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How to Take Viral-Worthy Instagram Photos

Did you know that as of 2021, there are 1.074 billion Instagram users? This gives the platform huge potential as a marketing and money-making tool. Do you know how to get the best shots to gain the most exposure?

Having a picture go viral is a dream for many people, but it does not happen without hard work.

Read on as we discuss how to take viral-worthy Instagram photos.

Use Challenges

Instagram is filled with trending challenges. From video tasks to charitable causes and competitions, challenges are a great way to increase your following and go viral. By taking pictures to tie in, you leverage the enthusiasm of others and if your picture is really good, you can soon skip to the front of the pack.

However, you need to make sure you are making viral content early. This puts you on the crest of the wave as it builds momentum. Get in late, and you just end up as someone who is desperately trying to get noticed amidst all the others following a trend.

Don’t Just Focus On Yourself

Endless shots of you and your product can get boring. Instead, focus on what is behind, to give the picture a different mood, setting, and focus.

For example, patterned backgrounds, such as walls and tiles, are a great way to set a picture. Look for interesting textures and color combinations. Some accounts have made huge followings just by doing this and nothing else, by taking pictures of items as varied as flooring to buildings.

Take Photos People Want

Instagram posts work best when they show something people want. This is not just something they might want, like a product or service. You are selling them a glimpse of a lifestyle or experience they desire.

Be it a picture of an expensive plate of food in a restaurant, to a beach in Ibiza, people want to see a lifestyle. Therefore, you should utilize this to create viral Instagram posts.

Very few people live this lifestyle every day, so you may need to work at it and put yourself in those positions. Check out luxury rental options or take a vacation, and make it an opportunity to get viral-worthy pictures.

Get Great Pictures

Finally, one of the best Instagram tips is to never forget to take technically great photos. Very often, people focus on the subject and content. However, this is not enough.

Do some research into basic photography. Start to follow the law of thirds and the golden ratio in your shots. Learn about the placement of light, and how you can position yourself to use it to your advantage.

Posting Instagram Photos

Finally, remember to post Instagram photos regularly. Follow these tips and create a content calendar. Even if your posts don’t go viral, they are sure to get you much-needed exposure.

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