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Get Married Online: The Benefits and Considerations

A virtual wedding can never truly replace the ceremony and reception with loved ones around you physically.

However, there are times you need to make compromises even in something as important as your wedding planning.

Ask yourself:

What am I looking forward to at my wedding?

What memories will be most important?

What do I want to remember five to ten years from now?

To help you determine whether to get married online, here are the benefits and tips to make it a truly memorable day.

Advantages of getting married online

A couple during a traditional Jewish wedding ceremony

1) You are getting married now

The number one reason for considering having a virtual wedding is you are getting married now.

There is no reason for putting your plans on hold. You don’t have to wait for a better time to start your life as a family. And you get to reap the benefits of marriage much faster, especially the emotional benefits.

There is something immensely positive and joyous about being married and a virtual wedding offers that!

2) You celebrate your love now

Weddings are more than just about marrying or getting married. Your wedding is a celebration of your love and commitment to each other.

With a virtual wedding ceremony, you get to celebrate your marriage. It’s an opportune event to make merry, drink, and eat with your loved ones and revel in the joy of such a special occasion.

3) Less planning time

Planning the traditional wedding takes about 13 to 18 months. However, the virtual event only requires a couple of weeks. No need to fuss over various wedding suppliers just to have the wedding of your dreams.

4) Everyone can attend

It’s easy to invite your grandparents, parents, friends, co-workers, twice removed relations, and even your long-lost high school buddies to your wedding! Guests who would have otherwise not made it to your traditional wedding can also attend.

Plus, since this is not the traditional, normal wedding event, your guest list does not affect your budget. This allows you to have a huge wedding and invite everyone—if that is what you want. And everyone will be there, which is really special.

5) Saving money is easy

The smaller the people attending physically, the bigger your savings. While this affects dining options, it also helps you save on favors, printing, and setup. Plus, you cut down on several vendors such as service staff, live musicians, and transportation.

6) You don’t have to do it alone

Woman reading on laptop and taking notes

While online weddings are sweet, they can be a massive DIY mess. However, just because you are doing your virtual wedding does not mean you should do it alone. A wedding planner online can help.

The planner takes care of creating a concrete action plan for the wedding while providing you with a sounding board where you can share ideas without judgment. Wedding planners also help create a timeline and can reduce your stress levels tremendously. You enjoy every experience and moment of your wedding without playing all the roles of the floral designer, host, planner, baker, and DJ!

Top considerations when planning your virtual wedding

While the decision to get married online might be a temporary placeholder for the real thing, it is an excellent alternative to canceling or postponing. However, nail every aspect of your vows using these tips.

Check the legalities

Like any other wedding, you must have a marriage license and a qualified officiant. Getting the permit is easy if the function is taking place locally. For a destination wedding, you need to invest a bit of research.

Fortunately, states such as New York, Colorado, California, and Ohio make virtual wedding ceremonies legal. For example, New York’s Governor issued an executive order where New Yorkers can get their marriage license online and clerks can perform ceremonies through video conferences.

Organize with vendors

Perhaps you have vendors in place after switching from the traditional event to a combo of a virtual and physical wedding. But you can still work with the wedding pros on a small scale.

Some vendors that can help make your wedding day special include:

  • Florist—Bulk up the bridal bouquet, place flowers on your cake, or can bring in flowers to add a pop of color to the event.
  • Caterer—Find out if the caterer is open to providing a small-scale reception of two people or an intimate gathering.
  • Venue—Choose a location that is off-the-beaten-path for a beautiful background for your day.
  • Rentals—Since you don’t require many chairs and tables, see if the supplier can provide a beautiful backdrop, upscale linens, and one-of-a-kind lines for splurging.
  • Photography—According to this article covering virtual wedding ceremony planning, there are even better options for amazing videos and photos available.

Get creative

A virtual wedding proposal and a virtual wedding should not be boring. You can infuse as much creativity into the day as you can. Here are a few ideas to get started.

  • Stick to a few traditions—If a best friend, sibling, or parent is part of the day, make sure you include them. Get mum to zip up the wedding dress, have dad or maid-of-honor have the first look, and even dress in separate spaces before the wedding.
  • Work on a theme—Base your wedding on a specific era, holiday, or even color scheme, and get your virtual guests involved as well. They can wear specific colors or show up to the virtual wedding wearing costumes for added fun.
  • Have guests make playlist requests—Allow virtual guests to request their favorite titles or curate your playlist based on what you think they may like. Adding music to the reception keeps things interesting. Have songs for the cake-cutting and even the first dance, and include snappy tunes to show off your latest dance moves.
  • Have virtual meeting rooms as tables—A wonderful component of weddings is the chance to mingle with individuals you haven’t connected with for years and seating at the same table with them. Replace in-person gathering with virtual break-out spaces. Create separate rooms for different family sides, college friends, and work colleagues. You and your spouse can then pop into each room for a chat!


With some creative implementation and careful planning, guests will play a part in your most memorable day. As you get married online, you can still have your big party later and have everyone there. There isn’t a downside!

Are you looking for ideas to make your wedding day as special as it is in your dreams? Make sure you check out our blog today.

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