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5 Reasons to Get a Digital Marketing Degree

Thinking of getting a digital marketing degree?

The pandemic strengthened the need for digital marketing experts, especially for companies that had least prioritized digital marketing. The need was mainly driven by the large increases in online traffic.

Thus, the global market for digital advertising and marketing has an increased value of $350 billion. Thanks to continuous digital marketing spending, it’s expected to reach $786.2 billion by 2026.

However, what does this thriving industry mean for individuals? The answer is simple, a better career choice. Keep reading to find out why you should get a digital marketing degree today!

1. There is Increasing Demand for Digital Marketers

The business sector turned 180 degrees thanks to the pandemic. The number of businesses shifting to the virtual space massively accelerated. This created a large pool of competition among brands as they clamor for users’ attention.

With such fierce competition, demand for digital marketing roles hiked. As a result, every organization is experiencing the need for a marketer’s expertise.

2020 alone tallied 381,000 jobs posting in marketing, especially in the digital space. In the recent six months, demand took another turn as the industry saw a 63% growth in available marketing jobs.

LinkedIn says that 50% of the marketing jobs posted are in the digital or media space. Facebook, and PepsiCo, are some of the top companies hiring digital marketers today.

Digital marketing specialists are the most in-demand marketing specialty. Meanwhile, the demand for media coordinators is exponentially growing.

Amidst the huge demand for digital marketers, there’s a gap in the supply section. As per reports, the supply only stands at 19%, while the demand is up by 59%. This is after 69% of companies indicated their interest in hiring more marketers.

These prove that there is a great career in the online marketing industry. Hence, enrolling in a digital marketing course is a practical choice.

2. Digital Marketing Degree Has Great Growth Prospects

One of the factors you should consider when deciding on a career is growth prospects. In this case, the question is, how long will the demand for digital marketers last? What if the demand bubble suddenly pops?

What sets digital marketing apart from other industries is that it’s recession-proof. When we say recession-proof, the workforce is still continuous despite economic downturns.

Take the events of the pandemic as proof. While various industries cut off their employment, the marketing industry continued to thrive.

Also, the internet is indispensable to everyday lives. Hence, the majority of the population will always be on their screen.

This means that there will be a steady stream of market audiences online. This guarantees that digital activities such as product promotion are here to stay.

Further, digital marketing allows businesses to scale, reach a wider audience, and more. Thus, businesses will always need digital marketing experts in their teams.

You can rest assured that a digital marketing degree is a smart investment. Not only is the demand high, but it also has great growth prospects.

3. Better Work Opportunities, Better Pay

As there is a massive demand for digital marketers, companies are drawing them in by good salary offers. Hence, compared to other professions, you can expect better payment options.

Some companies allow digital marketers to set a preferred salary package. Here, you can play with your per-hour wage, bonus, and employee benefits. For instance, you can set a regular $15 per hour wage in exchange for insurance benefits.

You can further earn more money by signing up for short-term remote work. There are various business marketing projects posted, which all have a reasonable per-hour payment. So long as you have the proper skill set, the sky is the limit when it comes to your working opportunities.

Digital marketers also learn and become experts in online tools and platforms. Hence, they can create online products to sell to the market. If not, you can become a freelance digital marketing consultant.

4. Earn Vast and Diverse Experiences and Skills

The marketing field is so vast that it’s divided into sections such as content marketing, affiliate marketing, influence marketing, video marketing, and many more. Hence, there’s a vast experience and skillset that you can learn when you opt for this marketing degree.

Content marketers, for instance, learn to create amazing blog articles for various business industries. On the other hand, social media marketers evoke on a journey of creative, effective promotion campaigns. Over time, these work experiences will lead you to acquire and develop technical and creative skills.

Digital Marketing is also not as simple as making advertisements. Digital marketing requires you to study and evaluate your campaigns. Hence, you can expect to develop your data procurement and analysis skills.

Under a digital marketing degree, you’ll also learn to integrate psychology and sociology with economics. There is no limit to what you can learn when you choose to become a digital marketer.

5. Easy to Start as a Career

The best thing about digital marketing is that it’s fairly easy to start as a career. Amidst your background, you can switch to the field of marketing through a digital marketing degree. If you’re not up for the 3-4 years bachelor’s degree, you can get a certification instead.

Even the working style in digital marketing is straightforward. You can start applying for freelance projects if you have an account on job boards. The technological investment is fair as you’ll only need a laptop and a good internet connection.

The founding skill of digital marketers is their communication skills. Once you perfect, effective communication, it’ll be easy to put yourself out in the market.

Get a Digital Marketing Degree Today!

Digital marketing is a bulletproof life jacket in the sense that it’s pandemic and recession-proof. So amidst economic fluctuations, digital marketers can always look forward to stable projects.

The vast skill and experiences one can gain in digital marketing are also undeniably useful. Further, the demand for digital marketers is soaring stably high! Hence, stop hesitating and get a digital marketing degree today!

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