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Strong by Zumba: Workout, Quadrants, Pros, Review & FAQS

Everybody has heard of Zumba – the global dancing exercise craze. Strong by Zumba, however, is not a dance fitness class. It is a full-body bodyweight training routine that tones your muscles by combining cardio and plyometric movements. In contrast to conventional boot camp programs, the music drives the workout in the Strong by Zumba lessons. A motion exists for every beat. Every action has a rhythm.

With shuffles, side steps, and squats as the primary exercises, the Strong class gets started slowly. In comparison to its sister class, the footwork is rather simple. Moreover, the steps are in sync with the music, so they don’t feel overly complex.

Henceforth, if you would like to know more about this Strong by Zumba program, then you are totally welcome here. Scroll over and continue reading to expand your knowledge about this new mode of workout.

Strong by Zumba Workout

Since its debut in 2001, the fitness and lifestyle brand Zumba has spread over the world and gained immense fame. With its lively dance routines built on easy moves and global beats, Zumba Fitness has easily established itself. Meanwhile, there is hardly any nation where you cannot really attend a Zumba class. With their fresh workout program – Strong by Zumba (SBZ), the company is attempting to disrupt the market. Moreover, it aims to provide a brand-new approach to body weight and aerobic exercise and is not purely Zumba. Well, this new exercise trend tends to repeat the success of Zumba. Squats, burpees, and core-cinching exercises have replaced shimmies and merengues. Nonetheless, they are sure to leave you feeling both powerful and sore!

Strong by Zumba

Therefore, Strong by Zumba is a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout that is more geared to boot camp than booty-shaking. The core idea is that this 60-minute workout regime launched in 2016 stresses high-intensity individual exercises. Moreover, the specially produced beats are by popular musicians and producers like Timbaland, Steve Aoki, and Meghan Trainor. These suit well and go along with the various moves of Strong by Zumba. Each kick, punch, and jump you make makes a coinciding sound.

Here, you still have to move to fast beats, just as in Zumba. However, instead of sashaying your way into shape, you dwell on HIIT exercises and time them to a steady beat. The action then quickens and gains pace. Thus, the aerobic-like exercise regime picks up speed and adopts high intensity before returning to recurring moves.

Strong by Zumba Quadrants

Comparing this class to a typical boot camp workout, Strong by Zumba is much less hectic. In a sense, it is a strength-training party for avid Zumba dancers who don’t typically attend boot camps. You can separate a 45-minute Strong by Zumba exercise routine into four quadrants. Consider them as small chunks.

Strong by Zumba

Quadrant One

Firstly, you have to begin with a warm-up or Quadrant One – which is called Ignite. This gets your body ready for the workout by getting your heart rate up with exercises like jumping jacks. Besides, this quadrant also includes some mobility training with exercises like leg swings as well as dynamic hip stretches.

Quadrant Two

Get going. In Quadrant Two, dubbed Fire Up, there is virtually no respite in between the workouts, which include punches and squats. You’ll use your body weight to get your muscles moving and your hurts pumping while toning your muscles and burning calories.

Quadrant Three

Quadrant ThreePush Your Limits is mainly combo time. It adds to the prior exercises to create small combinations. Examples can be Side Squats combined with Punches, Supersets, Burpees, Fire Ups, and so on. Although this quadrant involves active healing, movement is constant.

Quadrant Four

To properly work your abs, plank and crunch on mats during Quadrant FourFloorplay. Well, exercises that target your core muscles are the prime focus of Floorplay.

Who can try Strong by Zumba?

SBZ is a must-have if you want to add extra strength training to your exercise regimen. You can be a novice who hasn’t done much strength training. You may be someone resuming your routine after a prolonged break. Or, you might be bored of your regular workout and may be looking for a different style of training. Regardless, you are going to love this session.

Additionally, it requires very minimal equipment and greatly broadens the horizons for many various target customers.

The Group that prefers Tone + Cardio

This is a solid choice for people who wish to lose weight and tone up but not gain bulky muscle. Additionally, this is a fantastic option for those who definitely want to look trim and toned. However, they may not be interested in using the gym’s weightlifting equipment or may not get enough on the treadmill.

The Group that doesn’t like to Lift Weights

Again, Strong by Zumba is the ideal alternative if you have clients who desperately want to increase muscle but have no interest in going inside the weight-lifting area of the gym. Without having to confront the stressful aspects of the gym, they will burn calories, gain lean muscle, and feel confident (which is often enough to keep someone away from fitness entirely).

The Group that barely prefers Equipment

For people who don’t want to spend time at the gym or who don’t want to fiddle with equipment, this is a superb workout. They only need a trainer to show them the ropes, a mat, and a nice pair of shoes to perform this activity, which enables them to work out anywhere.

The Group that feels ashamed to do Zumba

Moreover, some sorely want to dance, feel the music, and be thrilled while working out. However, for whatever reason, they simply cannot make it to a Zumba class. We all know someone like them; but they do exist. This is similar to Zumba lite in that it is a high-energy workout with upbeat, heart-pumping music rather than a dancing session.

Is Strong by Zumba effective?

As per Zumba CEO Alberto Perlman, this class aims to aid fitness enthusiasts in advancing more quickly as they discover how to connect particular sequences with particular beats. It’s a means to shatter the ceiling without anyone noticing since you can react more quickly than you can by counting, he explained.

You can attest to its effectiveness because even after just a Strong by Zumba class, you can easily recognize parts of the songs and the related exercises. Thus, this makes it easier for you to persevere through and finish difficult sets of push-ups and burpees that you ordinarily find difficult. Much more enjoyable than going through ordered sets though.

Josh Holland, a celebrity trainer, has already applauded this novel idea in the fitness community. The fitness pro, who has worked with celebs like Madonna and Gigi Hadid, praised the workout as “contagious”.

Difference between Zumba Fitness and Strong by Zumba

The campaign’s sweet spot for separating the Strong by Zumba HIIT workout from its parent program was hands-on activities. You can achieve a full-body workout with Zumba Fitness by combining dancing moves and cardio activities. To provide a more athletic and conditioning workout, Strong by Zumba goes one step further. Thus, it employs more challenging choreography. In addition, for resistance, you mostly use your own body weight to develop a muscular definition. While there are some dance moves, they are few in comparison to Zumba Fitness.

Strong by Zumba Pros

Music is usually an afterthought in exercise regimens. The music in Strong by Zumba however, drives the intensity in a demanding progression that offers an all-around workout. Nonetheless, you have to work harder when you move in time to the music. Additionally, to help you get closer to your fitness objectives faster, this session will push you through your plateaus. Besides, you will enhance your afterburn by using your own body weight while gaining muscular endurance, tone, and definition.


The primary benefits of Strong by Zumba are:

  • Strengthens you.
  • Cardio.
  • Tones your arms, legs, abs, and glutes while burning calories.
  • Replaces lunges, squats, and kickboxing with dynamic exercises like high knees, burpees, and jumping jacks.

Strong by Zumba Instructor Certification

It is actually not that tough to become an SBZ instructor if you are keen enough.

There are no prerequisites that you should meet to become a Strong instructor. However, we highly recommend that you hold a personal training license. Moreover, if you intend to add personal training services, it aids to have reputed Zumba insurance providers on your side. A holistic Zumba teacher insurance coverage is available from many Fitness Groups for sometimes, less than $1 per day!

HIIT, the major chunk of Zumba’s workouts, is the main focus of the online sessions. Strong by Zumba includes a link to assist you to identify local online training that you can join. Nonetheless, you may also attend the training in person. These programs and online learning options may also allow you to earn extra credit from several networks. Likewise, they include ACE, AFAA, Can Fit Pro, and REPS among many others.

Strong by Zumba Review

SBZ is ideal for anyone looking for a fresh and fun cardio regimen as well as Zumba lovers looking to intensify their exercises. It is a challenging core-cardio workout that tests your physical stamina. Besides, it uses a catchy riff to get you grooving, which you can find yourself longing for after class. Push-ups and burpees are among the most common body weight exercises used in the class. Use all of your muscles to move your body as a whole to engage more muscle groups, which will result in a more intense aerobic workout.

Summing Up Strong by Zumba

Stop counting the reps. Start training to the beat. Strong by Zumba combines body weight, muscle conditioning, cardio, and plyometric training moves. And all of this is in sync with original music specifically designed to match every single move. Every squat, lunge, and burpee is driven by the music, thus helping you easily make it to that last rep. SBZ instructors switch up the music and moves often to make sure you are always challenged to the max.

Strong by Zumba

In a one-hour class, you will burn calories while toning your arms, legs, abs, and glutes. Interchange plyometric or dynamic moves like high knees, burpees, and jumping jacks with isometric moves like lunges, squats, and kickboxing.

Strong by Zumba FAQs

What is Strong by Zumba?

The fitness brand’s first non-dance-based class is called Strong by Zumba. In Strong by Zumba, you’ll exert yourself via a workout akin to HIIT. In this one-hour class, you’ll workout to EDM and hip-hop-inspired tunes. On the other hand, you will keep performing everything from traditional squats and lunges to burpees, shuffles, kicks, punches, push-ups, and all sorts of core-sculpting routines. The most recent Zumba class still involves dancing to the music while focusing on high-intensity interval exercises. It feels like a supportive, judgment-free zone. Besides, the classes have that striking Zumba class energy in their favor. Additionally, it is essentially flexible for everyone, whether you are a newbie in fitness or an old pro.

Is Strong by Zumba good for weight loss?

You could burn between 300 and 900 calories during an hour of medium to high-intensity Strong session. You might be able to achieve your weight loss goals by doing SBZ twice or thrice per week. However, note that you need to keep up with your regular strength training sessions and a healthy diet. Your body needs more energy to maintain lean muscle mass though. Therefore the more of it you have, the more calories you burn while at rest.

What can you expect from a Strong by Zumba class?

Anticipate fun, amazing music, and an experience like no other from SBZ classes.

What should you bring to Strong by Zumba classes?

You will engage in challenging core exercises on the floor as part of an SBZ class, which is a high-intensity workout. You should be ready with the following items though.

  • Tennis Cross-Trainer Shoes
  • Floor Cover
  • Gloves, that you may need for floor exercises
  • Towel
  • A lot of water.

What benefits do Strong by Zumba classes have to offer?

You will burn calories while toning your arms, legs, stomach, and glutes in each class. It swings between isometric exercises like lunges, squats, and kickboxing and plyometric exercises like high knees, burpees, and jumping jacks. To keep you always challenged to the fullest, Strong by Zumba teachers routinely switch up the music and exercises.

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