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Three Things You Should Know About Immigration Law in 2021

More than 40 million people living in the United States live as immigrants. Despite representing a large fraction of the population, most Americans aren’t aware of the most important immigration laws.

So what should you really know about immigration law in 2021? What are the key ideas to understand, and how does immigration work in America?

That’s what we’re here to look at today. Read on to find out more about immigration law in the US.

1. Different Types of Immigration

One thing to note about immigration laws in the United States is that there are different regulations for different categories. To make it simple, we’ll break down family-based immigration and employment-based immigration.

Family-Based Immigration

Family-based immigration allows current citizens and other permanent residents to bring their family members over from another country. Immediate relatives of these residents can get unlimited visas and can become citizens.

There are laws that limit the number of these immigrants due to the limited number of visas the government can give out. They need things like minimum income requirements, proof of a relationship, and sponsors.

Employment-Based Immigration

Immigrants can also stay in the United States based on their occupations, both permanently and for a limited amount of time. Employees who need to stay in the US for a specific job receive temporary visas.

If their employment is terminated or when their visas run out, these immigrants are often required to leave by law. There are also permanent employment-based visas, which are limited to around 140,000 a year.

2. The Complexity of US Immigration Law

Something that’s probably clear by now is that the immigration system in America is complicated. US immigration law in and of itself is complex and can be extremely time-consuming to navigate.

Things like family-based petitions for individuals can take years to become a priority. There are lots of requirements for each level of immigration, and laws often block you from entering the US if you don’t comply.

Failing to comply often lands you in immigration court, which is a complicated system in its own right. Immigration bail bonds are some of the many resources used to navigate this system.

3. Citizenship Act of 2021

Given how complicated immigration is in the United States, making the process easier is a true priority for lawmakers. Of all the new immigration law news you’ve heard, the Citizenship Act is perhaps the most relevant.

The Citizenship Act of 2021 was introduced in 2021 by the Biden administration and is currently circulating through Congress. It makes eligibility for green cards much easier for many immigrants.

The Act also protects immigrants from exploitation as well as separation from their families. Best of all, it aims to reduce backlogs and eliminate long wait times to process applications.

While the Citizenship Act has yet to pass, it’s an important piece of legislation when it comes to new immigration laws 2021 had to offer. Keep an eye on its passage through Congress in the next few years.

Understanding US Immigration Laws

It’s no secret that immigration laws are rather complex and ever-changing in the United States. Use this guide to help you understand the three most important things to know when navigating this topic.

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