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The SQM Club- What Is It All About

The concerns have been on the rise when it comes to the environment and this is an area that the operators like SQM Club have been working consistently. Well, if you are not aware, the SQM Club is a well known firm and is working for the betterment of the environment. Woking for the betterment of the air quality, they have been leaving no stone unturned to reduce the CO2 footprint consistently.

What is the SQM Club?

SQM Club has been one of the excellent options for assisting you in terms of reducing the amount of CO2. The club has been looking ahead to minimis the bad effect on the environment. The high tech computing technologies are utilised for measuring the level of carbon emission and attempts are made for reducing the carbon footprint.

SQM stands for Social, quality and marketing. The club rewards and provides the incentives to the members who participate in the environment friendly campaign. The club has been working in several areas and regions. It works on a global basis and works with various countries and organisations. The SQMM Club has over 1000 members all across the world.

The SQM Club was founded in 1954 by William H Bonney Jr. It is a non profit organisation and works with a main motto of promoting environmental preservation, education, and scientific study. The club does come with a forward sustainability as its main goal. The club has been able to save a huge range of land that runs into aces from the clutches of the development.

The SQM Club memberships

The SQM Club lets its members measure the carbon emission levels the data collected by the members across the region is compared and a detailed report is prepared. The complete report of the contribution of different members is offered to the consumers.

The membership to thee SQM Club can provide the following benefits –

  • The report on the basis of the contribution of the members. This is done to show the level of global CO2 level.
  • Priority is given to the data collected by the members in measuring the global CO2 level.
  • You will be able to work in a highly transparent manner
  • As a member, you can be assured of a few exclusive benefits

How does the SQM Club work?

The club works primarily with different organisations and brands in the market. These joint ventures have been used to make the club work towards achieving a greater standard on a global basis. The club works with multiple international bodies and striving hard to bring down the emissions.

The SQM Club has also joined hands with the governmental and non governmental organisations across Mexico, USA and Canada. The club has also partnered with the telecommunications and a host of other agencies such as telecommunication companies, NATs, hospitals, real estate and energy companies. All these attempts are directed towards reducing the harmful emissions.

Why should you join the SQM Club?

Well, if you really believe in making the world safer for the future generations, the SQM Club is perhaps what would make it a formidable option to achieve or strive towards your goal. It goes without saying that community and environment are the two most important elements in our life and the SQM Club is what would help you achieve.

If you care for your nature, that should be the prime motivation for you to decide in favour of the SQM Club and make you decide to join it. The club does provide you with the tools that help you measure the carbon footprint in the environment.

The different SQM Club events that you can look forward to

The SQM Club does have a lot of events and other programs spread through the year. These events are held across different venues across the world. Most of these events are centred around the educational and inspirational content  in nature.

Some of the events that you would be interested would include

Local events

These are essentially one day seminars and are held across different cities in the United States. They also provide you an opportunity for exchanging the ideas for the like minded people who are looking to improve the environment across the globe. They are used for the networking purposes

Regional events

The regional events are multi day events and bring together the professionals. They can include the workshops and other similar endeavours. The inputs from the industry experts can be yet another excellent option that you would find much impressive.

National Conference

National Conference is yet another opportunity to help you in terms of connecting with the old colleagues. It can also be used to meet the new customers.

Can you trust SQM Club?

Yes, you can definitely trust SQM Club. It is a non profitable organisation and takes a complete pride in offering a dedicated service to the environment. It can be helpful for the members in providing you a healthier environment.

The club does not involve itself in any sort of business or anything that can cost you something or other. They take care of accuracy and work towards finding the most accurate information with respect to work towards the best choice for the planet.

The Closing Thoughts

 The SQM Club is involved in the cause of offering the world the best possible solutions in achieving a sustainable environment. The aim is to provide the best environment for the present and future generations on the planet. The tools and techniques that the club makes use of for achieving abetter standard make it a very formidable option that you would find quite an interesting option. The aim that the club focusses on is to bring down the CO2 emissions across the globe.

A Few FAQs

What happens when you join SQM Club?

When you join the SQM Club, you would get a unique SQM calculator. You will use this to measure and record the carbon emission rate in this region. You will get access to an accurate information on the CO2 emission in your region.

How can I save money by joining the SQM club?

There are two primary ways that you can save money on joining the SQM Club. The information on the carbon emission will provide the ability to reduce your energy consumption and save money on the long run. The participation in the events and partnerships of the club can be yet another good option that you can save money. You can get access to exclusive deals and discounts to club members which help you achieve more money and help you save enough money.

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