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5 Utility Service Maintenance Tips

If you are responsible for owning or operating any type of utility service, you are probably feeling a little bit more exhausted than usual. After all, the past year has been immensely challenging for the utility sector, as extreme weather and ageing infrastructure cause unprecedented disruptions to service and huge numbers of lawsuits and complaints.

That’s why it is more important than ever to take a proactive approach to utility maintenance and ensure that your infrastructure is truly ready for the future. For this, we have got you covered. Read on to find out the essential utility maintenance tips to keep in mind.

1. Prepare for the Problems You Face

The first thing to keep in mind when approaching utility maintenance is to make sure you are focusing on the actual problems that you face. When it comes to transformer maintenance or applying high voltage coating, for example, it only makes sense to invest in this where it is needed.

Moreover, if you live in, say, Alaska, it might be better to prioritise defending your infrastructure against extreme cold, rather than preparing it for heatwaves (although this is also important). When it comes to effective maintenance, prioritization is key.

2. Choose an Experienced Utility Service Maintenance Provider

Whether you need transformer painting or high voltage cleaning, it is essential to choose a reputable maintenance provider that you can trust. You will want to make sure any outsourced service has sufficient experience in the exact areas that you operate in.

For example, Utility Service & Maintenance, INC. has been providing electrical substation maintenance in the US for 75 years. If this is the kind of maintenance you need, a well-established company like them would be a good place to start.

3. Be Proactive and Preventative

This might seem obvious to some, but it bears repeating. It is absolutely crucial that you do not wait until something goes wrong before you call maintenance. In a world of accelerating disruptions to utilities, proactive and preventative maintenance is now the norm. Do not be left behind.

4. Ensure Compliance

As you probably know already, utility maintenance is a highly regulated industry with incredibly serious consequences for any providers that fail to adhere to standards and compliance codes.

If you are outsourcing maintenance, always make sure that your provider is fully up-to-speed with any and all regulations regarding materials and safeguards. Failure to do this will often result in legal penalties for you.

5. Know When to Replace

Finally, knowing when to replace a piece of infrastructure or equipment is an essential skill to have. While keeping costs low is important, you need to be able to clearly acknowledge when maintenance is insufficient.

There will be times when the safest and most effective option is to completely remove and replace your equipment. Upfront costs might be high, but the long-term gains are always worth it.

Protect Your Customers and Your Bottom Line

Knowing how to approach utility service maintenance will help you keep your customers safe and protect your bottom line. For more essential insights on good financial practice, we have got you covered. Check out our dedicated Finance guides to learn more.

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