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5 Terrific Reasons to Become a Physical Therapist

At present, there are 233,350 registered physical therapists working in the US.

Getting the chance to help people recover from injuries and debilitating health conditions makes physical therapy an attractive prospect for many. And, whether you’re still in school or contemplating a career change, there’s no doubt that this fast-growing field has a lot to offer.

But what are some of the key reasons to become a physical therapist? Let’s take a look!

Helping People

When choosing a career path, many people are drawn to the idea of helping others. It all counts, whether it’s saving lives or providing the kind of physical therapy board exam prep help you might need before passing and finding a job as a PT.

Becoming a physical therapist means getting the chance to play an active role in helping people heal. Whether you choose to work with athletes in sports therapy or assist those recovering from injuries, your skills and knowledge as a physical therapist can have a deep impact on your patients’ lives.

Strong Patient Relationships

Physical therapists often spend a lot more one-on-one time with their patients than many other medical professionals. This close and ongoing contact allows you to form strong and lasting bonds with them as you help them on their journey to recovery. As a result, physical therapy jobs can provide a lot of personal job satisfaction as well as a fun working environment.

High Salaries

Physical therapy careers are as well-compensated as they are rewarding. Most physical therapists work full-time in jobs that include attractive benefits packages such as healthcare and a solid retirement plan. In terms of salaries, the average salary for a physical therapist is close to six figures to start. And, this amount will increase as you gain experience and obtain new skills in specialist therapies and services.

Regular Hours

Many roles in the medical profession involve working late nights, long shifts, and weekends. In contrast, most physical therapists tend to enjoy a better work-life balance thanks to more predictable schedules working regular business hours. And, while some physical therapy jobs might involve working some weekends and holidays, this often comes with better pay and flexible scheduling.

Excellent Job Prospects

The job outlook for physical therapy careers is projected to grow by 21 percent before 2030. No doubt because our aging population will have an increasing need for physical therapy in the future. Finding a job as a physical therapist can also mean working in a variety of settings, including private practices, schools, sports facilities, clinics, and more, offering many opportunities for jobs.

Great Reasons to Become a Physical Therapist

As this quick rundown shows, there are plenty of convincing reasons to become a physical therapist.

From the attractive salaries and promising prospects to the good work-life balance and opportunity to help others, choosing a career path involving physical therapy is a smart choice.

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