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Ashley Britt McArthur: The CSI Investigator Turned Murderer

Discover the chilling tale of Ashley Britt McArthur, a former CSI investigator who turned from fighting crime to committing it. Accused of murdering her close friend Taylor Wright for monetary gain, McArthur’s story is a dark narrative of trust betrayed. This article explores the shocking series of events leading to her conviction, her trial, and the aftermath of her heinous crime. Delve into this unsettling journey from law enforcer to lawbreaker, and learn where McArthur is today.

Who Is Ashley Britt McArthur?

Ashley Britt McArthur, originally known for her contributions to crime investigation, took a shocking turn when she transformed from a CSI investigator into a suspect. In a tragic tale of trust betrayed, Ashley used her close friendship with Taylor Wright to execute a deadly plan.

Taylor, caught in the throes of a messy divorce from her husband, Jeff Wright, was in the process of separating her financial assets. She had withdrawn a substantial sum of around $100,000 from their joint account. Trusting Ashley, she handed over a portion of this money to her for safekeeping. The money, however, became a motive for a heinous crime, prompting the former CSI investigator to murder her friend.

The Murder Incident

The victim, Taylor, was living with her girlfriend, Cassandra, when she went missing. The last person she had communicated with before her disappearance was Ashley. After a sudden halt in their text exchange, Taylor sent a final message claiming she needed some time to get her life back on track. The investigators later discovered that this message was sent by Ashley in a bid to allay suspicions.

The ensuing search for Taylor led authorities to Ashley’s home. Cassandra, revealing that Taylor had gone to meet Ashley before her disappearance, spurred the police to probe deeper. The grim discovery of Taylor’s body, buried under concrete and soil on one of Ashley’s family-owned farms, marked a macabre end to the search.

Where Is Ashley Britt McArthur Today?

Ashley McArthur was soon apprehended by law enforcement, charged with the cold-blooded murder of Taylor Wright. Evidentiary proof such as a bullet hole in Taylor’s skull confirmed the nature of her death.

Several key witnesses emerged during the trial. Among them were Ashley’s husband, Zachary McArthur, who initially claimed ignorance of Taylor’s whereabouts, and Ashley’s former boyfriend, Brandon Beaty. The most damning evidence, however, came in the form of a bank cheque that Ashley had used to deposit Taylor’s money into her own account.

Adding to the incriminating evidence was surveillance footage from 9th September 2017, showing Ashley purchasing potting soil and concrete, the very materials used to conceal Taylor’s body.

After numerous trials, Ashley was convicted of first-degree murder. This wasn’t her first encounter with the law, though, as she was already serving time for unrelated fraudulent activities. For these crimes, she was sentenced to an additional seven years in prison.

Currently, Ashley is confined in the Lowell Correctional Institution, a women’s prison located in Ocala, Florida, northwest of Orlando. Here, she continues to serve a life sentence for her brutal crime.


The saga of Ashley McArthur is a chilling reminder of the depths to which human greed can descend. Convicted of the murder of her close friend Taylor Wright, she now pays for her crime behind bars. In addition to her life sentence for murder, Ashley also faces additional time for unrelated offenses, serving as a grim testament to the price of betrayal and criminality.

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