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Top Best PSP Games

Top Best PSP Games

Best PSP Games: Before launching in late 2004, the PlayStation Portable — aka the PSP — was touted as the Second Coming of handheld gaming. The full-color, backlit, widescreen, 3D-rendering console was released to capitalize on the dominant success of the PlayStation 2. The PSP received boatloads of hype and, paired with an aggressive marketing campaign, was poised to surpass the Game Boy as the most popular mobile gaming brand, years before smartphones shifted the paradigm. Little of that happened, with the console instead of being overshadowed by Nintendo’s DS.

That being said, the PSP still offers a slew of fun, unique games, as well as several handhelds takes on already-popular franchises. If you’re a PSP owner, or if you’re thinking about picking one up — it’s never too late! — we’ve picked out some of the best PSP games that we think are still worth your time and money.

Top Best PSP Games

Because the PSP Go does not feature a UMD drive, games are downloaded from the PlayStation Store. While other PSP models have included the ability to run games and demos downloaded from the PlayStation Store, the PSP Go is the first for which this is the only means of distribution.

The end of the PSP has been a long time coming. The device first appeared on the market way back in 2004, when the PlayStation 2 ruled the gaming world. Since then, Sony has not only released the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, but in 2012 it released a follow-up handheld device called the PS Vita.

Because the PSP Go does not feature a UMD drive, games are downloaded from the PlayStation Store. While other PSP models have included the ability to run games and demos downloaded from the PlayStation Store, the PSP Go is the first for which this is the only means of distribution.

Best Psp Games Of All Time

The PSP’s life was kind of unfair. By most metrics, the PlayStation Portable was a success, selling over 80 million units becoming far and away from the only non-Nintendo handheld worth anything. But it couldn’t help but be dwarfed by its direct Nintendo competition, the quirky underpowered Nintendo DS that sold over 150 million units. Weird design choices like spinning UMD discs and a focus on compromised console performance over dedicated handheld scale games held the system back, too. But the PSP still left a sizable mark on the industry. Here are the best PSP games.

1. Lumines

Lumines, one of the first PSP games, is still arguably the best PSP game. It takes a lot to make a puzzle game rivaling the falling block perfection of Tetris. But Lumines, with its rhythmic freeform gameplay of squares and waves, comes as close as any other game so far.

2. God of War: Chains of Olympus

The PSP’s big hook was that its PS2-Esque power allowed it to play games within striking distance of then-AAA console games. God of War is about as big as blockbuster spectacle gets in video games. So successfully shrinking it down in God of War: Chains of Olympus made it one of the most impressive best PSP games.

3. Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories

Getting a Grand Theft Auto game on a portable system was always going to be a huge deal, especially if it’s less like the 2D originals and more like the 3D games that made the series popular beyond belief. Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories may not be as good as Vice City or San Andreas. But GTA on the go still makes it one of the best PSP games.

4. Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

Everything great about Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, from the focus on Big Boss building his army of soldiers to strapping balloons to stuff, was first workshopped in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. Being one of the best Metal Gear Solid games automatically makes this one of the best PSP games.

5. Half-Minute Hero

Too many PSP games tried to be as big as their console counterparts but buckled under the weight. However, Half-Minute Hero literally forces you to progress through its action RPG levels in 30-second chunks. It represents classic bite-sized portable game design, earning it a spot among the best PSP games.

6. Twisted Metal: Head-On

Some way or another an evil flaming clown driving an ice cream became one of Sony’s most beloved characters. The 1990s edgelord aesthetic aside though Twisted Metal practically defines the very fun vehicular combat genre, a genre right at home on the go in Twisted Metal: Head-On, one of the best PSP games.

PSP Best Games

PSP Best Games

Burnout: Legends takes the high-velocity racing of Burnout 3: Takedown and adds several tracks and gameplay modes from the first two Burnout titles to create a deep, extremely enjoyable package for racing fans. Legends bring back fan-favorite tracks and modes like Pursuit, where players can take control of a police car and try to take down illegal street racers before they escape.

All told, the game includes 95 unlockable cars, 18 distinct maps, and nine unique race types (including the ever-popular Crash, where you simply fly into intersections and try to rack up huge property damage bills). It’s enough to keep your thumbs busy for days.

Castlevania: Rondo of Blood released in Japan in 1993 to critical acclaim, but an English version of the game was never made — well, until 2007, when Castlevania: Dracula X Chronicles made its way to the PSP. Chronicles included both Rondo and its celebrated sequel, Castlevania: Symphony of Terror, in one incredible vampire-slaying package.

In Chronicles, you play as protagonists Richter Belmont and Alucard, and try to navigate perilous 2D, side-scrolling castles and dungeons in an effort to take down Dracula. Old-school Castlevania fans and newcomers alike should enjoy the game’s excellent soundtrack and updated visuals.

A mobile side-story set between Jak and Daxter and Jak II, one of the most iconic gaming franchises of all time went mobile with this 2006 release, which brings the focus back to pure, unadulterated platforming. Daxter is a front-to-back romp full of personality and humor that perfectly complements the light, skill-based platforming that dominates the gameplay. The PSP’s visuals are a bit dated at this point, sure, but Daxter‘s vibrant colors and subtle details inject the game with a ton of flair. Add in some mini-games that lampoon popular movies, and you’ve got yourself a pretty nice game.

Best PSP Games List

If you happen to own the original Sony PSP then you’re in luck because we bring you some of the golden games that you can play on your PSP. These are must-have games so if you haven’t played them already then you should definitely pick them up and give them a try. Don’t worry if you don’t own a PSP because you can also play these games on your PC or Android. Check out our best emulators for android or best emulators for PC lists to download the PSP emulator on your device of choice. Below are the 18 best PSP games that you should play before you throw your handheld away.

1. God of War: Chains of Olympus

Why you should try it: God of War: Chains of Olympus is actually a prequel to the first 2 games in the series released for the PlayStation 2. This serves as the entry point in the storyline of how Kratos started his war against the Gods. The game looks absolutely stunning on the PSP with great details and amazing graphics. The combat system has been revamped and new moves have been added so you can enjoy bashing your enemies’ heads in. Explore Greek mythology in whole new way and face epic bosses in the most deadly boss battles. Solve puzzles and make your way through some complex labyrinths. If you enjoy slashing your opponents and beating everything that moves then you are going to love this game on your PSP.

2. GTA: Chinatown

Why you should try it: The name GTA (Grand Theft Auto) does not require any introduction because almost everyone knows what it stands for. GTA: Chinatown Wars is a PSP game that lets you get into the Chinese criminal organization. The graphics are pretty decent but not as good as the console variants, of course. The gameplay is excellent, you get to explore a vast world and there are more than 70 story-based missions. Take control of Huang Lee, a rich spoiled brat who has to uncover different mysteries involving the murder of his father. Take this rich kid on a journey in the Chinese organized crime. Drive exotic cars, buy expensive property, and run your own criminal organization, just beware of the cops.

3. Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable

Why you should try it: One of the most famous and polished Roleplaying games out there for the PSP. Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable is an RPG that you would fall in love with. The characters, the storyline, and the gameplay is perfect and sucks you right into the game. The all-new female protagonist in the game gives you a whole new and fresh perspective and the character development in the game is just flawless. If you are a fan of Final Fantasy-Esque gameplay then Persona 3 Portable is a completely revamped version of FF mechanics. This game includes content from both the original Persona 2 and Persona 3 games from the PlayStation 2 which makes it a superior version that you can play on the go.

4. Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

Why you should try it: The world-famous stealth action game makes its mark on the PSP as well. Play Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker to learn about the history of Big Boss a.k.a Naked Snake. Get ready to put your enemies to eternal sleep with some stealth-based moves. MGS: Peace Walker offers a fluid and smooth control scheme. Apart from the excellent single-player mode with an intriguing storyline, this game also features an amazing 4-player multiplayer that lets you connect with other PSP gamers for a co-op stealth action. This game is definitely one of the best in the series and offers content as good as a full console version. Complete the same mission every time gives you extra content thus adding to the overall replay value of the game. Get ready to slay your enemies in the most mysterious ways possible.

5. GTA: Liberty City Stories

Why you should try it: If Chinatown Wars is not what you’re looking for in a GTA game then worry no more because GTA: Liberty City Stories is all you need. This game brings the classic GTA 3 map back into action. If you have played GTA 3 then you will find yourself looking at familiar places and locations. The missions, however, are entirely new so you get to play the game in a completely different way. You will also see hints of Vice City and San Andreas thrown in there. The amazing visuals and the open-world of GTA make it a joy to play it on the PSP. Do whatever you want in this Rated R game as long as you pay off the cops on time.

6. Tekken: Dark Resurrection

Why you should try it: Feel the heat in this grand fighting tournament where top fighters from around the world go head-to-head against each other. Face off against the most popular fighters in the Tekken: Dark Resurrection game that brings the explosive fighting game to the PSP. If you want to play Tekken 5 on your PSP then this is the game that you should be playing. It has the same mechanics as Tekken 5 and you can even duke it out with your friends over Wi-Fi connectivity. New characters, destructible environments, and amazing multiplayer experience make it one of the best fighting games available for the PSP.

Best PSP Racing Games

Why you should try it: The adrenaline pumping fast-paced racing game, Ridge Racer is available on the PSP. The nitrous boosts in this game make for the ultimate racing experience that will pump you up full of adrenaline. Test your driving skills against other players in an exciting multiplayer mode via Wi-Fi. With over 24 different tracks and a plethora of cool new cars available for unlocking, you’ll never get bored playing this amazing game on your PSP. Play the world tour mode and rise to the top as the best racer around the globe. Leave your mark on the racing world.

Why you should try it: If you’re looking for a great racing game for your PSP, you should take a look at Burnout Legends – a great racing game from the Burnout franchise which brings content from the first three Burnout games to the handheld console. The game features 9 different game modes, including World Tour, Race, eliminator, Face-Off, Time Attack, Burning Lap, Road Rage, Pursuit, and Crash, offering players a variety of different races which they can choose as per their preference. With a roster of 95 cars, spread across various classes, Burnout Legends is a must-try for any PSP owner who likes racing games.

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