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What Is Vapor Intrusion and What Should You Do About It?

You’ve heard that vapor intrusion is a safety hazard that can endanger your health. But you still don’t know what makes vapor intrusion dangerous.

If you want to make sure you take the right steps to keep yourself and others safe, keep reading. Our guide will give you the information you need to understand and fix vapor intrusion.

What Is Vapor Intrusion?

Vapor intrusion is the result of dangerous chemicals getting into a building. This can happen in many ways.

Vapors could leak into a building through the floor. They can invade a building through its cracks from the dirt or water that a building sits on top of. Dangerous chemicals can penetrate your company’s main office or your home’s living room.

Vapor intrusion can cause more than dangerous air quality. With the air filled with chemicals, the building is easy to catch on fire. It only takes one person lighting a match for a potential fire disaster to happen.

Access Your Vapor Intrusion

If you suspect vapor intrusion in a building, you’ll need to have a vapor intrusion assessment.

There are a few steps you can take before you hire a professional who will access and stop vapor intrusion.

Survey the possible cause of the vapor intrusion. You can do this by finding out what sewer systems and pipes are under your building.

It will be beneficial to speak with neighboring building owners. If they are also having vapor intrusion problems, you can work together to find a solution.

After that, hire an official. They will access your vapor intrusion with NJDEP vapor intrusion guidance. You’ll be able to give them the information you do have and let them take care of the rest.

Solving Vapor Intrusion

There are several options to choose from when you are deciding how to stop vapor intrusion. A vapor intrusion barrier is one possible choice. Barrier systems will stop your current vapor intrusion and prevent others from happening.

A barrier system is a barrier formed with material made to combat vapor intrusion. This system will seal off the places chemical vapors are coming into.

Another method is to get rid of the source of the vapor intrusion. This method will involve removing the entire chemical vapor source. A professional will have to uproot the source dirt or water.

Installing a method of ventilation is the next option. Ventilation will involve making a pathway for vapor intrusion to escape out of.

Make sure to explore each of these options. Use the best solution for your unique vapor intrusion situation.

You will need to check your environmental impairment liability policy. You may be applicable for funds to help you stop vapor intrusion in its tracks.

Prepare For Vapor Intrusion

You need to prepare yourself to take on vapor intrusion. Make sure you have a plan in place so you can stop vapor intrusion before it can harm you.

Do you want to discover more advice? Explore our other content for more information that will help keep you safe.

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