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Math Homework Help: Top Tips for Tricky Math Problems

In the United States, math continues to be the most troublesome subject in school. In fact, a recent study of eight grade students revealed that only 33% of them were proficient in mathematics. With that being said, there is a way to break the cycle!

We have put together a list of the top tips for handling tricky math problems at home. So, if are ready to get some math homework help for your student so they can ace their next test, then let’s get started!

Listen to Your Child

Math can be frustrating for both the teacher and the student. Although a problem might seem like the most simple process for you might seem like an unsolvable nightmare for someone who does not understand math proficiently. If you give your child the chance to explain what they fully do and don’t understand about a specific problem, it will help you better understand where they are getting stuck.

For example, algebra application problems are multi-step math equations, so one misstep while solving could yield a wrong answer. Listen carefully to their thought process and then explain what they need to do differently to solve the equation the right way.

Encourage Critical Thinking

Homework is more about practice and logic than correct answers. Your child is a student, they are learning, so it is important to get their thought process down on paper so their teacher can see their progress as the year continues. Don’t let your child get discouraged if their answers are wrong; instead, insist that they explain why they worked the problem in a specific way.

Encourage them to rework the problem after reviewing their notes or re-reading about how to come to a solution for a specific equation. The most important part of math homework help is progress, not perfection.

Group Learning

A recent study by the University of Minnesota found that students who worked together in a group setting were more likely to understand classroom material than those who worked alone. An after-school study group of your child’s peers might better help them to practice and absorb what they are learning from math homework.

Keep in contact with your child’s teacher, or other parents, so you can stay on top of what subjects are being taught and if they might require a little extra help after-school. Keep in mind, advanced math homework help might require a tutor, even in a group setting.

Getting Math Homework Help

Math homework help is more about patience than anything. If your child is struggling on a subject, it can make you feel like you are failing them; however, remember, every child is different and learns at a different pace. Keep their spirits high and encourage them to keep practicing, and keep these simple tips in mind!

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