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Ten Tips To Make A Good Travel Blog

If you are crazy about traveling like us, you must have heard a lot: why don’t you start a blog? After all, how wonderful does the life of the social media people who live on the road and make money from it seem? Here’s how to set up a good travel blog.

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A young family of four on a beach vacation

Here are 10 tips that have helped me a lot. In case someone is also useful to start your own travel blog or to improve your existing blog.

  1. Search your niche

One of the first things I learned is that the internet is so gigantic that we all have a niche of possible followers waiting for us. You just need to discover them and give them what they are looking for. Specialize, therefore, look for that niche. And it doesn’t have to be a thematic specialization (travel blog with children, hotels, adventure trips …), it can also be a sector specialization (for backpackers, for people traveling in luxury, for fans of traveling literature or for fans of Southeast Asia)

  1. Be multifunctional

Just as I affirm that you have to specialize in the subject, a blogger must be ultra-multifunctional in the tools he uses. It is not enough to write well; You have to handle fairly many other elements to support your content or the promotion of your blog: photo, video, audios, social networks, public speaking …

  1. Learn to write

We all know that writing for a blog is not the same as for a book or for a newspaper article. But what changes is the style, not the good praxis of the writer? And many believe that because they write in a logbook they can do it anyway. A huge number of bloggers could use instead of going so many meetings of bloggers (this world is tremendously inbred), devote that time to learning to write, and also hire an essay writer.

  1. Tell the truth, even if it hurts

Blog trips (press trips in which the blogger or conventional journalist travels to a guest destination) have become so popular that the blogger is rare that has not gone to one. I confess that I have attended a few. But don’t be impressed by that or lose your objectivity. Tell the truth, what you’ve seen … even if you risk not being invited anymore. This way you will be loyal to your readers, who are the ones who will keep your blog alive. Also, if you make any constructive and informed criticism, the positive part of your chronicle will gain credibility.

  1. Learn some SEO

Without obsessing, but learn to handle some SEO (techniques to improve the visibility of your page in search engines). Title for those search engines to find you, use keywords in the first paragraph, etc. There are a thousand pages that talk about this. But do not go crazy for that: in the contents of your blog, you must send, not Google. If it happens the other way around … you have a problem as a communicator.

  1. Research, search for data to hire an essay writer

Writing a blog is not so different from writing a column for a newspaper. And the rigor that is demanded of the latter must prevail for the former. Talk to local people, look for testimonials, check data for hire an essay writer. If you just copy what you have seen on other websites apart from not being original, you will assume all the mistakes they have made.

  1. Nothing destroys a story more than predictable

It goes a bit along the lines of the above. If you are not looking for an original and different approach, if you fail to transmit more than what others see, your chronicle will be one more among so many vulgar chronicles. Avoid metaphors, phrases, and adjective manidos. The traveler spent a week finding an adjective that resisted him.

  1. Lean on social networks

A blog is just an (important) part of a communication strategy. You must rely on other tools (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest …) to help you promote it and promote your brand. A lonely and unsupported blog in the vastness of the blogosphere is more lost than Nemo in the vastness of the ocean.


In the end, a blog is another tool for a narrator and you can apply a universal law that works since the first travel blog came up with telling a story around a bonfire to animate the tedium of another winter night in the cave: Tell good stories, look for characters that move, try to convey smells, colors and flavors in your chronicles. Get excited while traveling and then thrill those who read you.

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