trusted data, using birth control pills for long periods of time increases your risk of getting some tumours, such as cervical cancer, but the risk falls if you stop using them.

What is the correct rate of the diaphragm?

The actual correct rate is about 88%, thus 12 out of every 100 women will still become parents with the product.

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