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Angelina Pivarnick: Bio, Net Worth & Personal Life

Angelina Marie Larangeira, previously known as Angelina Pivarnick, is an American television reality show person and a singer. Born on June 26, 1986, she is pretty popular among her fans. Her fans look up to her as she is the star cast in the MTV reality show Jersey Shore. Pivarnick has also been a part of the VH1 show Couples Therapy. Later, she has also been a cast member of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation.

Angelina Pivarnick Bio

Staten Island in New York is the place where Angelina Pivarnick grew up. She is that unrecalled star with a height of 5 ft. 1 inch and a weight of 57 Kg. Fans look up to her with her light brown eyes. She was the daughter of Anne Marie Pivarnick. She was precisely much close to her father. Therefore, she hardly mentions her father’s name anywhere. Her mother raised her there. She used to go to Susan E. Wagner High School as a kid and graduated from there too. Pivarnick was previously a waitress before becoming a part of the casting team of Jersey Shore.

Angelina PivarnickHence, the team of Jersey Shore evicted him in the third episode of season 1. She was finding difficulty in working her shift at the t-shirt shop and was constantly under refusal to work there. Therefore, one day she made herself present in Jersey Shore season 2 in Miami Beach, Florida. But she left the team quite soon. Angelina did get herself involve in violent exchanges with fellow cast members. Hence, this made her go the set. The talks were with Michael Sorrentino and Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi. Thus, she did not even return for season 3.


Pivarnick, in 2010, released a song that became quite popular. The song’s name was “I’m Hot,” and it had received a huge amount of reach among the audience. Both Pivarnick and her boyfriend were a part of the set in season 1 of the VH1. The name of the show was Couples Therapy, and it premiered on March 25, 2012. However, Pivarnick had other interests too.

She made a special appearance at the professional wrestling promotion Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. Moreover, Pivarnick also participated in a tag team match of six competitors. This helped Pivarnick grow her fan base. However, in 2011, Angelina Pivarnick came up with another song of her. Hence, she appeared briefly in the music video for rap group Dacav5’s “Dirty Style.”

More about Angelina Pivarnick

Pivarnick also made a special appearance in a dating reality series as a contestant. The name of the series was “Excused.” She performed well there and even succeeded in reaching the final round. Therefore, it was there that Sergio chose Angelina Pivarnick to date each other. Later, she released a song once again. The name of the song was “Gotta Go Out.” It was under the name Miss AP in August 2011.

The song also featured Tony Hanson’s “Fenix.” But the music became highly famous. Hence, the song was included at rank 37 in the United States on the Billboard Dance/Club Play Songs list. Moreover, Pivarnick had quite an anti-fascination with the LGBT community as well. She opposed gay marriage. Hence, Pivarnick once involved in a serious debate with recording artist Adam Barta in September 2012. But very soon, she realized her mistake and her faulty thoughts. But that was after Angelina’s Jersey Shore co-star Jwoww criticized her a lot on Twitter.

The criticism affected her way of thinking, and she thought it inappropriate. Therefore, she soon reversed her thoughts about gay marriage and went in support of it. Pivarnick even apologized for her reaction in TMZ. Thus, she desperately wanted to make amends with the LGBT community. It was then that in December that Angelina Pivarnick announced a single release called “Serendipity.” The release was with the recording artist Barta. Therefore, she sincerely hoped the feud gets resolved.

Personal Life

The engagement of Angelina Pivarnick with Chris Larangeira took place on January 12, 2018. Rumor has it; they have been dating for almost a year before their meeting. Chris Larangeira was a sanitization worker. Therefore, finally, their marriage happened to take place on November 20, 2019. According to various reports, According to many rumors, Angelina was pregnant with their first child. In the year 2020, she had contributed to the settlement of her sexual harassment matter. It was against a lieutenant whom she had accused. Apart from that, Pivarnick appeared on the show “How Far Is Tattoo Far?” along with her fiancé Chris Larangeira.

Rumors started spreading when Chris posted on social media. It was about wanting to get his hamster tattoo — a “dirty little hamster” in honor of Angelina Pivarnick. But it was under removal. So, once the cast convened over Zoom. Chris was sitting by Angelina’s side, Vinny Guadagnino had to ask: “So are you not divorced”?

Angelina PivarnickAngelina Pivarnick also appeared as a guest on Double Shot at Love. Therefore, she officially became the full-time cast member of Jersey Shore in the year 2019.

In an interview, Angelina even opened up that the relationship between her father and mother is far beyond repair. She called her father a cheater and said that he abuses her a lot. Even when Pivarnick was born, her father was in jail. There were massive efforts made to shorten his sentence. Angelina Pivarnick’s sister’s name is Alyssa Pivarnick. Apart from Angelina’s primary schooling details, the details of her higher studies remain a secret. Moreover, she is also a registered medical technician. Thus, Pivarnick had also worked in the Fire Department of New York City.

Incompatible relationship between Angelina and Chris

According to various reports, Angelina and Chris lack the spark in their relationship these days. Angelina has reportedly spoken in media that the couple lacks that sexual intimacy. Although she desires deeply for it, she feels sad about it. Often the couple fight engages in a row. Therefore, the one starting the war never gives sexual intimacy to the other. Thus, they never sleep with each other and continuously keep on fighting. If not one, then the other. Angelina has mentioned that “sex life with her husband is non-existent.”

The incident started a long time ago, at first in 2019, right after their marriage. But things never went well after that. Angelina Pivarnick and Chris Larangeira faced severe challenges. Once Pivarnick opened up with Jenni “JWoww” Farley and Deena Cortese in a scene that “they never bang.” Neither she nor he likes to or wants to bang. She explained that she is not the perfect wife, but at least she admits. But he never does admit. Therefore, they both are wrong and incompatible.

Chris LarangeiraChris asked him to wait and check whether the ring is still on the finger. “We’re good.”

“He’s moved out, like, six times,” Angelina interjected.

“Not moved out, but I rather slept at my mother’s house a couple of times,” Chris argued.

The argument continued between the two for a long time. And when Chris was MIA during another cast Zoom call right before Christmas, the speculation only became intense.

“I don’t know what’s going on between Angelina and Chris”.“But it’s kind of weird that he’s not around, and she’s acting like it’s nothing,” Vinny remarked later. “And, you know what? Maybe it is nothing. I can’t keep up with this s—.” Therefore, it reflects their incompatibility.

Net Worth Of Angelina Pivarnick

Angelina Pivarnick has been on several reality television shows such as Couples Therapy and Jersey Shore. Apart from that, she has taken part in many musical performances and has brand sponsors too. Once, she had also worked in the New York Fire Department. Therefore, according to many estimates, her net worth is approximately around $2 million.

Angelina Pivarnick bonds with Lauren Sorrentino

Angelina Pivarnick has been in trouble with the women of the cast of Jersey Shore Family Vacation members. This was ever since the lousy speech given at her wedding the previous year. Recent episodes have shown that the boys prepared Angelina to calm down with Deena Cortese and sort things out. Meanwhile, they tried their best to keep the girls separated at their Las Vegas resort. They had to divide their acting time up between them.

Lauren SorrentinoDuring one episode, the boys had dinner with Deena,convincing her that it was good to talk to Angelina. While the boys were having dinner with Deena, they requested Mike Sorrentino’s wife, Lauren, to dine with Angelina. Lauren and Pivarnick had a bit of a rough past. Angelina made an inappropriate remark at Lauren’s wedding dress fitting. She turned the happy moment into a sad one. It was when Angelina reminded Lauren that Mike would go to prison shortly after the wedding.

The Sexual Harassment incident of Angelina Pivarnick

Angelina revealed to Lauren how the incident had made her slightly depressed. She mentioned she had struggled with a sexual harassment incident. The incident happened to her while she worked as an EMT for New York.

She said that one of her supervisors and another boss made physical and verbal advances. She asked them to stop many times. Therefore, Angelina said that one of them even went so far as to touch her badly.

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