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Jason Garrett: Career, Facts, Salary, Wife & Net Worth

Jason Calvin Garrett, also known as Jason Garrett, is an American football coach. Previously, he was a player, and currently, he is a coordinator for the New York Giants. This team is a part of the National Football League (NFL). However, Jason Garrett was once the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys in the year 2010. To know more about this professional coach and former player, give a read to the facts mentioned below.


Jason Garrett

Born on March 28, 1966, Jason Garrett has three other siblings. Apart from him, the names of three of his brothers are John Garett, Judd Garett, and Jim Garett III. However, they once also had been a part of the World League of American Football. Moreover, Judd also played in the second team of the All-World League in the year 1991. In that particular league, he was the leading catcher in comparison to everyone else. However, currently, John is serving as the head coach of the Lafayette College football team. Judd, who is the younger brother, is presently working in the Dallas Cowboys front office. He, however, was previously the coach of the St. Louis Rams before the team sold him out. This was because of not delivering the best of performances to his team.

Hence, among the three siblings, Judd is the only one who had a World Bowl ring. This was since he played for the London Monarchs in the WLAF. On the other hand, Jim Garett III is currently a teacher. However, once, he was a coach as well. The name of the father of Jason Garrett is Jim Garett. He was previously an assistant coach for various clubs. The names of these clubs are New York Giants, New Orleans Saints, and Cleveland Browns, respectively. However, once, he was also the head coach of a club named Houston, Texas, while he was at Columbia University. It was a part of the World Football League. After that, in the following years, from 1987 to 2004, he was a scout for the Dallas Cowboys. Therefore, Jason Garrett currently resides in Dallas with his wife, whose name is Brill.

Jason Garrett & His Initial Life

Jason Garrett

For schooling, Jason Garrett went to prep school at University School in Hunting Valley, Ohio. In fact, there Jason was indeed a letterman in basketball, baseball, and above all, in football. When he started playing as a senior footballer, Garett won the AL honors as a quarterback and safety. In the year 1984, he graduated from University school. In his childhood, Jason Garrett attended kindergarten through second grade at Holy Cross school. It was in Rumson, New Jersey.


The Princeton team accepted Jason Garrett in their team during his college days. This is where he started as a quarterback in the freshman team. Therefore, Jason revealed his talents when he registered 64 completions on 116 attempts for 996 yards. It is from there that Columbia University took him in. Strangely at that time, their head coach was Jason’s father, Jim. After his father resigned from Columbia University, Jason and his brothers, Judd and John, moved to Princeton University back again. However, Jason Garrett was ineligible for a transfer. So he faced a few problems. To know more about Jason’s career separately as a player and a coach, read in detail about his life.

Jason’s Start Of His Footballing Career

His scout team benched him entirely in the 1986 season due to strict transfer rules. However, it included his brothers. But it was on the next year itself when he got the chance to play as a junior quarterback. Thus, he helped his team Princeton win over his previous team, Columbia, dramatically. The loss for Columbia created a record for their continuous losses at Division I. However, when he was representing Princeton as a senior, his contribution helped his team to lose instead.

He also received the Asa S. Bushnell Cup as the Ivy League Player of the Year award. This was due to his thorough and good performance overall in the series. In the year 1989, he earned a degree in history. Hence, his main reason for winning was due to his thesis work as a senior. It was on the “The Revolt of the Black Athlete as per Harry Edwards’ initiation.” The college career of Jason Garrett ended with a high run. He completed 366 of 550 passes (66.5%) for 4,274 yards and 20 touchdowns.

Jason Garrett & His Stats

His rankings at that stage are as follows:

  • lowest pass interception percentage – (1.8% – school record)
  • total yards of offense – (4,555 – second in school history)
  • total yards of offense in a season – (2,485 – third in school history)
  • most passing yards – (4,274 – second in school history)
  • maximum passing yards in a season – (2,217 – fourth in school history)
  • most completions – (366 – second in school history)
  • maximum completions in a season – (204 – third in school history)
  • most touchdown passes – (20 – tied for fourth)

Even later, Jason Garrett had continued to hold the Ivy League career record for completion percentage. Until 2000, 66.5% (366–550) and his 1988 percentage of 68.2% (204–299) stood as the league record. Thus, he posted a 70.5% mark.

Jason’s Start Of a Professional Footballing Playing Career

To know more about how Garett’s professional football career began, give it a read to the underlying content.

In the New Orleans Saints

It was the New Orleans Saints who signed Jason Garrett. It was especially after the 1989 NFL Draft as he arrived as a free agent. Thus, the management assigned him to the practice squad. However, it was on September 3, 1990, that the Saints released him and made him free. It was when he went to Princeton to work as a coaching assistant.

In the San Antonio Riders

It was shortly after his release from the Saints that the San Antonio Riders accepted him officially. It was in the year 1991 that Jason Garrett started as a quarterback for the Riders. San Antonio Riders is a part of the World League of American Football. However, he faced a shoulder injury right at the start of the season. Thus, he came back after 4 or 5 games to play in the sixth and seventh games, respectively. However, Mike Johnson passed him on to the depth chart after that.

In the Ottawa Rough Riders

Jason Garrett

It was on June 4, 1991, that the Ottawa Rough Riders signed Jason Garrett. The Rough Riders were a part of the Canadian Football League. However, they, too, did not keep him for long and released him in the month of August.

In the Dallas Cowboys

It was in the year 1992 that the Dallas Cowboys scouting department signed Jason Garrett. However, his father helped him immensely to join the Cowboys, and they did sign him as a free agent. But they, too, did not keep him for much longer and eventually released him again. It was when the Cowboys’ practice squad signed him. The year was 1993 when he performed his best in the pre-season level. It helped Jason Garrett to book his slot in the team as a third-string quarterback. Thus, he was eventually behind Troy Aikman and Hugh Millen. However, later on, it was Jason who passed Milen onto the depth chart. But it was in the eighth game of the season that Jason had injured his left hamstring. The match was against the New York Giants in the third quarter.

By the end of the game, Jason ended up after completion of 5 of 6 passes for 34 yards and leading two touchdown drives. In the next game against the Phoenix Cardinals, they included him. He ended up completing 2 out of 6 passes for 25 yards. Moreover, he even helped his team to score a field goal. But they replaced him on the third series in favor of Kosar, who had been signed four days earlier. Therefore, Kosar became the backup quarterback for the rest of the season after the game.

His Career Highlights

It was in the year 1994 that Jason’s playing career highlights occurred. It was a Thanksgiving Day game when he started in place of backup quarterback Rodney Peete. Rodney could not play previously on account of his sprained thumb. He suffered it when his team won the match against the Washington Redskins. It was Garrett who led the Cowboys over the Green Bay Packers. He completed 15 of 26 passes for 311 yards and two touchdowns in the second half. Thus, his team produced a huge comeback win of 42–31. Thus, it earned Jason Garrett the NFC Offensive Player of the Week honors.

In the year 2008, that particular game came to be known as the fourth-best game. Thus, it created a record in the history of Texas Stadium by Espn. From the year 1995 onwards, the management promoted him to play in the backup position. However, the second game was against the Denver Broncos, and his team suffered a major loss. Moreover, Aikman suffered a broken clavicle as the scorecard reflected a 23-42 loss by the end of the game. But Jason Garrett came back stronger as he helped his team win in the upcoming five matches. He even helped in a 3-2 victory of his team. Moreover, they won the NFC East conference in one game against the Arizona Cardinals. In the year 1999, the two games he started off were for a 1-1 record.

In the New York Giants

It was in the year 2000 that the New York Giants signed Jason Garrett as a free agent. They took the decision in order to back up Kerry Collins. But they, too, did not hold onto him for much longer and released him on February 27, 2002. They mainly released him for salary cap reasons. But they soon realized that they had committed a mistake. Thus, they re-signed him again on July 24. But the team declared him inactive for about 16 games after his rejoining. This was because of his passing on to the depth chart by Jesse Palmer. Jesse was a backup quarterback. However, once again, in the year 2003, the New York Giants declared Jason inactive for about 11 games as a third-string quarterback.

In the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

It was on March 15, 2004, that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers signed him. However, they released him very soon, on August 31. But once again, on October 13, the Buccaneers re-signed him. But his playing career ended on a kind of rough note after Tampa declared him inactive. It was in weeks 6 and 7, respectively. As a result of which, Tampa Bay released him once again on November 6. This was their final move.

In the Miami Dolphins

It was on November 24 that the Miami Dolphins signed Jason Garrett as a free agent. But eventually, the Dolphins declared him inactive for the last six games of the season. This is how his professional playing career ended.

Jason Garrett & His Coaching Record

Jason Garret started his professional football coaching career shortly after his retirement from his playing career. To know in detail about his coaching career, keep reading.

In the Miami Dolphins

Shortly after retiring from playing football further on in the Miami Dolphins, he rejoined there itself. This time as a quarterback coach in the year 2005. However, he was under head coach Nick Saban.

In the Dallas Coboys

Here he not only acted as a coach but also as an offensive coordinator. His details are as follows.

As an offensive coordinator in the Dallas Cowboys

Jason Garrett

It was in January 2007 that the Dallas Cowboys appointed him as an offensive coordinator. This also saw a boost in the team’s performance as he guided the Cowboys to the second-best offense in the NFL. This helped him to increase his popularity as well as his image started on getting fair. Thus, slowly he started becoming a highly desirable coach. Thus, he kept receiving offers from various clubs. Hence, it was in January 2008 that he received offers from the Baltimore Ravens and Atlanta Falcons. The offer for Jason Garret was to serve as a head coach for both. However, he didn’t accept those offers and decided to stay in Dallas and help his team become the best.

During the 2008 season, his salary was roughly around $3 Million. It was surprisingly the highest paid salary at that time in the NFL as an assistant coach. According to various Espn reports, on December 29, 2008, the Detroit Lions received permission to speak to him. It was regarding the matter of the team’s head coaching vacancy. Hence, it was in January 2009 that the Denver Broncos interviewed him. It was to replace him for a head coach in place of Mike Shanahan, whom they had fired. Jason Garrett was also a possible choice for the St. Louis Rams head coaching position. He was almost a finalist to replace Jim for the interim head coach position until he lost it to Steve. Thus, it was Steve who eventually became the coach of the St. Louis Rams.

As a head coach in the Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys fired their acting head coach Wade Philips and appointed Jason Garrett as their new interim head coach. It was on November 8, 2010. Wade has been in the position for four years straight before the Cowboys fired him. The firing was especially after a 1-7 start in the 2010 season. However, the welcoming of Jason Garrett was quite successful as he started with a victory on November 14. It was, however, his first victory as a head coach. The scorecard suggested a 33-20 win as their match was against the people’s favorites, the New York Giants. Its venue was at the New Meadowlands Stadium. However, his winning run continued in the following week as well. He led his team to a 35-19 win against the Detroit Lions. That victory was their first home victory in the entire season. Thus, the popularity of Jason Garrett started growing immensely.

Thus, finally, he finished off with a 5-3 record win. It was on January 6, 2011, that the Dallas Cowboys named Jason Garrett as their eighth official head coach. He was indeed the first head coach born after the foundation of the Dallas Cowboys in 1960. Moreover, he was also the first former Cowboys player. However his all the seasons from 2011 to 2013 ended up in the same manner as the loss. All of which were against the NFC East division rivals – Giants, Redskins, and the Eagles. But 2014 became the best year of his coaching career as he won the NFC East dramatically. After that, a series of wins and losses continued. But every day, he was coming one step closer to become one of the most successful coaches of all time. Jason Garrett became so popular that the Cowboys gave him a contract for five more years.

Towards the end of Jason’s coaching career in the Dallas Cowboys

After receiving a contract of 5 more years in his former club, he also received a payment of $30 Million. But slowly, towards the end, things started to get a bit ugly. The team faced a series of injuries, and they also started losing games. Though they bounced back in the year 2016, they failed to qualify for the playoffs in 2017. Even after such a failure, they did not give up and came back stronger to win the NFC East again. This time the Cowboys won it for the third time since Jason Garrett became their head coach. Thus, he gave the Cowboys a lot to celebrate and a lot to remember in the year 2018.

However, once again, the Cowboys failed to qualify for the playoffs in the year 2019. It was when the management decided not to renew his contract any further. Thus, 2020 became the last year of Jason as a coach for the Dallas Cowboys. Therefore, he completed his tenure being the only coach after Tom Landry to be in power for so long. But over the years, Jason Gareett delivered his best services to his team and achieved success. Hence, the Dallas Cowboys will remember him forever after that.

In the New York Giants

Towards the end of his professional coaching career, the New York Giants hired him as their new offensive coordinator. It was on January 17, 2020, that is shortly after his departure from the Dallas Cowboys. He was acting under head coach Joe Judge. However, his ending was not exactly monumental as he caught up with Covid-19 in the month of December. Thus, soon he started to miss games on account of this deadly disease.

Frequently Searched Facts about Jason Garrett

Jason Garrett News

According to various reports, it is rumored that a few teams are targeting Jason Garrett as their new head coach. One AFC team, namely the Los Angeles Chargers, is looking for a new head coach. They had already fired Anthony Lynn on Monday, and it seems that Jason Garrett is the clear choice for them. Hence, the question arises whether Jason Garrett can return as a head coach after being an offensive coordinator for long. However, even if he chooses to go to Los Angeles, it wouldn’t come as a surprise to the fans. After all, he received most of the success in his career as a head coach. Thus, everyone around the world is waiting for his decision.

Jason Garrett Wife

Jason Garett

Brill Garret is the wife of Jason Garrett, as 1994 was the year when they married.

Jason Garrett & Chargers

There are a lot of floating rumors over the internet that the Los Angeles Chargers are interested in Jason Garrett. However, very recently, Ian Rapoport tweeted that the Chargers have indeed changed their decision to select Jason as their coach. They, however, have chosen Brandon Staley as their new head coach over Garett. Thus, it clearly reveals that it was Garret who was interested in joining the Chargers. But in spite of his interviewing efforts to join the Chargers, they have moved on from him to select Staley.

Jason Garrett & His Clapping GIF

On various occasions, we have seen Jason Garrett clapping to cheer his team. Here lies a few of them.

Jason Garrett & His Net Worth

The professional head coach Jason Garrett’s net worth is $18 Million, and his salary is reportedly around $6 Million. This worth is a result of his successful years of coaching and offensively coordinating.

Jason Garrett & His Salary

According to various sources, currently, Jason Garrett’s salary is roughly around $6 Million.

Football Camp

We already know that Jason Garrett is linked with charities. The one being “Jason Garrett Starfish Charities.” It is a team-up with the AthLife Foundation to host a 1-day free, non-contact football camp at The Lawrenceville School. The last such camp took place on June 19, 2021.

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