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3 Tips on Becoming a Successful Project Manager

If you’re considering a career in project management and you’re curious about whether this career choice is the right one for you, you might have some questions. You might want to know what actions need to be taken to embark on a project management career. This guide to becoming a successful project manager will focus on what actions to take to start a career in project management and how to pursue success in the profession.

What Companies are Looking for in a Project Manager

Like many other careers, companies are looking for project management candidates who have earned a bachelor’s degree and some relevant job experience, ranging from two years and up. While a bachelor’s degree can certainly get you in the door, earning a master’s degree in project management can set you up to pursue even greater career success.

By and large, relevant job experience entails having knowledge of and skills in planning, budgeting, managing customer relationships, and allocating resources. Other examples of project management business-related skills, knowledge, and abilities that companies are looking for include the ability to:

  • Plan and organize, initiate, prioritize, and allocate resources.
  • Effectively communicate with other stakeholders inside and outside the organization.
  • Negotiate and manage conflict tactfully and professionally.
  • Problem-solve issues involving multiple variables and limited standardization.
  • Be creative and innovative with approaches to solutions and solving complex problems.
  • Multitask effectively and adapt within a rapidly changing environment.
  • Communicate with customers and promote the company image to attract business.

While no job is ever guaranteed in life, if you possess these and other abilities, you’ll likely be able to land a project management job in just about any industry.

How to Pursue a Position as a Project Manager

Here are three tips for becoming a successful project manager.

1. Education

Education is an important requirement. A candidate must earn at least a bachelor’s degree in project management, taking classes like:

  • Financial accounting
  • Introduction to business and technology
  • Marketing
  • Principles of management

For professional growth throughout your career, adding project management certificates and a master’s degree could take you from project manager to senior project manager.

2. Experience

Experience is key. You can apply for internships or co-ops at companies, and some may be paid or not, but these will help you obtain experience before completing your degree. Experience is important to get hired as a program manager, and an internship or co-op will have you working alongside professionals in the field and involving you in real projects to gain experience. Also Read – Why Your Company Needs Search Engine Optimization

3. Starting Out

Starting out after earning your degree, if the internship or co-op you participated in turned into a paying job, then you’re on your way. However, if you did not participate in an intern or co-op, all is not lost. Start your career by applying for jobs as a project coordinator or project assistant. These jobs will have you working under a project manager to help you gain the experience you need for professional growth.

After reading about what companies expect from project manager candidates and tips on how to navigate your way to a project management job, this should help you to proceed on your chosen career path as a project manager.

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