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12 Awesome Things About a Vet Career

By 2026, the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts that the number of veterinarians employed will rise by 18 percent. In comparison, the average growth rate for all vocations is just about 7%.

In modern culture, veterinarians are essential. They not only spend their time and expertise caring for our pets, but they also play a crucial role in ensuring the safety of food and the health of the general population. Being in a vet career is a gratifying job that allows you to make a meaningful difference in the lives of animals.

Still doubtful? No worries. Keep on reading for our full breakdown of the fantastic 12 benefits of being a vet.

The Beauty of a Vet Career: Helping Animals

Veterinarians have the unique opportunity to improve the health and well-being of their patients via their work as veterinary pathologists.

Additionally, you can alleviate the pain and suffering of creatures that have suffered trauma or severe sickness. Reduced pet overpopulation is a benefit of regular spay and neuter procedures.

Intriguing Work

A veterinarian’s day is never the same twice. As a veterinarian, you’ll witness a wide range of injuries and illnesses, as well as many diagnostic instruments that may help you figure out what to do next.

It’s impossible to predict who or what will walk through the door of the clinic on any given day.

A High Paying Job

Veterinary medicine is one of the more lucrative animal vocations, but it comes with a hefty price tag: a DVM degree costs upwards of $100,000.

Since early 2019, veterinarians have earned a median income of $89,000, with a pay range of $50,000 to $200,000. Even more, money may be made by those who have extra training or certificates.

However, to reach these great numbers for a vet salary, you’ll want to learn how to appropriately manage your veterinarian marketing strategy.

Interaction With the Community

In visiting animals for appointments and emergencies, veterinarians come to know many individuals of the community.

There are several essential health concerns that veterinarians may educate and advise pet owners on. These include things like spay/neuter programs and an adequate diet.

Educating the Next Generation of Veterinarians

Being a veterinarian is a time-consuming and challenging career path. Fortunately, many practicing veterinarians are eager to assist younger generations in pursuing success. Future DVMs should begin learning about the subject as early as possible, even before applying to medical school.

Students considering a career in veterinary medicine are urged to shadow existing veterinarians. Providing this opportunity to students interested in pursuing a career in veterinary medicine helps them better understand what it takes to be a veterinarian.

Following the completion of a DVM, students can continue their studies to specialize.

It’s gratifying to teach, coach, and see your veterinarian students get positions at different aquariums and marine animal rehabilitation centers.

Identifying and Solving Issues

One of the most essential characteristics of a veterinarian is that they appreciate the investigative work involved in evaluating each case.

You’ll have to rely on the physical exam, lab testing, and the owner’s remarks to determine what’s wrong with the animal.

Independence in the Workplace

Starting your own practice, even if it’s a mobile practice, may save you a lot of money in the long run compared to working for an established clinic.

If an established clinic seeks to grow or if other veterinarians are ready to retire, you may join as a partner. As veterinarians become more established, their schedules tend to be more flexible.

Keep Learning for the Rest of Your Life

There is never a dull moment in the life of a veterinarian. Even if you don’t have to, most veterinarians like to stay updated on the latest medical advancements and methods.

Keeping up with the newest changes in the business is essential to delivering the best possible service to your customers. Board certification is available to vets in a wide range of specialties, many of which need further education and practical experience.

Job Market Security

The field of veterinary medicine has come a long way in the previous few decades.

Advanced diagnostic methods like echocardiograms, formerly restricted for human health care, have recently found their way into veterinary treatment. Veterinarians are in high demand as animal care standards continue to rise.

A Variety of Vet Career Options

Veterinarians may transfer into positions with different organizations, such as pharmaceutical sales businesses, feed corporations, wildlife agencies, academic institutions, and the military.

It is not uncommon for corporate veterinarians, in particular, to make a lot of money and work regular work hours. Traditional private practice is not the only option for a more flexible schedule.

The Workplace Community

Animal enthusiasts such as vet techs, kennel attendants, and office employees have the chance to work with veterinarians.

Employees who appreciate what they do for a career and are sincerely dedicated to assisting animals can significantly impact the workplace in a positive way. After all, there’s nothing better than working with folks who adore what they’re doing for a living.

Dream Job for Animal Lovers

Many children express an interest in a career in veterinary medicine at an early age, which is the most common dream profession for animal enthusiasts.

As long as you’ve got a passion for working with animals, a career in veterinary medicine may be just what you need.

Veterinarian Career: Financial Security and Emotional Fulfillment

Take a moment to imagine your daily life as a veterinarian. You’ll be well compensated, and you’ll also get to spend the majority of your time with sweet animals. We hope that our guide has shed some light on the numerous benefits of a vet career.

And, if you’re thinking about animal-adjacent careers, you can check out our career section for all of our additional tips and explainers.

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