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What to Do If You’re In a Car Accident in Detroit

Things can happen in the blink of an eye when you’re out driving. One second, you’re enjoying music on the radio while driving around the Detroit area. In the next moment, you’re assessing your injuries after a car accident. Before you search online for a car accident attorney in Detroit or closest to you, you should know a few things to do if you should wind up being part of a fender bender.


This is the first thing you should do, whether you are at fault or not. You need to get out of the way of the rest of the traffic if possible. That way, you can take a few seconds to assess what happened. Don’t even think about trying to leave the scene – you could face serious penalties if you do that. Be careful if you feel like the incident was caused by “road rage.” That’s why you need to take the next step.

Call 911

Refrain from assuming that someone else will make this call. Get a record of this call being made. That way, you will be in touch with authorities immediately. Even if someone else does call and multiple police have to come, you will have done the right thing. The police can also de-escalate any tension and let cooler heads prevail. You can also file an accident report so your side will be on the record.

Get Contact Information From the Other Driver

You need to do this so the insurance companies can determine what kind of reimbursement you’ll get for repairs or other bills. A court will need this information if you pursue legal action against the other driver. Ensure you get things like the names, numbers, and addresses of everyone in the accident, along with their insurance, driver’s license, license plate number, and the color, make, and model of all the vehicles involved.

The two most important things to do the right way are to seek medical attention and legal representation. Search “car accident attorney” followed by your area, and then see the results. See what people are saying about these firms. There should be a lot of review sites out there. Comb through those and pick the ones that get the best reviews or who strike you as being very competent.

An accident can be very scary. If you do the above things, you can ensure you get the best results. Then you will be able to resume driving around Detroit, enjoying life. Are you going to be searching for “car accident attorney Detroit?” Contact us today so that we can start putting your case together.

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