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Rauw Alejandro: Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Parents, Career, Singing, Rapping, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Facts, FAQs & More

Rauw Alejandro is a standout in today’s hip-hop and pop scene. His tracks captivate global audiences. Born in Puerto Rico on January 10, 1993, his journey is inspiring. From a soccer enthusiast, he became a music sensation. An injury shifted his focus from soccer to music. Influenced by Jackson, Presley, and Brown, he embraced hip-hop and pop. He began producing hits in 2014 and rose globally in 2018.

The article explores Alejandro’s rich musical journey. It highlights his experiences, collaborations, and passion for music. Discover the singer’s unique blend of influences. Learn about the man, his inspirations, and his transformative journey.

Discover Rauw Alejandro: Unraveling the Talented Rapper’s Biography, Wiki, Age, Height, and Weight. Explore His Net Worth, Rapping Career, and Intriguing Personal Life, Including Details about His Girlfriend

Biography / Wiki Table

Attribute Details
Full Name Rauw Alejandro (Raúl Alejandro Ocasio Ruiz)
Nick Name Rauw
Date of Birth January 10, 1993
Birth Place San Juan, Puerto Rico
Nationality Puertorican
Profession Singer
Years Active 2014 – Present
Height 5 feet 9 inches
Weight Approximately 60 kg
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Religion Christianity
Education University of Puerto Rico
Known For Songs like “Toda,” “Tarde,” and “Dale”
Major Achievements Latin Grammy Award, Participation in “Los Proximos” program
Parents Raul Ocasio (Father, Guitarist), Maria Nelly Ruiz (Mother, Backing Vocalist)
Relationship Status Dating Spanish singer and songwriter Rosalía since 2020
Net Worth Estimated 6 Million USD
Major Influences Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, Chris Brown

Early Life

Rauw Alejandro, born Raúl Alejandro Ocasio Ruiz on January 10, 1993, in San Juan, Puerto Rico, has always been a beacon of talent and passion. From his early days, he showcased a deep love for both sports and music. While soccer initially captured his heart, an unforeseen injury pivoted his path towards the rhythmic world of hip-hop and pop. His early life in the vibrant landscapes of Puerto Rico played a pivotal role in shaping his musical journey, laying the foundation for the global sensation he would become.

Parents, Family & Siblings

Rauw Alejandro hails from a musically rich family background. Alejandro parents significantly influenced his artistic journey. His father, Raul Ocasio, was a renowned guitarist. His mother, Maria Nelly Ruiz, was a backing vocalist. Iconic artists like Michael Jackson influenced their home’s music. Alejandro grew up immersed in diverse melodies and rhythms. Details about his siblings remain private. However, family clearly shaped his musical career.

Nationality & Ethnicity

Proudly representing Puerto Rico on the global stage, Rauw Alejandro’s nationality is Puertorican. The island’s rich tapestry of cultures, rhythms, and traditions deeply influences his music. As for his ethnicity, he belongs to the Latino community, which is evident in the vibrant Latin beats and rhythms that permeate his songs. His Puerto Rican heritage, combined with his Latino ethnicity, gives his music a unique flavor, making it resonate with a wide audience.


Rauw Alejandro studied at the University of Puerto Rico. His academic journey influenced his musical path. The university exposed him to diverse music genres. Interactions with peers enriched his personality and artistry.

Rauw Alejandro Age: How Old Is Rauw Alejandro?

Born on January 10, 1993, Rauw Alejandro, the Puerto Rican sensation, has been captivating audiences with his unique blend of hip-hop and pop for years. As of 2023, this dynamic artist is 30 years old. Over the years, he has matured not just in age but also in his musical style, evolving with each track and album, reflecting the wisdom and experiences he’s gathered with time.

Rauw Alejandro Height: How Tall Is Rauw Alejandro?

Standing tall with a commanding presence, Rauw Alejandro’s height is an impressive 5 feet 9 inches. This stature complements his stage presence, making him a notable figure during performances. His height, combined with his energetic stage antics, ensures that he remains a focal point, captivating audiences wherever he performs.

Rauw Alejandro Weight: How Much Does Rauw Alejandro Weigh?

Rauw Alejandro, known for his lean and fit physique, weighs approximately 60 kg. His weight, combined with his height, gives him a well-proportioned body, which he often showcases in his music videos and live performances. His commitment to fitness and health is evident in his physique, making him an inspiration for many of his fans.

Rauw Alejandro’s Singing Career: A Journey of Rhythm and Passion

Rauw Alejandro rose from Puerto Rico to global fame. His career showcases talent, perseverance, and innovation.

He began on Soundcloud in 2014, blending hip-hop and pop. His 2016 mixtape, “Punto de Equlibrio,” highlighted his emerging genius. By 2017, Duars Entertainment signed him due to his undeniable talent.

2018 was pivotal for Rauw. Latin Sony Music selected him for “Los Proximos,” collaborating with artists like Kevin Roldan. This boosted his global fame and Latin music presence. He merges Latino rhythms with modern beats in every track.

His songs feature catchy hooks and soulful lyrics. They appeal to a broad audience, marking him as a top artist. He remains an inspiration, showcasing limitless potential with dedication.

Rauw Alejandro Award & Nominations

Rauw Alejandro, the Puerto Rican music sensation, has made significant strides in the global music scene. His unique blend of Latin R&B and reggaeton has not only captivated audiences worldwide but also earned him prestigious award nominations.

His debut studio album, “Afrodisíaco,” released in November 2020, and his second studio album, “Vice Versa,” released in June 2021, have been instrumental in his rise to fame. These albums have garnered him multiple nominations, including a nomination for Best Música Urbana Album at the 64th Annual Grammy Awards.

His song “Fantasias” with Farruko peaked at the number 12 spot on the US Latin chart, and along with “Tattoo,” stayed for 20 weeks on the chart, the highest duration for one of Alejandro’s songs to date. These achievements have won him two Latin Grammy Awards from twelve nominations.

As Rauw Alejandro continues to push the boundaries of music, his award nominations serve as a testament to his musical excellence and innovation.

Rauw Alejandro’s Girlfriend: A Glimpse into His Personal Life

Rauw Alejandro, the Puerto Rican music sensation, has not only made headlines with his chart-topping tracks but also with his personal life. Since 2020, Rauw has been romantically linked with the Spanish singer and songwriter, Rosalía. The duo, both powerhouses in the music industry, have been spotted on numerous occasions, painting the town red with their romantic escapades. Their relationship, often under the media spotlight, showcases a blend of passion, mutual respect, and admiration.

Rosalía, known for her flamenco-infused pop tracks, complements Rauw’s musical style, leading many fans to hope for a collaborative track in the future. The couple’s public appearances and social media posts radiate happiness, indicating a deep bond between them.

Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro call off engagement after four months

Musicians Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro have decided to end their engagement, just months after announcing it in a music video. The couple had made their engagement public in March through the music video for their song “Beso,” which showcased intimate moments of their life together.

Despite the love and respect they hold for each other, both artists have mutually agreed to call off their engagement, as reported by People. Neither Rosalía nor Alejandro (whose real name is Raúl Alejandro Ocasio Ruiz) have commented on the matter as of now. The duo, both aged 30, had made their relationship official on social media in September 2021. They have been in the spotlight, with Rosalía sharing their moments on Valentine’s Day, a joint Billboard cover story, and their appearance at a Lakers game.

Reflecting on their relationship in September 2022, Rosalía mentioned the challenges of mixing feelings with business, emphasizing their strong connection and the ongoing process of understanding each other. Rosalía is renowned for hits like “Bizcochito” and has won two Grammy Awards and eight Latin Grammy Awards. Alejandro, known for songs like “Lokera,” has been nominated for three Grammy Awards and has won two Latin Grammy Awards.

Rauw Alejandro’s Net Worth 2023

Rauw Alejandro, the acclaimed Puerto Rican singer and songwriter, boasts a net worth of $6 million as of 2023. His meteoric rise in the music industry is evident through his numerous accolades and recognition.

Notably, his albums “Afrodisíaco” (2020), “Vice Versa” (2021), and “Saturno” (2022) have all achieved Platinum (Latin) status or higher. The “King of Modern Reggaeton,” as he’s often dubbed, has delivered hit singles like “Toda,” “El Efecto,” “Fantasías,” “TBT,” and “Tattoo.” His significant contributions to the Latin music scene have earned him two Latin Grammys from twelve nominations.

In 2023, Rauw expanded his horizons by joining the cast of the Netflix series “Sky Rojo,” portraying Diego in its third season.

10 Facts About Rauw Alejandro

  1. Rauw Alejandro was born on January 10, 1993, in San Juan, Puerto Rico.
  2. He began his musical journey by publishing songs on SoundCloud in 2014.
  3. His debut mixtape, “Punto de Equilibrio,” was released in November 2016.
  4. In 2018, Sony Music Latin chose him for the musical program “Los Proximos.”
  5. He has collaborated with renowned artists like Kevin Roldan and Khea.
  6. His debut studio album, “Afrodisíaco,” was launched in November 2020.
  7. Rauw released his second studio album, “Vice Versa,” in June 2021.
  8. He has won two Latin Grammy Awards from twelve nominations.
  9. He’s often referred to as the “King of Modern Reggaeton.”
  10. Since late 2019, he has been in a relationship with Spanish singer Rosalía.

Rauw Alejandro’s Social Media

Rauw Alejandro is active on several social media platforms. You can typically find him on platforms like:


Who is Rauw Alejandro?

Interestingly, Raúl Alejandro Ocasio Ruiz, better known as Rauw Alejandro, was born on January 10, 1993, in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Raised in Canóvanas and Carolina, he embarked on his rapping journey with his debut studio album “Afrodisíaco” in November 2020. Subsequently, in June 2021, he released his second studio album, “Vice Versa,” which notably featured the lead single “Todo de Ti.” Impressively, he clinched the Latin Grammy Award amidst four nominations.

Is Rauw Alejandro married?

Currently, Rauw remains unmarried.

What is the age of Rauw Alejandro?

As of 2023, Rauw is 30 years old.

When is the Birthday of Rauw Alejandro?

Remarkably, Rauw Alejandro celebrates his birthday every year on January 10, marking his birth in 1993.

What is the Zodiac Sign of Rauw Alejandro?

Astrologically speaking, Rauw Alejandro falls under the Capricorn zodiac sign.

How tall is Rauw Alejandro?

Standing tall, Rauw measures at a height of 5 feet 9 inches.

Where is Rauw Alejandro from?

Originally, Rauw Alejandro hails from the vibrant city of San Juan in Puerto Rico.

How much is the net worth of Rauw Alejandro?

Financially, as of 2023, Rauw Alejandro boasts a net worth of approximately 6 Million USD.

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