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The Importance of Birth Certificates: Why You Should Have a Certified Copy and How to Use It?

The Importance of Birth Certificates
The Importance of Birth Certificates

The birth certificate may seem like any normal piece of paper, but it establishes who you are. Without a birth certificate, you don’t have an identity, and without it, you don’t have any privileges and rights.

In layman’s terms, a birth certificate is the most important form of identification. It is issued at birth and contains identifying information, such as Social Security numbers, the full name of your parents, your date and place of birth, etc.

Chances are, your birth certificate is tucked away somewhere for safekeeping. You may not think of it every day. But the importance of this piece of paper is realized when you need it. And its need may come sooner than you anticipated.

How Can You Get a Certified Birth Certificate?

The federal government does not provide copies of divorce decrees, marriage licenses, death certificates, birth certificates, or any other vital records. If you need copies of birth certificates or other personal vital records, you can obtain them from the US possession or state where the documents were originally filed.

Each US possession and state has its set of fees and rules for ordering certified birth certificates or other vital records. Go to the Where to Write for Vital Records webpage, and you will find the rules, fees, and ordering instructions for all 50 states and all US possessions. The US Centers for Disease Control maintain this webpage.

Why Should You Have a Certified Copy Of Your Birth Certificate?

A photocopy of your original birth certificate is not considered a valid form of identification. Instead, you must get a certified copy of your birth certificate, which is issued by the state.

The certified copy will have an official state registrar’s embossed, raised, multi-colored or impressed seal. It will also have the registrar’s signature and the date when the certificate was filed with the office of the registrar.

You must never underestimate the importance of having a certified copy of your original birth certificate. The birth certificate is considered the Holy Grail of identification in the USA. It is used to prove your US citizenship.

Can You Replace Your Original Birth Certificate?

If you have misplaced or lost your certified birth certificate, you may need to replace it. In this case, you have to find the website of the vital records office in the state where you were both and then follow their online, write or walk-in application instructions.

You will require a state-issued form of photo ID, such as a driver’s license, to apply for the replacement. If you don’t have this, check the available options.

Some states offer the solution of submitting the photo ID of your father or mother whose name is on the birth certificate with the notarized letter. Also Read – Best Shopify Alternatives You Can Find In 2023

What Are The Uses Of Your Birth Certificate?

The importance and use of a birth certificate is realized in the following instances:

  • Getting a driver’s license – When applying for your driver’s license, you must provide your birth certificate as a form of identification. This is because the driver’s license is also used as a primary identification form. 
  • Getting married – In some states of the USA, you must submit your birth certificate to receive a marriage certificate. Without verifying your identity, you will not get a marriage license because this is used for legal purposes. 
  • Replacing your Social Security card – Do you need a new copy of your Social Security card? If so, you will be asked to submit your birth certificate. The Social Security Office will verify your identity before issuing a new card. 
  • School admissions – If you are registering for school, you must present your birth certificate. This confirms your identity and gives confidence to the school that you are who you say you are. Also, it helps the school to place the ward in the correct class based on their age. 
  • Passport – Are you planning to travel outside of the USA? If so, you will need your certified birth certificate to apply for a password. This is one of the required documents; without it, a passport will not be issued to you. Since applying for and getting a passport is time-consuming, you must track your certified copy of the original birth certificate well in advance. 

So, there you have it. A certified copy of your birth certificate is extremely important to confirm your identity. You will need this certificate when you are applying for schools or universities, a passport or driver’s license. It is also essential to submit this certificate when playing school sports, getting a Social Security number and card, et. Furthermore, this certificate establishes your citizenship and determines whether you qualify for employment in the USA.

It would be best to keep this super important piece of paper safe and sound.

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