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Best CPAP Alternatives You Can Find In 2023

Patients with sleep apnea can get help from CPAP therapy, also known as continuous positive airway pressure therapy. People who have breathing issues while sleeping sometimes utilise CPAP machines, which employ mild air pressure to keep the airways open. More nicely put, CPAP therapy helps in stopping airway problems when you are breathing while you are asleep. One of the most frequently given cures for people with difficult sleep apnea, a condition in which not enough air gets to the lungs, is CPAP therapy. Also, you can utilise CPAP therapy to treat young children whose lungs are still growing. The CPAP machine makes the baby’s lungs big by blowing air into its nose. However, there are many CPAP alternatives. It may be the most effective technique to keep your airways open while you sleep, depending on the severity of your sleep apnea.

CPAP Alternatives Inspire 2023

CPAP Alternatives

A small, inside device we know as Inspire is used to treat sleep apnea. Also, quick surgery involves placing the device under the skin of the neck and chest, which cures the condition’s actual cause. The airway muscles are also changed during sleep by gentle touch. We also want to say that the very first certified Inspire practitioner in North Carolina is Nurse Practitioner Lindsay Boles of the Lung & Sleep Wellness Center.

A mask or hose is not necessary with Inspire. Just click the remote control to turn it on when you’re ready to go to bed. While you sleep, the device opens your airway, allowing regular breathing and deeper sleep.

It also has so many plus points. With Inspire, travelling is simple.

  • 90% of couples claim to not snore or to snore softly.
  • 94% of users are happy with Inspire.
  • 79% lesser sleep apnea incidents.
  • 96% of Inspire users believe it to be superior to CPAP and would suggest it to others.

The small remote just needs two AAA batteries and fits in the palm of your hand.

With Inspire, travelling is also simple.

The only FDA-approved obstructive sleep apnea medicine that finds the actual causes of the disease inside the body is Inspire. In many clinical tests, it has been shown that it is both secure and efficient.

Best CPAP Alternatives 2023

Try a different position

Changing your body to switch sleeping positions to help airflow is the easiest form of cure for mild symptoms of OSA. Although it doesn’t actually “cure” sleep apnea, it is a natural way to calm the signs.

Weight Loss

Because weight gain puts a lot of burden on the airway muscles, it raises the risk of mild to severe sleep apnea. Obesity is sometimes related to a bad lifestyle, which shows the lack of oxygen brought on by sleep apnea. Healthy weight loss choices mean eating a more well-balanced diet, not drinking alcohol, and exercising sometimes. For some people who have trouble losing weight naturally, surgery could be an option.

DNA Appliance

One of the main causes of OSA is a patient’s tongue being really too big for their mouth. Physically expanding the jaw people find a very good, non-invasive outpatient cure for sleep apnea.


Similar to CPAP therapy is BiPAP therapy. However, BiPAP allows the making of an all-time airflow at 2 different pressure levels. The bilevel gadget is the term we use to describe it. Patients with mild sleep apnea always want less pressure than a BiPAP mask gives. In general, it is used better and is nicer to wear for longer periods of time than a CPAP mask.


Devices called APAPs produce positive airway pressure that you can change. Until the machine decides we need a higher pressure to keep the patient’s airflow, they stay on the lowest level.

Lifestyle Changes

Before using sleep medicine or other more tough methods, people with sleeping problems should try not smoking, making food changes, and lowering stress. The use of alcohol helps a lot with the worsening of sleep apnea. Try drinking less alcohol to see if you see any changes.

CPAP Alternatives For Travel 2023

CPAP Alternatives

Dental Therapy

Some doctors help people in getting back the facial muscles that may be painful, sometimes as a result of nightly teeth grinding, mostly in a dentist’s office. The ideal people for this said therapy are those with mild sleep apnea.

EPAP Valve

We fix the nose to an expiratory positive airway pressure (EPAP) device. In contrast to a usual CPAP device, it makes the pressure wanted to keep the airway open during breathing out. The EPAP allows for more peaceful sleep because it is greatly more comfortable than its alternatives. Studies have shown a great increase in patient relief with OSA treatment.

Oral pressure therapy

In oral pressure therapy (OPT), we use an already-made mouthpiece and fix it in a bedside console with a pump via a flexible tube. By forcing the soft palate forward and making a vacuum inside the mouth, this device helps with easier breathing.

System for iNAP sleep therapy

It keeps an open airway by using mild force from a mouthpiece to drive your tongue, uvula, and soft palate forward. Consider it bizarro CPAP. While iNAP pushes your airway open using negative pressure, CPAP uses positive pressure to keep your airway open by forcing air down your mouth.

Bongo Rx

It makes use of nasal EPAP to give back pressure during breathing out, helping in the works of your airway. For little difficult sleep apnea, the FDA has approved this (OSA). Then it is really easy to carry and light. Additionally, we need neither cleaning nor power.

CPAP Alternatives For Camping 2023

CPAP Alternatives

Sometimes all you want to do is go outside and spend the night under the stars after a long week at the office. It is simple to use and connect when you take time to breathe in the clean air, take in Mother Nature, and disconnect from the outside world. Unplugging might seem like a great way to use it, but if you have sleep apnea, it might actually make you tenser.

An always positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine is sometimes used by people with sleep apnea to help with deeper, more restful sleep. But, this device wants power to function, which makes outdoor staying for an overnight journey a little tough. The patient finds CPAP therapy to be so nice that they are unable to leave it using even one night without a breathing device.

So, we have a few tips that allow people with sleep apnea to go camping if they use CPAP therapy and want to spend more time outside.

Your best choice might be to spend money on a trip with a CPAP machine if you enjoy camping a lot and want to spend more nights than you should around a campfire eating s’mores and watching stars.

You won’t need to bring your bulky breathing device on the trip, which is not only uncomfortable but may also lead to bad, costly damage. Instead, you will have the breathing support you require in a nice smaller container. Due to their size, weight, and battery life, travel CPAP devices are far more portable than a normal CPAP. However, if you have mild to severe sleep apnea, you can treat it while you’re on the road or in a tent using a CPAP substitute.

CPAP Alternatives for Mouth Breathers 2023

Oral devices

Dental specialists in sleep apnea are available, just as there are those who focus on orthodontics or dental implants. In order to keep the airway clear and open, oral equipment like mouthguards can help retain the tongue in position or ease the jaw forward.

Oral surgery

Genetics may occasionally be the root of sleep apnea. Those who were born with large tonsils or excess tissue in their throats may have difficulty breathing at night. The tongue, jaw, or soft palate may be involved in further problems. A patient can work with an oral surgeon to make permanent alterations to their anatomy that will improve their ability to breathe.

Loss of weight

Obesity is one of the main risk factors for getting sleep apnea. According to studies, reducing body weight by just 10% can help with sleep apnea symptoms. In certain circumstances, losing more weight can potentially cure sleep apnea.

Positional Therapy

Sleep apnea is less likely to occur if you sleep on your side or stomach. But you’re more likely to have issues if you sleep on your back. You can avoid resting on your back and lessen the need for a CPAP machine by using devices that attach to your waist or back.

CPAP Alternatives For Snoring 2023

Positional therapy may be a possibility for some individuals since they have less airway obstruction when they sleep on their sides.

Mandibular advancement appliances, which are mouthpieces, advance the jaw to widen the upper airway and lessen air resistance, which prevents sleep apnea and snoring. For some people, particularly those with mild or severe OSA, it might work.

Removal is advised as a treatment for swollen tonsils and adenoids in patients. The likelihood that the tonsils behind the palate and tongue may need to be removed depends on whether or not they are obstructing the airway or causing snoring.

The top jaw (maxilla) and lower jaw (mandible) are stretched and advanced during MMA surgery (maxillomandibular advancement) to treat patients with short upper or lower jawbones. Patients with moderate to severe OSA are the only ones who can have this operation.

When a patient’s jawbones are too short or too long but their OSA is severe, MME may be used to broaden the jawbones (maxillomandibular expansion). In order to enlarge the airway and provide more room for the tongue, this method necessitates the use of both orthodontic appliances and surgery to widen the jawbones.

When the tongue is abnormally swollen, surgery to reduce its size may be beneficial. A person’s airway may collapse less if their tongue is smaller, increasing airflow and breathing.

CPAP Alternatives That Work In 2023

Exercise and Loss of Weight

A risk factor for OSA is obesity. According to research, a lot of weight loss can lessen OSA’s severity. According to one study, a diet change along with at least three hours of some activity per week can help people with OSA lose weight. The results of yet another study supported the efficacy of bariatric surgery.

Sleeping Posture

The number of apnea episodes you see during the night increases when you sleep on your back with your face up toward the ceiling in a specific position. Your tongue and larynx may restrict your breathing if you have OSA and sleep on your back.

Eliminating Alcohol

Many people’s OSA symptoms can get worse if they drink alcohol. Avoiding alcohol is one of the first stages in treating OSA, along with losing weight and switching up your sleeping posture, according to the American Academy of Sleep.

Nasal Expiratory Positive Airway Pressure

Before you go to sleep, you should put a nasal expiratory positive airway pressure (nEPAP) device into your nose. When you breathe out, these nEPAP devices, we know as Provent, apply positive pressure to keep your upper airway from falling.

CPAP Alternatives FAQs

What alternative to a CPAP machine is there?

Other OSA treatments include an oral appliance if CPAP is not for you. Nasal valve therapy with bilevel positive airway pressure (BiPAP).

Without a CPAP machine, how can I treat my sleep apnea?

Mandibular advancement appliances, which are mouthpieces, advance the jaw to widen the upper airway and lessen air resistance, which prevents sleep apnea and snoring. For some people, particularly those with mild or severe OSA, it might work.

What is the most recent sleep apnea treatment?

Inspire Upper Airway Stimulation (UAS) therapy, a novel approach to treating obstructive sleep apnea offers the first implantable device. The treatment operates inside and in conjunction with the patient’s normal breathing pattern.

Is there a natural remedy for sleep apnea?

Depending on how severe your symptoms are, you may have many sleep apnea treatment choices. If your symptoms are moderate, natural methods like decreasing weight or switching up your sleeping posture may help. You could require advanced treatment if you have sleep apnea that is moderate to severe.

What is the purpose of CPAP?

The CPAP machine (continuous positive airway pressure) employs light air pressure to maintain your airways open while you sleep.

Does CPAP make your snoring stop?

If you have sleep apnea, the majority of CPAP equipment does significantly reduce or completely stops your snoring. There are various less intrusive and more affordable therapies available if sleep apnea is not the cause of your snoring. If your snoring is brought on by sleep apnea, using a CPAP is the most effective treatment.

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