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How to Keep Your Construction Site Safe from Vandalism

A 2018 study showed that 60 percent of burglars were deterred by a security system.

Yet, many construction sites fall victim to vandalism because they don’t utilize proper security methods. They don’t realize that the key to protecting from vandals is to deter them altogether.

In this article, we discuss how to prevent your construction crew from having to deal with the aftermath of vandalism. Continue reading if you want a clean, graffiti-free construction site.

Setup Fences and Other Barriers

One of the best ways to protect your construction site from vandalism such as graffiti is to put up physical barriers like fences. This is a common method among construction crews, but it can be improved with fence coverings or entrances with coded locks. If coded locks aren’t in your budget, thick padlocks are an effective alternative to keep your construction site locked up.

Minimize the Number of Access Points

While your construction crew will need to come and go from multiple access points, minimizing the number of entrances to a site will help keep vandals at bay. If it’s too easy to come and go, your construction site will be an easier target. Make sure the entrances you have are well-controlled so only authorized construction workers can enter and exit.

Keep the Area Well-Lit

Good lighting not only helps with visibility and safety, but it is also an important part of keeping a construction site free from graffiti. Dark, secluded areas are attractive to thieves and vandals, which is why well-lit areas are ideal. You can even utilize motion-detecting lights to scare away vandals.

Put Away Equipment

Tools and other mobile equipment left behind by construction workers are popular targets for thieves and vandals. This is because they are easy to grab and run away with. Making sure all of the equipment at your construction site is securely locked away and out of sight is important in preventing vandalism.

Utilize Security Equipment

The right security equipment is a great solution for construction sites wanting to protect against vandalism. It’s important that you not only have security equipment if your budget allows for it, but also that it’s obvious to outsiders that you have it. Burglars and vandals are deterred by these systems since there is a higher risk of being caught.

Hire a Surveillance Company

If your construction site budget allows, a surveillance company is most ideal for preventing vandalism and theft. Having a physical presence is going to make the area less of a target. Plus, someone will be there to contact authorities if anything suspicious happens.

Protect Your Construction Site Against Vandalism

The best way to protect your construction site against vandalism is by taking steps to prevent it. Make your site less of a target with barriers, good lighting, and a good security system. Also, don’t overlook the benefits of investing in a surveillance company if your budget allows.

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