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Best JIRA Alternatives You Can Find In 2023

Over 180,000 people in 190 nations, according to Atlassian, use JIRA for finding problems and work managing. Fedora Commons, Hibernate, and the Apache Software Foundation are some of the offices that have used JIRA for bug finding and work managing at some point in time. So, it has power that makes changing from rival Bugzilla possible. Moreover, there are many JIRA alternatives in the market today.

Firstly, it comes in four different types:

Then, JIRA Work Management is made to be used for all types of work.

After that, JIRA Software offers some useful apps, such as things of spry project management (previously a separate product: JIRA Agile).

IT workers or office service desks are the main users of JIRA Service Management.

For planned product and portfolio managing, use JIRA Align.

Open Source JIRA Alternatives 2023


So, the one source result for tasks, docs, aims, and talks is called ClickUp. It is a system that can be changed for you and easily functions for many tasks, time care, process charge, etc. It helps all current browsers, iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Linux, and many other systems. Simple statuses, many reminders, tags, colour schemes, and other things are all fully there with ClickUp.


Thus, the Work OS software Monday.com helps you to design many workflows and allow them to boost the result of your projects. Whatever your activities are, whether they are in marketing, HR, or finance, Monday.com will help you by giving a visually good-looking front.


So, this is by Inflectra. It is a nice app lifecycle care tool that helps in work delivery, helps users to see every step of their work, and helps in a smooth project working.


It is a project caring tool for helping processes, good vision, and easy planning. Every office also uses this great and easy software. It is perfect for any team, whether they follow an Agile development process or a waterfall methodology.


So, a work centre called Nifty gives visual project care so that teams can see their work clearly.

Zoho Sprints

With the help of the agile project caring tool Zoho Sprints, your software teams can also work on user stories, track the status of releases, and focus on creating great products.


It is a popular and easy sheet tool known for its file sharing, teamwork, and project caring works. Their teams can also use the place to manage and track a variety of works.

Free JIRA Alternatives 2023

JIRA Alternatives


So, it is a good option and one of the greatest JIRA alternatives to take into account if you already have a system or method of work in place and have a tool to work with and give results nicely. It is also very easy to use, highly simple, and great to use.

Remember The Milk

Small teams and people that want their task and project caring software to be able to handle both personal and work projects will find Remember The Milk to be one of the greatest JIRA alternatives. It is also a great all-purpose tool for to-do lists. It might be likeable to many small teams, especially after changing to the nicely priced Pro edition.


This tool can be a great option for you if you use the GTD method for managing your work and tasks. It thus gives you great working tools, good project caring tools, and the best task caring choices. Also, JIRA’s Premium and Business plan upgrades are less costly.


For those seeking a more apt planning and project caring solution, PivotalTracker excels. It gives the traditional Kanban board you would find in tools like Trello and JIRA, but it also helps in aiding your work by making a more precise forecast about when your work should be done.

Microsoft JIRA Alternatives 2023


Your working and growth team can use this, a great project caring app. It gives a Kanban board, a friendly Gantt chart, task caring functions, etc. Also, it has all of the great tools needed to work with both little and big projects.


It is very good at helping people in different roles toward a single aim. Even though you are not a developer or in charge of bug finding and issue searching, this will still work if your team has been forced into JIRA.


For good reason, this has become a very well-liked project caring app. It is one of many apps that you can compare with JIRA and helps in working and talking among the complete project caring team.


Because of its great, user-friendly UI and always use of JIRA’s language, Shortcut (previously Clubhouse) has become one of the most popular JIRA alternatives. In other words, JIRA’s smart works will be there without the clumsy, archaic user interface.

JIRA Alternatives for Startups 2023


Project workers and IT firms love nTask for helping with their projects; with new, strong options and a helpful care team, it is getting better. One of the many reasons why start-ups, people, and even offices would simply change to this newcomer is it is pretty software design, which is simple on the eyes as well as easy to adopt.


A JIRA substitute that is easy to use and gives good project caring tools for all types of offices is this. The app makes task caring easier by making it simple to move tasks into the proper Kanban boards. It creates a simple solution by mixing the jobs of task caring, time watching, and billing.


Hygger, a product and project caring app, made our list of JIRA alternatives because it gives much great stuff of functions for Agile teams. By storing all the ideas related to products and project works in an idea bank, the app helps offices in working on projects.


It is a thorough project caring solution made to help both small and large offices. When goods and other things change, their great app simply changes the overall task needs. Also, it gives clients power for intelligent resource caring and built-in time watching.

JIRA Alternatives For Software Development 2023


The size of the works and projects that JIRA gives are also there in the project caring and project planning app ProofHub. However, it is also free to use.


It is a good project caring solution made mainly for tech freaks. It has a more simple and more friendly design than JIRA. This project caring tool is used by many teams to talk with other teams and improve their work.


Ora is fully stocked to help your team do their work. Task management, Scrum, Kanban, a timetable, a schedule, time seeing for issues, checklists, links between tasks, automation, integrations, productivity shortcuts, and reporting on team and project productivity.


More than 1,000,000 people in more than half of the world’s countries use their products. In its main product, it gives a wider range of choices. JIRA’s main out-of-the-box powers are there as an add-on.


You get an understanding of the key works of sprint planning, sprint tracking, release planning, and product planning. Agile projects of many sizes and scopes can get help from the skill of VersionOne. It is one of the top JIRA alternatives on the market today.

Open Source Self-hosted JIRA Alternatives 2023


A good scrum project working tool is ZenTao. JIRA does issue watching, whereas ZenTao tracks issues with tales and bugs. It is a really good idea for app lifecycle caring because it allows for most of the possible tracking.


Another great JIRA substitute with a large option of choices and plugins is OpenProject. In addition to many other options, it helps project works and Gantt charts, issue watching, wiki, document caring, time and cost managing, coding, and scrum.


Kanboard is a simple project caring tool with a visual task board. It is a free JIRA substitute that is great for small teams that want a useful simple place. But, compared to other market tools, this open-source JIRA substitute has less utility here.


A Kanban board app with both free and paid options is called Restyaboard. An open-source JIRA substitute with fewer choices is the free option. On the other hand, there are paid options like Pro and Enterprise that can be helped or worked with locally.


Team working can be done using Tuleap, an app lifecycle management (ALM) tool. This free and great JIRA substitute gives the power and easiness that Agile and DevOps teams need.


It is more than just a JIRA substitute for a project caring app. It is a group of many office apps that also has CRM, inventories, manufacturing, and human resources.

Free Self-hosted JIRA Alternatives 2023


This is a great online tool for project caring. It is cross-platform and cross-database since it was made using the Ruby on Rails frame.


It is a robust agile project caring tool for cross-functional teams that is simple to use and nice. So, this offers a great Sprint task board, and if you want, you can easily change to Kanban.


Wekan, whose first name was LibreBoard, is a free, open-source kanban board tool that is almost the same as Trello.


It is a group of free and open-source web tools that helps software developers.


This is a project management solution that is flexible enough to fit your workflow and support the creation of top-notch goods. Create workflows, track tasks and defects, schedule sprints and releases, and adapt YouTrack to your own business procedures.

Best JIRA Alternatives That You Can Find In 2023

JIRA Alternatives


For all works related to projects, this is a simple tool. It has all the tools you need, from time watching to automatic billing and reports, to give projects more quickly and nicely.


Small teams that make software can use this to see bugs, set aims, and make drag-and-drop Gantt charts.


A place that makes software called Digital.ai helps the use of Agile and DevOps greet by offices. It gives tools for project managers, tools for teams, and tools for developers.


People can talk to their offices using this person support place ClickUp. So, helping options include chat, email, phone, and web.


Team people may nicely work on their tasks and dependencies using the project caring application we know as Workzone.


A nice project caring tool called Asana helps users in keeping track of work, workers, and deadlines. They can work on projects in real time as a result.


So, this is a project caring solution for large and mid-sized teams. Gaining visibility, streamlining workflow, and easing planning are all plus points. Projects can become more pretty, apt, and collaborative with the use of this software.

JIRA Alternatives FAQs

What is JIRA’s equivalent to Microsoft?

JIRA Software Cloud allows teams of all sizes to manage work in whatever style of agile works best. Azure DevOps is a bundle of development tools for software teams.

Is JIRA or Trello better?

JIRA is better than Trello, which has choices more apt for common project making, in agile project caring tracking. Teams must use easy work to agile project caring, breaking down big projects into small and simple tasks.

Which is preferable, JIRA or Asana?

A tool for usual project caring is called Asana. JIRA Software, in contrast to Asana, meets the new works of app teams and gives the space and power other teams need to give value to clients more quickly.

Is ClickUp preferable to JIRA?

JIRA has 12094 reviews and a 4.41 out of 5-star rating, while ClickUp has 3071 reviews and a 4.67 out of 5-star rating. Real user reviews that focus on choices, ease of use, client service, and less cost allow you to see the similarities and gaps of many software in the market.

Is JIRA superior to DevOps?

Most of the apps are now made on top of JIRA, which is much more than just a tracking place for an office that works with Agile making or general task making.

Is JIRA the owner of Trello?

There is much other software in the market that gives a useful method of project tracking via a nice place. Trello and JIRA, two of the most popular, are actually related. Both tools are owned by the Australian software company Atlassian.

What is Teamwork?

It is simple to use teamwork as the greatest project caring process. It also manages its works in a nice setting and has a strong user app.

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