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Why You Need DPF Cleaning Equipment: A Closer Look

Did you know that analysts expect the US Diesel Engine Manufacturing market size to grow by over 5% in 2022? That would put its market size over $13 billion dollars. DPF cleaning will keep those engines running smoothly.

Do you know the importance of a DPF cleaning service for your vehicle? Are you searching “DPF cleaning near me” but still aren’t sure if it’s worth the price?

The following guide will explain the benefits of DPF filter cleaning and how a DPF cleaning machine works.

What Is DPF Cleaning?

A thorough DPF Cleaning requires using special equipment such as the systems found on dpfpartsdirect.com. Baking and blasting filters usually leave the DPF in a like-new condition

Cells are small channels that collect all the soot. The equipment uses high-pressure air that penetrates blockages in the cells and knocks them loose. Then they use suction to pull the soot out of the cell.

Some filters might need to go through a baking process if they’re too loaded with soot. This requires a specialty piece of equipment that acts as an oven. It exposes the DPF to high temperatures that loosen debris for removal.

Benefits of DPF Cleaning

Keeping your filter clean ensures improved fuel economy. DPF cleaning is crucial to achieving maximum fuel efficiency.

Routine DPF cleaning enhances overall performance. It helps your engine run smoothly and properly.

The cleanings prevent expensive engine replacements and save money. Keeping your engine clean even increases a vehicle’s resale value. It may also ensure that your engine warranty stays intact.

Every filter eventually clogs but cleaning is especially important for stop-and-go driving.

How Often Should DPF Cleaning Occur?

There are many factors that determine how frequently a DPF cleaning should occur. Pay attention to mileage, gallons of diesel used, and the hours of engine usage.

Remember, there are other less obvious factors like the motor’s tune state and different service conditions. Even things like the fuel quality you use have an impact.

DPF cleaning is different depending on if a vehicle uses an active or passive filter regen. Correct regen is important but it doesn’t eliminate soot from your filter.

Some drivers think that once they push the regen button the soot dissolves and is forced out of the exhaust system. In reality, the soot accumulates in the filter and reduces its efficiency over time.

Basically, the cleaning intervals depend largely on your vehicle type. Although, to correctly clean the DPF any vehicle you must fully remove it from the vehicle and give it a total filter cleaning.

Ready To Clean Your DPF?

Now you know what DPF cleaning is, how it works, and why it’s important. Remember this guide to keep your engines running smoothly. Doing so will save you a lot of money on replacement and repairs down the road.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our guide on DPF cleaning. Please make sure to check out the rest of our blog for more fascinating tips and other great information.

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