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What Happened To Coryxkenshin: Latest Update 2021

CoryxKenshin real name Corey DeVante Williams is one of the most popular online players on the planet. Armed with an unusual, funny bone, in addition to san one-of-a-kind technique to playing video games, the American YouTuber and comic more than time able to amass a large and faithful follower base on social media. He also handled to feature at a few of the largest gaming conventions on the planet. Let’s take a look at updates on What happened to Coryxkenshin, whether he is alive or dead.

In recent times nonetheless, CoryxKenshin has all but disappeared from social networks. It has motivated concerns regarding his whereabouts, with some going as far as recommending that he might not live anymore. So, what is real and also what is fiction? All these are checked out thoroughly below.

What Happened To Coryxkenshin & His Bio

Cory Devante Williams, aka CoryxKenshin born on the year 1992, on November 9th. He is a native of Detroit, Michigan, and also is of African-American ethnicity. The YouTuber hails from five family members that comprise his mother Stephanie, Dad Anthony K. Williams Jr., and two more youthful siblings; a sister called Aleya and a bro named Anthony.

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Cory matured in his house state as well as completed his senior high school diploma in guideline time. He ultimately enlisted to research media arts at Michigan State College in 2010 but gave up after two years and moved to the College of Michigan to research computer science. This second effort to get a college degree was also unsuccessful as he ultimately quit pursuing a full-time career as an online player.

Corey DeVante Williams

His YouTube Stardom

Corey DeVante Williams id based out of Farmington Hills. He first joined YouTube on April 26, 2009. and also, comparing his early videos to some of his even more recent clips shows a world of distinction in his manufacturing and discussion skills, which could assist clarify just how he could protect such a large fanbase.

CoryxKenshin developed his eponymous YouTube channel on the 27th of April 2009 and consequently started uploading numerous web content. Throughout this first time, he generally published comedy clips and video discourses on his student life. His uploads were uneven as he only published video clips once or twice weekly before eventually taking a hiatus from YouTube in late 2011.

After about a year and a fifty percent of lack, the Michigan local resumed submitting videos in April 2013. Throughout this second coming, he scaled back his vlogs and funny clips and concentrated on gaming video clips. The gamble repaid as his outstanding video gaming abilities, as well as his amusing commentary, brought him thousands of fans.

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Later on, the boy racked up a significant boost in October 2015 when one of his gaming video clips ended up being a viral hit. The video clip labeled “FNAF DUBSTEP G-DASH LEVEL. YES PLS.|Geometry Dash (2.0 )” accumulated countless views in a matter of days and also tripled his follower base.

Since his 2015 development, CoryxKenshin has taken place to end up being a bonafide YouTube celebrity. He now has greater than 5 million clients and a massive 2.1 billion sights on his network. He has likewise included numerous notable video gaming occasions consisting of Comic-Con international. Additionally, he has worked together with various other YouTube celebrities, including LordMinion77, Muyskerm, and Jacksepticeye.

More Details

Since this writing, Cory has 10.1 million clients on YouTube, and numerous think that number would be much more significant had he uploaded/presented with as much uniformity as various other e-personalities. He’s taken no less than 11 respites from the system. At one factor, he didn’t publish any new video clips for two years. His various other hiatuses ranged from simply a couple of days to several months.

Cory’s also highly vocal about his battles in consistently uploading intriguing content and also mentally struggling over means to smartly present his clips. He mentioned in 2020 that he wished his life had totalled up to more than simply being a YouTuber.

Coryxkenshin revealed his retirement from YouTube after he reached an individual turning point.

Getting a huge customer count on the platform is complex, specifically since it’s a saturated online market. Nonetheless, Cory announced that he would certainly taking an indefinite retired life from YouTube after getting to a 10 million follower count. Still, most of his followers assume that this is an additional temporary step far from publishing for Cory.

His Net Worth as a YouTuber

As expected, a growing YouTube occupation includes a considerable degree of economic rewards. Though CoryxKenshin’s exact income is not known, it is speculated that he earns numerous thousands of dollars every year. The YouTuber also runs an internet shop where he markets a range of well-known products. With these and many other profitable business ventures, he has accumulated quite a considerable wealth secured at $450,000. CoryxKenshin uses his fortune to make himself comfortable.

In 2017, he purchased a 2,705 sq. feet home in Michigan. Also, he is likewise a benefactor and also has arranged fundraising efforts for various charities. They include the charitable “Charity: Water,” which offers clean and too safe water for creating countries.

What Happened to Coryxkenshin: Is he dead?

CoryxKenshin has a propensity for taking unannounced hiatuses from his online activities. For instance, he quit publishing without any notice in February 2016. Nevertheless, he made a comeback two months later and excused keeping his fans in a lurch. This same pattern duplicated itself in January 2018 (he stopped uploading for four months) and November 2018.


In June 2019, the Michigan native published a clip and notified his fans that he would return the adhering to week. He has, nevertheless, not been spoken with ever since then. This has made much of his devoted fans to wonder if he is still to live. Numerous individuals have attempted to understand his latest disappearance.

Some assume that he might have found another lucrative endeavor, while others believe that he may be handling some personal concerns. Regardless it is the fact endures that CoryxKenshin may significantly be alive. And also is merely taking a self-induced parting from his online activities.

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