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Complete Info on Harolyn Suzanne Nicholas

Rarely will you discover any individual who bears in mind that Harolyn Suzanne Nicholas is the love child of Dorothy Jean Dandridge as well as Harold Nicholas? Her parents were African American entertainers that mastered their particular fields of the movie industry market.

Her mother (Dorothy) was a distinguished singer, dancer, and actress. She enjoyed a useful occupation in Hollywood at a time when bigotry. As well as a partition, were significantly rampant. The first black woman in the background nominated for the Academy Honor for Finest Starlet. This was for her spectacular performance in Carmen Jones (1954).

Harolyn’s papa was likewise a game-changer. Also, he is known as one of the best dancers who has ever lived. Also, he came from among the most renowned two-person dance duos worldwide, along with his sibling Fayard. The siblings (brothers) were veritable celebrities famous for their electrifying tap-dancing capacities. They efficiently paved the way for other colored performers ahead, consisting of Dellie Allen and the moonwalking superstar, Michael Jackson. Below are things to learn about Harold Nicholas’ daughter.

Early Life of Harolyn Suzanne Nicholas

Nicholas Harolyn was born in California (Los Angeles), on the second day of September 1943 to a popular actress and a superstar professional dancer. She was born brain-damaged and dealt with cerebral anoxia, which influenced her cognitive capacities and various other features.

Harolyn Suzanne Nicholas was unable to talk till she was four years old, and she had not been able to connect or identify individuals, not also her parents.

Her mom criticized herself for Harolyn’s problem since she postponed giving birth to enable Harold to get to the medical facility in time for the distribution. Nevertheless, it is found later that the condition was an outcome of the surgical tools used for birth; it cut off the supply of oxygen to a part of her brain.

How did her parents die?

Dorothy Dandridge and Harold Nicholas fulfilled in 1938 in Harlem, while they were both hanging out at the Cotton Club. The couple obtained wed on September 6, 1942, and also soon after, they welcomed their first and only youngster together, Harolyn Suzanne Nicholas.

As destiny would certainly have it, their marital relationship just lasted for nine years before Harold completely renounced his duties to his family and also divorced his other half. The challenge of increasing a kid like Harolyn complicated their marriage, to name a few things.

In September 1965, Harolyn Suzanne Nicholas’ mommy found naked and dead in her apartment by her supervisor. Later on, postmortem examination reports disclosed that Dorothy died from an unexpected medication overdose, made complex by a fat embolism. Her dad passed away numerous years later forth; he passed on July 3, 2000, from cardiac arrest.

About Harold Nicholas’ Daughter

Presently, it is vague whether Harolyn Suzanne Nicholas is alive or dead. She confesses to an exclusive treatment establishment because dealing with her came too harsh for her mom; it took too much time far from her career and various other endeavors. Nevertheless, if she is still living, she would be a septuagenarian.

No person has offered any factual information concerning the whereabouts of Harolyn. It believes in some quarters that she died in 2003. Some reports recommend she is still alive and living in a mental health facility in the golden state. Neither of the claims substantiated.

What Casued Harolyn Suzanne Nicholas’ Death?

In 2003, Harolyn Suzanne Nicholas passed away. Despite many years passing since Harolyn Suzanne Nicholas’s death, the exact cause of her passing remains unknown.

Other facts about Harolyn Suzanne Nicholas

  1. Her father was a deadbeat. He took no passion in her life or in caring for her.
  2. Regardless of her condition, Harolyn still tried to find some happiness in life. She was a pleased and also enjoyable kid. Her mom attempted to do everything she could to make her daughter much better and provide her with a more comfortable life. She invested thousands of bucks on medical professionals and experts, yet all her efforts verified abortive.
  3. Harolyn Suzanne Nicholas needed to become a ward of California after her mom declared bankruptcy and can no more care for her, so she gave up all parental rights.
  4. Harolyn had a stepbrother called Melih Nicholas; he was the son of her dad’s 2nd better half, Elyanne Patronne.
  5. In 2001, her daddy and his brother Fayard inducted into the National Gallery of Dancing C.V. Whitney Hall of Fame.
  6. Her grandmother (Ruby Dandridge) was a vocalist that additionally made waves in the entertainment industry. In addition to other points, she created the dance act called The Wonder Kid. It is mostly of Dorothy Dandridge and her sis Vivian.
  7. Harolyn Suzanne Nicholas’ mommy got in a 2nd marital relationship with Jack Denison in June 1959. The marriage evacuated three years later on adhering to allegations of residential violence. Her papa married his third spouse, Rigmor A. Newman, in 1977.

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