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Complete Details About Ryan Higa

Ryan Higa is notable as one of the first set of people who ventured into creating a career on YouTube upon its inception. With several years invested in the platform, this YouTuber has attained global success and earned millions of subscribers in his channel, nigahiga. It is also on record that he has amassed billions of views on his contents and his channel was named the most subscribed between 2009 and 2011. Let’s learn more about Details About Ryan Higa Girlfriend.

Ryan’s channel eventually became the only one to ever beat the record set by PewDiePie, which is one of the most subscribed channels on YouTube. The full story of Ryan Higa’s rise to stardom, as well as all the deets on his relationships, are shared in this post.

YouTube Fame & Career

This YouTube star’s success story began sometime in 2006 when he started making and posting random lip-synced music videos with his childhood buddy, Sean Fujiyoshi. When Ryan shared the videos on YouTube and received lots of positive comments, he decided to take it seriously, bearing in mind that he can monetarize his videos on the platform. He went on to make numerous comedic video contents in addition to his lip-syncing videos with Sean.

However, his journey to stardom did not just go without challenges but the internet personality was able to scale through. In 2008, Ryan was charged with violation of strict copyright laws and by the next year, his account on YouTube was penalized. More so, all the videos that were labeled as being dubbed from other sources were deleted from his channel. This did not discourage Ryan Higa as he kept composing things for his channel and this time around, he became the original creator of the contents.

In December 2010, his YouTube channel, nigahiga had about 3 million subscribers and the next year, he went on to create his second channel called HigaTV. Ryan then stepped up his game in 2012 when he launched his own production company which he called Ryan Higa Production Company and by this time, his online earnings were already reading close to six figures annually.

Ryan Higa Girlfriend and His Acting Venture

Ryan’s first appearance in a film was sometime in 2008 when L.A filmmaker Richard Van Vleet assisted him. To make Ryan and Sean’s Not So Excellent Adventure which was released on the 14th of November, 2008. This film was initially shown in sold-out theaters in the United States. Precisely in California and Hawaii that same year and by July the next year. The DVD hit the market nationwide. His second film titled, Ninja Melk came out sometime in August 2009. And it was a short one that centered on a ninja leader’s quest to recruit students that will conquer an evil lord with his partner.

The youngster was later seen in the notable 2010 Agents of Secret Stuff. Where he played the main role of the secret agent. A couple of years later, he appeared in the 2015 film titled, The Last Skitzo!. Ryan eventually rose to fame as an actor. When he landed a role in the 2016 film, Tell Me How I Die. Higa is also popular for making funny versions of Hollywood movies. And some of his parodies include Twilight, Titanic, The Grudge, Final Destination. And Never Say Never amongst others.

K-Pop Musical & His Popularity

Ryan is the leader of the parody K-pop group BgA which he formed in 2016. Alongside the likes of David Choi, Justin Chon, Phillip Wang, and Jun Sung Ahn. The group’s first song ”Dong Saya Dae” which was released as a parody of K-pop music style. Surprisingly made it to number 2 on the iTunes chart for K-pop songs. Following the track, BgA’s second song titled ”Who’s It Gonna Be” hit the number spot one on the K-pop chart. This did not just increase his fame. But placed him among the highest-earning online celebrities as he currently has about $10 million to his name.

Ryan Higa Girfriend: Dating Arden Cho

If you have ever wondered whether Ryan and Arden Cho were dating, the answer is yes! Ryan is currently in a relationship with Asian-American actress Arden Cho. Whose movie credits include her role as Kira Yukimura in the hit MTV show Teen Wolf. She can also be seen in Miss 2059 playing the main role of Arden Young. And in Chicago Med as Emily amongst several others. More so, Ryan’s damsel is a model who has represented brands like Reebok. Also, Nike, Alexander McQueen, Apple, Purple Fashion and Vogue.

The pair reportedly became an item sometime in 2015 and to date. They seem to be having a beautiful relationship. Apart from the romance going on between them. Ryan has also had Arden’s help in making some of the videos for his channel. Prior to dating Arden, we were able to gather that Ryan Higa has been in and out of relationships. A couple of times. His list of ex-girlfriends include Tarynn Nago whom he dated between 2006 and 2010. After their breakup, Rayan briefly dated Andrea Thi. But not much is known about their relationship.

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