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Top 10 Jobs in Chicago for 2021

More than 2.5 million people live in the city of Chicago that is surrounded by Lake Michigan.

Chicago is one of the most popular destinations for business, luxury, and vacation.

If you enjoy going to Chicago and want to stay permanently, there are many opportunities in the area.

Continue reading to discover some of the best jobs in Chicago that you could start interviewing for!

1. Promotional Manager

One of the most exciting jobs in Chicago, Illinois is a promotional manager position.

In this role, you will work with a team to increase sales and marketing. Purchasing incentives, advertising, and plan development are all crucial aspects of this job. This is the perfect career for someone who has experience in sales, management, and business.

The best part about this job is that you can work at a variety of companies that suit your interests.

2. General Manager

The Chicago employment list currently has a lot of open positions for general management.

General managers typically work in a department store, restaurant, or other types of business. They are responsible for running the day-to-day operations of a company and improve efficiency. General managers must understand profit margins and budgets to be successful in this role.

If you obtain a general manager position, check out URB Chicago for help with finding a home located near work!

3. Lawyer

If you are looking for a high-paying job that will go with your law degree, consider becoming a lawyer in Chicago!

Since the population is so large in Chicago, there are endless opportunities for lawyers to get a job. The courts are always looking for professionals that have passed the BAR exam and are ready to practice. You can also work as a lawyer in Chicago for private companies and individual cases.

If you are moving from another state, make sure that you understand the local and state laws for Chicago, Illinois. This is essential if you want to be successful and help clients.

4. Chief Executive Officer

Are you sick of working for others and want to run a company on your own or with a partner?

By becoming a chief executive officer (CEO) you can increase your salary and create a company you’ve always dreamt of. To obtain a CEO position, you must have experience in the industry and be willing to start your own company.

As the CEO you will manage company resources and operations to improve revenue. This role requires you to look at the big picture and be able to effectively manage and delegate tasks.

5. Pharmacist

If you are looking for work in Chicago, you can check the local pharmacies!

Pharmacies and doctors’ offices are in constant need of pharmacists. Pharmacists help prepare prescriptions and answer questions that patients may have. To obtain this role you must go through med school to understand what each prescription does.

This is a fulfilling career that will help others get through their daily lives without being in pain or discomfort.

6. Family Physician

Have you recently obtained your Ph.D. and are looking for opportunities in Chicago?

Chicago is in major need of family medicine physicians. As a family physician or primary care doctor, you will help treat and care for patients. Most physicians work with a variety of ages and use preventative measures to get people at peak health. When sickness and injuries occur, physicians can also provide relief or referrals to another doctor.

This is one of the highest-paying jobs in the country and will give you comfort in the city.

7. Marketing Manager

Another excellent management role in Chicago has a focus on marketing.

Marketing managers make more than $75,000 a year, on average, in Chicago. In this position, you will oversee and organize brand marketing and promotion. To be successful, you must understand the products and services that the company offers to grow a customer database.

As a marketing manager, you must have excellent communication skills, as you will be working with a variety of teams and organizations. Not only will you need strong people skills, but you must also utilize budgeting and organization tactics.

8. Nuclear Engineer

If you are looking for a high-paying job that will utilize your education in engineering, there is an opportunity in Chicago.

Chicago is on the hunt for nuclear engineers who can help design equipment and procedures for nuclear radiation and energy. As a nuclear engineer, you will ensure that the operational procedures are being followed at a facility. Safety protocols and standards will be used to measure efficiency.

9. Psychiatrist

Did you know that there is a psychiatrist shortage in Chicago right now?

Psychiatrists help patients by diagnosing and treating their mental illnesses. Since the pandemic began, there has been an increase in mental health awareness and people are searching for help.

This is a great time to use your psychology degree and help people overcome their obstacles. Not only does this job pay well, but you will make an impact on the community around you.

10. Purchasing Manager

Many companies hiring in Chicago are looking for purchasing managers to assist the company.

Purchasing managers handle all of the buying for a company. If you have experience working with numbers or doing inventory, this is an excellent opportunity for you. After analyzing the materials on hand, you will work with vendors to ensure that you have enough supplies.

This is a crucial role in businesses that can relieve a lot of pressure from other management roles.

Are You Searching for Jobs in Chicago?

There are many jobs in Chicago that can draw you into the windy city.

By utilizing this guide, you can learn about some of the best opportunities in this area and follow your dreams. It is a great time to relocate to a new area with all of the job openings that are popping up.

Don’t be afraid to take a step forward in your future and move to a new area with an abundance of success.

Be sure to check out our blog for more articles about the Chicago area and finding a job!

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