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Want Your Mac to Run Faster? Clean It!

Macs are probably the costliest among regular-use laptops, and you might have high expectations for yours when you buy it. Impressive productivity, fantastic speed of operation, extended battery time – it’s all about a Mac, as a rule. But with time, you might notice that your everyday operations on your beloved gadget slow down little by little. What’s wrong with the machine, and how to get its killer productivity back?

It’s All About the Malware

In most cases, the reasons for impaired Mac speed lie within viruses or adware you might have occasionally installed to your computer during Web search or by opening an infected file. Even harmless adware can sometimes cause severe speed reduction, which gets noticeable with time. So, an antivirus scan and subsequent cleansing of all digital trash from the system might be an answer.

Cleaning Up Your Mac

If the initial scanning did not reveal any malware, then it’s time to think of more rigorous cleaning. If you’ve never done it before and want cleaning instructions from pros,read on to discover the Mac cleaning essentials.

#1 Apps You Don’t Need

Once you start the cleanup, you’ll be surprised to see how many apps and programs are stored in your Mac without regular use. So, once you open the Applications folder and see the programs’ names that you can hardly recollect, it’s time to uninstall them to free up the essential memory space for quicker Mac functioning.

#2 Too Many Languages

Many apps automatically come with dozens of versions in alternative languages, which you surely don’t need at all. We advise using the Monolingual app to block those multiple-language versions at installation. As a result, you’ll have tons of extra space on your Mac without extra effort.

#3 Memory-Hogging Processes

If you experience productivity breakdowns and cannot figure out the problem, some app might be eating all your memory. The simplest way to find it out is to use the built-in Activity Monitor on your Mac to see what apps use disproportionately much working memory. Once you detect the memory-hogging process, stop it and enjoy an immediate productivity boost of your device.

#4 Redundant Widgets

You can enjoy a way faster Mac if you manage your widgets wisely. Widgets are fun to use, but the more you activate, the less you get for daily work performance in terms of working memory. So, it’s better to leave only the widgets without which you can’t leave. The rest should be eliminated.

#5 Launch-at-Startup Apps

Using too many apps at the computer’s start is a severe burden on its performance. You can manage the settings in the System Preferences section. Activate only the apps that you need every day, while others may be disabled, turning on manually once you need them from time to time. In this way, you’ll relieve the load from your Mac’s system, achieving consistently better performance.

More Tips for a Speed Boost for Your Mac

Besides unnecessary files and improperly organized settings, you can suffer from slow Mac speed for many other reasons. Here we briefly cover the main ones to let you boost your Mac’s performance without turning to specialists.

#6 More RAM

As time goes by, the productivity of your Mac can decline. It is a natural process no computer can avoid, but you can give your Mac a second life if you add more RAM to it. Buy external RAM storage and ask professionals to install it on your device. You’ll see the difference in boosted productivity and operation speed immediately.

#7 Software Updates

Outdated software always runs slower because the provider no longer supports it. Thus, a workable tip to keep your Mac’s productivity at top levels is to install regular software updates.

#8 Lighter Browsers

Browser’s weight and memory requirements play a central role in the speed of your browsing experience. So, double-check your browser options and opt for the one working the fastest with the least weight load. At present, Google Chrome is the best option among available browsers, beating the alternatives like Firefox and Internet Explorer in many aspects.

#9 Regular Restarts

A handy life hack to know is that your Mac has a built-in rejuvenation system that activates with the computer’s regular restarts. So, don’t keep your laptop operating for too long. Give it a performance boost by turning it completely off and then restarting it, thus enabling an internal system scan and operational optimization.

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