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Whoopi Goldberg: Interesting Facts about Caryn Elaine Johnson

Caryn Elaine Johnson-Original name and professionally known as Whoopi Goldberg is an American television personality. Whoopi Goldberg is known for her work as an actor, comedian, and author. She is also a singer, songwriter, and political activist. She has her professional career widespread and that has helped her in getting great wealth. Whoopi Goldberg Net worth estimated as 60 million as of 2020-21.

Contribution factors to Whoopi Goldberg Net Worth

Whoopi Goldberg Net worth grew through many businesses. From acting to being a comedian she has come a long way. She has also co-produced Hollywood Square- an American game show, in which contestants play fun games and earn prizes. As an actress, she has acted in some of the Star Trek franchise. Her movie- Four colored girls received positive reviews from all around the globe and the film had to earn a gross amount of 38 Million.

Whoopi Goldberg’s professional career as an actress and other working roles has made her one of the richest actresses and comedians with a high Net worth of 60 Million. Her estimated annual income is 8 million a year. The view- TV show was moderated by her and from that, she is earning her annual salary.

Childhood and Early Life

Whoopi Goldberg was born on 13 November 1955 in New York. Her father abandoned her and her family, her mother worked at different jobs to raise her two children. She started her acting by playing in children’s play at the age of eight only. From her childhood itself, she was so much interested in watching movies and was spending her free time watching movies and sometimes used to watch 3-4 movies in one day.

In 1960, she dropped out of high school. At that time she got addicted to drugs. She then decided to come out of the drug addiction and in her cleaning process from the drug; she got married to a drug counselor. At the beginning of 1074, she came to California and started perusing her childhood dream of acting.

Social Worker

Whoopi Goldberg’s wealth has been increased day by day. But that is not the only thing she is interested in, she has done some social works for society. Whoopi Goldberg is an activist, and advocate of human rights, extreme violence, children, and terrorism. She also had spoken up about discrimination in the LGBT community. She is the moderator panel at the UN of the above-mentioned rights.

In many of her TV shows and award functions, she has spoken bluntly about the LGBT community and always has supported them. She has brought light on some topics like LGBT, AIDS which others were not speaking up about. She is a member of the National Rifle Association and Board of Selectors of Public services.

Entrepreneur and Author

Whoopi Goldberg is the co-founder of a company that makes medical products for women. That company makes products for those women who seek relief from menstrual cramps. She launched the company in 2016, and she got the idea to launch this company by inspiring by her own difficult period times.

Whoopi Goldberg is the author of many books like, “Book, The unqualified Hostess, Perfectly Prima, Whoopi’s big book of Relationships” and many more. She writes about biography, relationship, for children, non-fiction, and life. In one of her books, she accepted that she did an abortion at the age of 14. Being an entrepreneur, and being an author has also helped Whoopi Goldberg Net worth achieving such a high.

Achievements and Awards

She is one of the entertainers who have achieved many great awards of Grammy, Tony, Emmy, and Academy awards. By working in more than 150 films, she has earned many awards. She is the only black woman to have won EGOT- Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony awards.

Whoopi Goldberg is the first African-American to won best actress, best-supporting actress awards in the Academy awards. She won Grammy for her best comedy recording- “Whoopi Goldberg: Direct from Broadway”. For her offerings to Walt Disney Company, she was awarded as a Disney legend. She has won two American Comedy awards, out of five nominations. In 1985, she won the drama desk award for her solo performance on Broadway.

She also has been awarded for her contribution to the Gay and lesbian community. She is praised by many for her work, in encouraging women to work in the entertainment industry. Other than these, for her comedy and movies, she has won many awards which are difficult to cover in one single article.

Whoopi Goldberg’s Emphasizes:

  • Whoopi won the Academy Award for the Best Actress in a Supporting Role, in 1991
  • Sister Act (Movie, 1992)
  • Girl, Interrupted (Movie, 1999)

Interesting Facts about Whoopi Goldberg

She had to work in the mortuary. Before she got all rich and famous, she had once worked in a mortuary. She had to make the dead body look good so that it would be presentable to the dead body’s loved ones. It seems a real tough job and she must be even tougher to do that job role.

She is a great singer and she almost sings her own song and does not use voice-over. She prefers to ride on the bus she even has to visit any location. Whoopi Goldberg does not prefer to fly. She had a childhood dream of being an actress and was fond of watching movies but her real inspiration came from Uhura- Star trek actress, a strong black actress.

When she dropped out of high school, she was so addicted to heroin that she later regrets consuming it. She managed to pull herself out from that addiction but she was a heavy smoker till 2015. She has accepted in one interview that before receiving her award as the best actress she had smoked marijuana.

It is hard to imagine that she could have any disease like dyslexia. But despite being a comedian, actress, and author she has suffered from dyslexia throughout her life. She kept working hard for her career and life and as a result, she achieved great recognition and many awards in her life.

She highly inspired “Whoopee Cushion” and drives her to change her original name to Whoopi Goldberg. Her mother told her that Cushion did not fit and was absurd, and her mother insisted on having her, their Jewish surname, so she kept Goldberg.

Some of The Famous Quotes From Whoopi Goldberg

Quote 1: 

“We’re born with success. It is only others who point out our failures, and what they attribute to us as a failure.” 

Quote 2: 

“When I was a kid they didn’t call it dyslexia. They called it you know, you were slow, or you were retarded, or whatever. What you can never change is the effect that the words ‘dumb’ and ‘stupid’ have on young people. I knew I wasn’t stupid, and I knew I wasn’t dumb. My mother told me that. If you read to me, I could tell you everything that you read. They didn’t know what it was. They knew I wasn’t lazy, but what was it?” 

Quote 2: 

“I’d like somebody to get rid of the death tax. That’s what I want. I don’t want to get taxed just because I died. I just don’t think it’s right. If I give something to my kid, I already paid the tax. Why should I have to pay for it again because I died?” 

Quote 3: 

“I am the American Dream. I am the epitome of what the American Dream basically said. It said you could come from anywhere and be anything you want in this country. That’s exactly what I’ve done.” 

Quote 4: 

“There are roles I am never considered for. Meryl Streep roles, let’s say. Why not? I really wanted to do ‘Ironweed,’ for example, because the depression era in this country was one of the best for multiracial people because everybody was poor. Everybody lived in the tents, and under buildings, and under gratings, together.” 

Quote 5: 

“An actress can only play a woman. I’m an actor, I can play anything.”

Wrapping Up

As mentioned above, Whoopi Goldberg’s net worth was around $60 Million. She earns around $8 Million on yearly basis. There is no doubt about her acting talent, so the multi-talented actresses’ net worth will grow further in upcoming years.

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