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10 Common Pieces of Construction Machinery

People are continuing to purchase construction machinery, and buying intentions remain strong. More and more types of machinery are being developed. So commercial, industrial, and residential projects can select from a variety of equipment.

There is light construction equipment and heavy-duty equipment to suit all needs. Whether you need site equipment or are just interested in learning more, keep reading. Here are ten common pieces of construction machinery to know.

1. Excavator

Excavators have many uses, including excavation, heavy lifting, and demolition. There is a cabin, which can rotate 360 degrees for maximum efficiency.

There are different types of excavators, such as these vacuum excavators. But all excavators have a bucket, cabin, arm, and tracks.

2. Bulldozer

A bulldozer is another piece of heavy-duty equipment that has multiple purposes. There are used for projects such as demolition, farming, home, and road construction. They can move different materials, and there are various types dependable on need.

3. Backhoe

Backhoe loaders are often called the swiss army knife of heavy-duty equipment. You can use them on many different types of projects.

There are other attachments, such as brooms and snowplows. But all backhoes have a cabin, loading bucket on the front, and digging arrangement on the back.

4. Grader

Graders are mainly used to level surfaces. They are used to finish grade thanks to the blade that is adjustable for precision. They are an essential piece of road site equipment.

5. Boom Lift

Boom lifts are also called cherry pickers and basket cranes. You can use them to reach elevated site areas, so they are also used in various industries. You might have seen firefighters and window-cleaners also use them.

6. Loader

Loaders help load material such as excavated soil and demolition waste. They load the materials onto other construction equipment like trucks for easy removal. Tracked or crawled loaders are used when wheeled vehicles cannot reach site areas.

7. Dumpster

A dumpster is a common piece of light construction equipment. They help with different loading and unloading tasks. There are also heavier-duty articulated dumpster trucks for projects with rugged terrain.

8. Tower Crane

Tower cranes help lift materials during the construction of tall structures. The fixed cranes can easily lift heavy materials such as concrete blocks. The essential components are the mast, which is the vertical tower, and the jib.

9. Roller

Rollers are also known as drum, compact, or road rollers. They are a type of construction equipment that smooths and levels surfaces efficiently. You can use them for road projects and smaller projects such as driveways.

10. Scraper

Some types of construction equipment, such as scrapers, are only used on large projects because of their size. They can quickly cut into the ground and remove a layer of material. The material is moved into the storage space, called the hopper.

Common Construction Machinery to Know

It is helpful to know how construction machinery works to hire or buy the best equipment for your project. There are many types of construction equipment out there, but this list gets you started. What site equipment you need will depend on the project.

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