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James Acaster: Bio, Age, Young, Career, Wife, Disability, Baby, Twitter, Height, Instagram, Tour, Mr. Bean & More

James Acaster, a prominent British comedian, has consistently demonstrated his ability to transform personal experiences into comedic material. His 2019 special, “Cold Lasagne Hate Myself 1999,” delves into a mental health crisis he faced in 2017, which he describes as the most challenging year of his life.

However, Acaster’s approach to comedy is unique; he doesn’t seek sympathy but rather offers a blend of genuine life struggles with a touch of absurdity. This duality is evident in his work, where he juxtaposes deep reflections on real-life challenges, such as breakups and political despair, with whimsical elements. His standup specials, “Cold Lasagne” and “Repertoire,” showcase this balance, where moments that could evoke sympathy are often presented with a comedic twist.

Acaster’s journey in the comedy world began after a career in music. Between 2012 and 2016, he received an unprecedented five consecutive nominations for Best Comedy Show at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. He’s also known for his podcast “Off Menu” and his latest show, “Hecklers Welcome.” Recently, Acaster has been involved in a diverse range of projects, including a new podcast, “Springleaf,” his third book on quitting social media, and a music album with the collective, Temps.

Get the latest information about James Acaster’s personal and professional life, including his wife, disability, baby, social media presence, height, upcoming tour, girlfriend, Mr. Bean controversy, appearances on shows like Bake Off and Taskmaster, and relationships with Rose Matafeo and Louise Ford.

James Acaster Birth/Young

On January 9, 1985, James William Acaster was born in Kettering. Also, he went to Montagu Secondary School and Northampton College to study music. Also, he  eventually worked as a teaching assistant at an autistic children’s school, and in his spare time began performing stand-up comedy. Prior to his comic career, Acaster played drums in several bands in his hometown, including The Wow! Scenario and the Capri-Sun Quartet.

So, he used the stage name Sir William Strawberry while a member of the latter. Following the breakup of The Wow! Scenario, he explored comedy while “deciding what [he] truly wanted to accomplish.” In 2007, The Wow! Scenario recorded an album titled Stand in the Star: A Verse and a Chorus. But  they never released it. Acaster said in 2017 that he had reconnected with the band to finish the record, which he said would be released the following year, however it has yet to be published.

James Acaster Bio

First Name James
Last Name Acaster
Profession Comedian
Age 38 years
Birth Sign Capricorn
Birth Date January 9, 1985
Birthday January 9
Birth Place England
Country England

James Acaster Career

In 2009, Acaster appeared in a performance at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Also, he  was in the company of comedians Josh Widdicombe and Nick Helm. Then, in 2010, he toured with Josie Long. Also, he  toured with Milton Jones in 2011. Acaster was a member of the Capri-Sun Quartet in the past. Sir William Strawberry was his given name. Acaster opted to perform comedy before choosing what he wanted once The WOW! Scenario ended. Then, in 2009, Acaster appeared in a performance at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe alongside Josh Widdicombe and Nick Helm. Also, he  has also appeared on Russell Howard’s Good News Extra. Also, he  was also the online activities on the Bristol-based TV station Dave’s One Night Stand.

Acaster played Prompt in 14 different venues in England and Wales between January and March of 2013. Later that year, he performed at the News Zeeland International Comedy Festival. Then, in December 2013, the News Zealand Comedy Guild named Acaster as Best International Performer. So, Reset was the title of his 2016 concert. Rest had its world premiere at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, as well as the News Zeeland International Comedy Festivals in Auckland and Wellington. Acaster performed this act during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August. As a result, he became the festival’s first comic to get a fifth nomination for best show. Acaster made an appearance on Russell Howard’s Stand Up Central. Also, he  appeared in the comedy tent at Latitude Festival in July 2016.


In September 2016, Acaster developed a pilot episode for a new sitcom called We The Jury. The BBC televised the sitcom. So, they released “James Acaster: Repertoire” on Netflix in March 2018. Then, in July 2018, Acaster appeared on the Comedy Stage at the Cornbury Festival.

Cold Lasagne Hate Myself 1999 won the Chortle Award for Best Show in 2019. Excellent Audio Whatever is Acaster’s second book, detailing his compulsive quest to gather as much music released in 2016 as possible in 2017. Also, headline Publishing Group released it in August 2019. Then, in 2019, Acaster became the first UK comic in nine years to win the Melbourne International Comedy Festival Award. So, James Acaster ‘s Perfect Sounds, Acaster’s podcast with BBC Sounds, premiered in April 2020. Then, in the 2021 film Cinderella, Acaster, Romesh Ranganathan, and James Corden voiced three mice and played three transformed footmen. Also, he  wrote James Acaster’s Guide to Quitting Social Media: Vol. 1 in 2022.

In March 2021, he uploaded his special Cold Lasagne Hate Myself 1999 video on Vimeo. Then, in 2022, people nominated it for a Critics Choice Award for Best Comedy Special.

James Acaster Wife/Girlfriend

James Acaster, the renowned British comedian, has had a notable dating history that has caught the attention of many. Acaster’s romantic journey began with English comedian-actress Louise Ford. The two initiated their relationship in 2010, which lasted until 2013. However, their relationship took a surprising turn when Louise grew close to Rowan Atkinson, famously known as Mr. Bean, after working together in a play. Acaster humorously mentions being the only person to be left for Mr. Bean.

Following his relationship with Louise, Acaster found love with New Zealand comedian Rose Matafeo in 2015. Their bond began in New Zealand and transitioned into a long-distance relationship until Matafeo moved to London. Despite their shared profession in comedy, their relationship came to an end in 2016. Matafeo later hinted that their similar careers might have contributed to the split, comparing dating Acaster to dating a co-worker. She even went on to suggest that no one should date a comedian.

While Acaster’s comedic talent has earned him global recognition, his personal life has seen its fair share of ups and downs. Despite the challenges, he has often used these experiences as material for his stand-up, showcasing his ability to find humor in every situation.

James Acaster Disability

James Acaster is fortunate to have no physical disability and is currently in good health. However, he has been candid about his battles with mental health. Following a challenging breakup and various professional hurdles, Acaster faced periods of depression, self-loathing, and even contemplated suicide.

 He sought therapy and treatment, emphasizing the importance of mental well-being. His candidness about these struggles has not only garnered him a broader fan base but also positioned him as an advocate for mental health awareness. Despite these challenges, Acaster’s career in comedy has flourished, demonstrating resilience and the ability to channel personal struggles into his art.

James Acaster Mental Issues

James Acaster has been open about his struggles with mental health issues, which stem from a variety of sources, including relationship problems, career setbacks, and a difficult falling out with his agency.

In 2017, Acaster sought treatment for mental health issues after he began drinking frequently and had thoughts of suicide. He has stated that he has struggled with self-loathing and depression, and that he will not enter into a new romantic relationship until he is able to love himself fully.

Acaster has also spoken about the importance of therapy and other forms of mental health support in his recovery. Despite these challenges, Acaster has continued to work and is widely regarded as one of the most talented and innovative comedians working today.

James Acaster Net Worth 2023

As of 2023, James Acaster’s net worth is estimated to be around $5 million. This renowned UK comedian has carved a successful path in the entertainment industry, gaining popularity through his stand-up shows, TV appearances, and radio programs.

Acaster’s unique comedic style has earned him numerous accolades and recognition in the comedy world. In addition to live performances, he has graced popular comedy shows like “Russell Howard’s Good News Extra” and “Dave’s One Night Stand.” His consistent hard work, talent, and growing popularity have contributed to his substantial net worth, reflecting his achievements in the comedy sector.

James Acaster & Louise Ford

James Acaster, the celebrated British comedian, and Louise Ford, an accomplished actress, once shared a romantic relationship that lasted for two years. Their relationship took an unexpected turn when Acaster discovered through a newspaper that Louise had left him for the iconic actor, Rowan Atkinson. This revelation came as a shock to Acaster, who humorously remarked during a stand-up routine, “I got left for Mr Bean.” The two had grown distant after Louise collaborated with Atkinson in a play titled “Quartermaine’s Terms” at Wyndham’s Theatre in 2013.

Louise’s relationship with Rowan Atkinson progressed rapidly, with the couple moving in together a year after her split with Acaster. By December 2017, Louise gave birth to Atkinson’s third child, Isla. On the other hand, Acaster’s comedic take on the situation highlighted his unique ability to find humor in personal experiences. He quipped about the omnipresence of Mr. Bean in his life, mentioning a shop near his residence that sold masks of Atkinson’s famous character.

Louise Ford’s acting career has seen a significant rise, with notable roles such as portraying Kate Middleton in the royal spoof, “The Windsors.” Meanwhile, Acaster continues to shine in the comedy world, using personal experiences as material for his stand-up routines, showcasing resilience and the ability to transform personal challenges into comedic gold.

James Acaster & Rose Matafeo

James Acaster and Rose Matafeo, both prominent figures in the comedy world, once shared a romantic relationship that has been a topic of discussion in various interviews. Rose Matafeo, the creator and lead of the show “Starstruck,” has candidly spoken about her past relationship with Acaster. In a conversation with RNZ’s Kim Hill, she humorously remarked that “no one should go out with a comedian,” emphasizing the complexities of dating within the same profession. The two comedians dated around 2015, and Matafeo likened their relationship to meeting someone in the office and developing a bond.

While their relationship was a significant chapter in their lives, both have moved on to achieve individual successes. Matafeo’s comedic journey has also seen her in a relationship with another Kiwi comedian, Guy Williams. Recently, she made headlines by purchasing a flat in London, a milestone she never anticipated, given her family’s history of not owning property.

Rose Matafeo’s “Starstruck” has garnered significant acclaim, with its second season receiving rave reviews from critics. The show boasts a perfect score on Rotten Tomatoes, with publications like the London Evening Standard praising Matafeo as “endlessly watchable.” As for Acaster, he continues to be a dominant force in the comedy scene, with his unique style and ability to turn personal experiences into comedic narratives.

James Acaster Repertoire

“Repertoire” is a unique four-show stand-up collection by British comedian James Acaster. This anthology, unlike typical stand-up specials, features interconnected performances with distinct themes. The shows are “Recognise,” “Represent,” “Reset,” and “Recap.”

In “Recognise,” Acaster humorously portrays a fictional life as an undercover cop, mixing comedy with espionage. “Represent” casts him as a lawyer in a courtroom drama, blending humor with thought-provoking themes. “Reset” humorously explores starting life anew, focusing on reincarnation. “Recap” then ties all these themes together, concluding the anthology.

Acaster’s talent shines in “Repertoire,” where he combines intricate narratives with his comedic style. These shows are more than joke sequences; they’re structured like theatrical performances with clear beginnings, middles, and ends. “Repertoire” demonstrates Acaster’s versatility, blending genres while keeping his comedic touch.

Critics and audiences have praised “Repertoire” since its release for innovating stand-up comedy. Its anthology format offers a fresh comedy perspective, evoking a range of emotions. With “Repertoire,” James Acaster cements his status as a creative, forward-thinking comedian.

James Acaster & Ricky Gervais

James Acaster and Ricky Gervais, two well-known comedians, have recently stirred social media discussions. Ricky Gervais’ Netflix special “SuperNature” faced backlash for jokes about transgender people. Meanwhile, a clip from James Acaster’s 2019 show “Cold Lasagne Hate Myself 1999” gained traction. In it, Acaster humorously criticizes “edgy comics” like Gervais for mocking vulnerable groups.

Acaster often tackles societal issues with humor and insight. He criticizes comedians who joke about marginalized communities, highlighting the responsibility that comes with comedy. Ricky Gervais, known for his bold comedy, often sparks debates about comedy’s limits and its impact.

The differing styles and views of Acaster and Gervais underscore debates about comedy ethics. Comedy often addresses societal issues and taboos, but the line between humor and insensitivity is unclear. As awareness of marginalized groups’ struggles grows, comedians’ influence on societal narratives becomes increasingly important.

Social Media

As of 2023, James Acaster is active on social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram. He frequently posts about his upcoming shows, appearances, and projects on his accounts, and also engages with his fans and followers through comments and direct messages. Additionally, he uses his social media presence to promote causes he supports, such as mental health awareness and LGBTQ+ rights. His Twitter account has over 500k followers, while his Instagram account has over 300k followers.

Here are the links to James Acaster’s social media accounts:



Some Frequently Asked Questions

Where does James Acaster live now?

“I thought to myself, ‘You’ve got enough warning shots.'” Acaster is no longer a driver. Aside from the fact that his insurance rates would be prohibitively expensive, he rarely needed to. Also, he  resides in Ladbroke Grove and uses public transportation to move about London.

How much is Ricky Gervais worth 2023?

Ricky Gervais has an estimated net worth of around $160 to $170 million in 2023.

Who did James Acasters ex leave him for?

James Acaster’s ex-girlfriend, Louise Ford, left him for Rowan Atkinson (known for his character “Mr. Bean”).

What football team does James Acaster support?

James Acaster supports Kettering Town FC.

Who did James Acaster date in 2018?

James Acaster dated New Zealand comedian Rose Matafeo around 2015. However, the specific details about their relationship in 2018 are not available.

Did Mr Bean get dumped?

There is no information suggesting that Rowan Atkinson (Mr. Bean) got dumped. Instead, it was James Acaster who humorously mentioned that he “got dumped for Mr Bean” when his girlfriend Louise Ford left him for Rowan Atkinson.

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