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William Houston: Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Movies & TV Shows, Wednesday, Level Up, Puffball, Anjelica Huston, Dating, FAQs & More

William Houston was a British actor born in Sussex, England, United Kingdom. And, he was born on July 19, 1968. Among his creations are the films Sherlock Holmes (2009), The Last Duel (2020), and The Salisbury Poisonings (2010–2011). He was raised in Northern Ireland but was born in Sussex.

Houston got his training at the Central School of Speech and Drama. Of course, he has portrayed a vital role on the classical stage. And, it includes Troilus in Troilus and Cressida, and Prince Hal in both of Henry IV’s parts. In fact, he also played main roles in Henry V , Ben Jonson’s Sejanus, as well as Coriolanus. He did this all for the The Royal Shakespeare Company, and Pentheus/Aga In Fortune’s Fool at the Old Vic, Also, he took over for Iain Glen in the lead role in January 2014.


William Houston

Full name William Houston
Profession Actor
Age 55 Years Old
Born on 19th July, 1968
Height 1.82 m
Voiced King Vendrick, Marvelous Chester, Aldrich
Education Royal Central School of Speech and Drama
Active years 1990-present

William Houston Movies and TV Shows

He co-starred with Robert Downey, Jr., Jude Law, and Guy Ritchie as Constable “Clarky” Clarke in the 2009 picture Sherlock Holmes. Guy Ritchie directed the movie. And, he got back in the 2011 follow-up Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. He paired with the ‘From Software to voice’ cast the roles Marvellous Chester in the Dark Souls DLC from 2011, Also, he played King Vendrick in Dark Souls 2 from 2014. And, he played Scholar of the First Sin from Scholar of the First Sin. Additionally, he did the voices for Bloodborne’s NPCs Retired Hunter Djura and the Gatekeeper in 2015. Moreover, he also played a part in Dark Souls III’s optional boss adversary Oceiros, the Consumed King in 2016.

He showed up in “Cause and Effect,” the 2nd episode of the third season of Robin Hood, in April 2009. With Richard Armitage and Daniela Denby-Ashe, he played Boucher in the BBC version of Elizabeth Gaskell’s “North and South.” Also, he played Dr. Millias Culpin in the BBC tv show Casualty 1909 and 1907.

William Houston as Joseph Crackstone in Wednesday

The core of the Netflix original series Wednesday is a brutal series of killings. In fact, they occur in and around Jericho, a town that is near to Nevermore Academy.

Wednesday initially wanted to flee Nevermore for sure. But, soon Wednesday Addams gets interested in the case. And, she begins to look into the odd killing spree.

Wednesday’s study focuses on a man named Joseph Crackstone. However, this was after she had a sight of her ancestor, Goody.

In Wednesday’s second episode, we see this character. Here, the titular Addams sees her ancestor Goody standing beside Joseph Crackstone’s tomb. And, iot is while being a part of the Poe Cup boat race.

Wednesday makes a vow to find out more about the man in question. So, in the next episode, she and her fellow Nevermore kids take a field trip to the local site Pilgrim World. There is a lot of data on the elusive Joseph Crackstone in Pilgrim World. But, it stands closed now. So, Wednesday has little option but to get into the building illegally.

Actor William Houston played Joseph Crackstone. He played a huge role in building the town of Jericho.

He was a key member of the group that was only starting to form in 1625. And, he was one of the first Pilgrims to live there.

Another revelation tells Wednesday that Crackstone hated outsiders. Of course, it includes the Nevermore pupils. And, also that he tried to have Goody Addams set on fire as a witch. In fact, the Gates line is one of Jericho’s richest and most influential families. Further, it has its roots in Joseph Crackstone.

William Houston in Level Up

Adam Randall’s 2016 thriller was Level Up. In fact, it starred Josh Bowman, Maskell, William Houston, Kulvinder Ghir, Doc Brown, and Leila Mimmack. Of course, it is a British thriller.

Frank Scheck of The Hollywood Reporter went on to comment on the movie. In fact, he said that the narrative “admirably favors action over speech”. On the other hand, it “falls rather short in the clarity area.” The picture “achieves most of its drama thanks to the pulse musical score by the British electronic band Plaid.” In his article, he also gave Bowman top marks for his acting. In fact, he said that he “fully meets the great physical toll of his alpha male part .” In the process, he showed compassion with his heroic responses to the perils he’s faced.

Randall “keeps the plot fast paced and the speech to a fresh minimum”. Thus, it helps to underline Matt’s developing isolation. However, this is as per Pete Vonder’s Haar of The Village Voice.

The movie “fails to put up with any original or unique in the domains of storyline, mood, or figure creation,” as per Dennis Harvey of Variety. However, it also says that it is “admirable as a show of skill within low tight budgets” and being “good to watch.”

William Houston in Puffball

Puffball is a beautiful horror thriller that stars William Houston. In fact, the plot is quite intriguing.

An eager young architect called Liffey deploys to a lonely and scary Irish valley. And, she does it to build a cutting-edge structure. Molly, the old mother of a dairy family lived on a different side of the woods. Locals formerly called it the old cottage and the land she will use home. Richard, her fiancé, gave it to her as a gift. Further,  Mabs, the daughter of Molly and the farmer Tucker, is also a mother of three girls. However, the story shows Mabs in her forties. So, she wants a son to take the farm. Or, maybe she just needs to get pregnant once more.

William Houston

Mabs and Molly take help of black magic to give Mabs a son. However, after having a fling with both Richard and Tucker, Liffey becomes pregnant. Thus, it leads all to believe that the child is Tucker’s. Mabs uses magic to harm Liffey’s baby while making it appear as if it is a miscarriage. Here, Mabs once more asks Molly for aid. Mabs’s eldest child lends a hand to Liffey in her successful spell-breaking. Finally, Mabs finds that she is bearing a baby boy.

Characters Played By William Houston

William Houston is an English actor who was born on July 19, 1968. Further, he is best known for his roles in the Dark Souls video game. And, the Sherlock Holmes films with Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law.

He plays the voices of the Core in “The Core & The King,” King Aldrich in “All In.” And, he also plays the Core in “The Hardest Thing” for Amphibia.

Houston got his training at the Central School of Speech and Drama. Also, he has portrayed vital roles on the classical stage. Of course, it includes Troilus in Troilus and Cressida, and Prince Hal in both of Henry IV’s parts. Also, he is famous for playing the main roles in Henry V, Ben Jonson’s Sejanus, and Coriolanus. In fact, it was for the Royal Shakespeare Company. And for Pentheus/Aga In Fortune’s Fool at the Old Vic, he took over for Iain Glen in the lead role in Jan 2014. He played the role of Titus from May to July 2014 at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. Of course, he did it under Lucy Bailey’s direction.

He showed up in “Cause and Effect,” Robin Hood’s second episode of the third season. With Richard Armitage and Daniela Denby-Ashe, he plays Boucher in the BBC version of Elizabeth Gaskell’s “North and South.” Also, he played Dr. Millias Culpin in the BBC television series Casualty 1909 and 1907.

 He collaborated with From Software to voice cast as King Vendrick. In fact, he did it in the DLC trio for the 2009 gameplay Dark Souls 2 and its reprint Scholar of the First Sin.  Additionally, he also gave the voices for Bloodborne’s NPCs Senior Hunter Djura and the Gatekeeper in 2015. Also, he played Dark Souls III’s possible boss adversary Oceiros, the Consumed King in 2016.

Is William Houston related to Anjelica Huston?

No, William Houston and Angelica Huston are not related in any way.

She shyly debuted on the big screen in her father’s A Walk with Love and Death. Of course, she did it as the daughter of filmmaker John Huston and the grandchild of actor Walter Huston (1969). Huston went from Britain to New York City. Here, she spent the 1970s working as a model. She made the choice to pursue acting gravely in the early 1980s. Further, she made her breakthrough in the 1985 film Prizzi’s Honor. Also, this was directed by her father. Then, she joined John and Walter Huston as a member of the 3rd generation of her clan to win an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress.

Her parents had various unions and illicit affairs. Thus, Huston comes from a weird family. Tony, her older brother, and Pablo, her adopted older brother, are both siblings. She has a junior paternal half-brother, actor Danny Huston. And, she also has a younger maternal half-sister, Allegra. Of course, she referred to as the “Legs.” Of course, she is Jack Huston, an actor’s aunt. She previously referred to herself as a “lonely child”. In fact, everyone heard her say “I was tightly bound to my brother Tony, but we were never really similar, as neither children nor as adults.” They were  truly extremely alone. As a result, they were compelled to be together. They did not  see a lot of kids because they were mostly in the midst of the Irish rural.


William Houston

Who voiced King Vendrick?

In Dark Souls II, Vendrick is an extra boss. William Houston also gave the voices for Marvelous Chester and Oceiros in Dark Souls III. In fact, he also provides this character’s voice.

Who voices Aldrich?

William Houston gives the King Aldrich voiceover. In Dark Souls II, Houston also gave the voice of King Vendrick, the man who served as King Andrias’ model.

What is King Vendrick weak to?

Keep in mind that lightning and darkness add significantly more injury (20–25%). However, the King appears to be fairly immune to all elements. You will only be  able to badly harm Vendrick by amassing Souls of a Giant.

Did Gwyndolin become Aldrich?

Aldrich’s use of Gwyndolin is very obvious. Also, this is why he will not really appear as evil as he may have in his actual form. The main idea is that time runs at an uneven rate. Thus, in an odd order in Lordran raises the chance that he may have taken Ornstein and Smough as well.

Who voiced Oceiros the consumed king?

We know Voice actor William Houston for portraying Blameless Marad and Consumed King Oceiros.

Who voiced marvelous Chester?

Character and trader Marvelous Chester comes in Dark Souls’ Artorias of the Abyss DLC. In fact, they also  thrust him into the land of ancient Oolacile, back into the past like the player. William Houston gives his voice.

Was William Houston in Sherlock Holmes?

He co-starred with Robert Downey, Jr., Jude Law, and Guy Ritchie as Constable “Clarky” Clarke in the Sherlock Holmes movie. In fact, it was Guy Ritchie-directed 2009 picture Sherlock Holmes. Further, he got back in the 2011 follow-up Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows.

Who is William Houston dating?

Our records show that William Houston might be a single man. In fact,  William Houston has no past hookups that we are aware of. Moreover, he is  a 55-year-old British actor. He was born in Sussex, England, on July 19, 1968. His zodiac is Cancer.

How did the audience receive Wednesday?

Wednesday had its debut on Nov 16, 2022. Thus, it was made available on Netflix on Nov 23. Critics mainly gave the film good reviews and praised Ortega’s acting. In fact, it rose to the second-most seen English-language Tv series. They did it within 3 weeks of its debut.

Who does William Houston voice?

Voice actor William Houston is well-known for his roles as Blameless Marad. And, also the role of Consumed King Oceiros.

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